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migranes and seizures

a couple of weeks ago i went out and had a few drinks with my friends. i usually dont have more then four drinks but it was my birthday so i had about eight. i expected a hangover and sure enough i had one. the problem is that i have had a slight migrane since. not severe enough to stay home from work, but just enough to be annoying me and writing on this board. i have not had a seizure in almost ten years and i am currently taking a small dose of depakote. can anyone explain this or should i be calling my doctor?thanks


RE: migranes and seizures

Is it just me? Am I nuts here or is this a joke?Not that I should have to tell you this, so I won't preach.... the hell I won't: Drinks? Depakote? That sounds like Alcohol and Medication. Not the best of combinations. Are you looking for a problem? You know, If I was 10 years without a seizure, I wouldn't do ANYTHING to risk having another one. I was doing great Just made it past 25 months and wham! out of the blue had a seizure. If I could have 10 years....And here you are "almost ten years" without a seizure coming in front of people who would give almost anything for that, complaining about a headache? A HEADDACHE THAT YOU WOULD PROBABLY NOT HAVE if you stayed away from drinking. HOW DARE YOU!!!!!! Yes, you should call a doctor and call a psychiatrist while you're at it, because there is no way anyone who is sane would pull a crazy stunt like that. Let me see celebrate my birthday by begging for a seizure, because hey, I miss that feeling! Then I'll brag about it to people who can only dream about such control. Take some advice. Stop the drinking. You can live without it and you'll save money as well. Now that I've preached, Yes, you should contact a doctor. A headache that lasts a couple of weeks might be telling you that there's a problem.

RE: migranes and seizures

i am sorry if i offended anyone on this forum. after so many years being seizure free i start thinking that i am like everyone else.

RE: migranes and seizures

First, I guess I should apologize to everyone for losing my temper. The bottom line is that as a teen, the fear of siezures kept me away from drinking. Is it possible to drink without adverse effects? I've never had the desire to take the risk. The feeling after a seizure, as well as the aches and pains were (and still are) always too fresh in my mind. I also have several scars to remind me of them, should that feeling or the aches and pains ever fade. I'm sure that I'm not alone in these respects. When I read the original letter, it reminded me of that little fact. How many people won't drink for that same reason? How many of those will read that post and start thinking that they've been lied to? You have either been very lucky, or, is it possible that you have had seizures and not recognized it? Like maybe in your sleep?I want to point out that before I was diagnosed at 14, I was a good one for swiping a couple of sips of my dad's beer every chance that I got. I developed quite a taste for it. After 30 years without, I would give just about anything for an Ice Cold Beer. I'm not willing to risk a seizure for it. Anyone who is, well, I won't go there again.I just felt that I should explain why I wrote what I wrote and let you know that it was nothing personal. I'm going to ask you to consult your doctor before taking another drink, if you haven't done so already. Please use your head. Make the 10 year mark. then go 20 do it for those of us who for one reason or another aren't able to reach that level of seizure control. If I can't do it at least I'll know someone else has.

RE: migranes and seizures

I drink sometimes it does really do anything to me but the next i kind get twitchy but thats about it .

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