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pin pointed

I have noticed that my seizure's usally acure any where from the time i awake in the morning up to at least 1 to 4 hours there a reason behind it or is it when i am mostly still asleep


RE: pin pointed

It sounds like something like mine. They use to happen every other day. went on Topamax and tegratol. And it went every 2 weeks. Dilantin I have not had one in 6 weeks.But it seem like My seizures Have some type of timeline. But really it depends on the person and type of seizueres. Best to Write everything down when they happen. This will help your doctor. Buy a small Calender. That you can write on day. With mine it was every two week Then I have seizuers would run for two days 4 to 7 seizuers. And it another two weeks. One thing it I had random Seizuers Inbween the two weeks. But it was rare.

RE: pin pointed

what kind of seizures do you have?

RE: pin pointed

I have the exact kind of seizures you have. I think they start somewhere during the nite and when I wakeup in the AM I am very groggy and my eyes blink constantly. When my nero did a 72 hour study she found that every time I blink I am having a seizure. This will usally stop about lunch time but I am so exhausted afterwards. This month I had a seizure that lasted 3 days. The seizures seem to come about every 28 days. Do you have an aura before your seizures begin? Do you also blink? My friends are so protective of me when I go to school with my seizures. They say they can tell of course by my blinking and that I become very pale and just look so sleepy. How about you?

RE: pin pointed

Have you been diagnosed with any particular type of epilepsy. My daughter has juvenile myoclonic and with this you tend to have seizures and "arm jerks" when you awaken in the morning. Do your arms ever jerk, or do you drop alot of things in the AM? Discuss this with your dr if you do because certain seizure medications aggitate this condition.

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