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Migraines that act like seizures?

I had my first appointment with my new neurologist today. He has decided that I do NOT have a seizure disorder, but that I am far more likely to be suffering from migraines. I don't know what to say or do. He is an epileptologist and I was evaluated at the epilepsy centre. He said that if I am suffering from seizures, my symptoms would be the same for every episode. I don't know if I am convinced, but hey, he is the specialist. I think I want to give it all up and let the chips fall where they may. I don't think I care anymore. I'm too fed up to care.


How long was your EEG? Was it

How long was your EEG? Was it for 72 hrs?  If not, you may still have seizures. Only 20-40% of seizure patients have a seizure during a 20-40 minute routine EEG. To completely and accurately diagnose seizures in most adults, a 72 hr prolonged EEG is needed. 

How long was your EEG? Was it

How long was your EEG? Was it for 72 hrs?  If not, you may still have seizures. Only 20-40% of seizure patients have a seizure during a 20-40 minute routine EEG. To completely and accurately diagnose seizures in most adults, a 72 hr prolonged EEG is needed. 

How long was your EEG? Was it

How long was your EEG? Was it for 72 hrs?  If not, you may still have seizures. Only 20-40% of seizure patients have a seizure during a 20-40 minute routine EEG. To completely and accurately diagnose seizures in most adults, a 72 hr prolonged EEG is needed. 

How long was your EEG? Was it

How long was your EEG? Was it for 72 hrs?  Only 20-40% of seizure patients have a seizure during a 20-40 minute routine EEG. To completely and accurately diagnose seizures in most adults, a 72 hr prolonged EEG is needed. Request a prolonged study. Alliance out of Dallas can get you set up for a prolonged test in your home. 

Please anyone with migraines

Please anyone with migraines that have not been resolved with meds or diet ask your dr about sphenocath. It's nerve block and it has helped drastically improve my quality of life. I have been seizure free for 5 years

Always get the headache

Always get the headache afterwards.  My migraine pre-aura was replaced by seizure activity.  Docs are pretty sure I have epilepsy.

I see I replied 293 days ago.

I see I replied 293 days ago.  Well, things have changed as to symptoms.  Tend to get seizure activity around day 6 each month, a few days before or after.   Locked up in public 1st time >>> now wear a dedicated Epilepsy bracelet on my wrist so cops don't think I'm drunk or on illegal drugs.

Always get the headache

Always get the headache afterwards.  My migraine pre-aura was replaced by seizure activity.  Docs are pretty sure I have epilepsy.

I have had bad migraines with

I have had bad migraines with aura for years. They have gotten progressively worse. This summer after a bad nights sleep I had a " seizure". I have had at least 7 more this summer. I migraine for several days in a row. My MRI looked good, my EEG did not show epilepsy. I have started to get anxiety about the whole thing. The neurologist wanted me to go see a psychiatrist because of the clear EEG. As this goes on I am getting more and more stressed. I know this is somehow due to the migraines. Any advice as to what to do.

My 16 year old daughter has

My 16 year old daughter has had migraines for 5 years, since her first period. She has an aura, and the right side of her body will "twitch" . This has changed over time to what looks like full blown seizures with every migraine. Hands and feet go numb, had aura, then shaking starts. Just did EEG where they were able to induce the migraine/seizure. They say it's not epileptic and want her to see a psychiatrist because they can't say the twitching from years past is related. OF COURSE IT'S RELATED. I'm so frustrated. My child is not crazy, or depressed, or anxious. Where do I go from here??????

Please don't give up, my mum

Please don't give up, my mum has always had migraines, at 7yrs old I experienced flashing lights that led to a three day headache, experienced another at 13 not sure what happened in between as i'm now 40. However at around 14 I started to experience strange feelings of de javu this would never lead to anything. Neurologists diagnosed me with epilepsy and started me on tegretol, I came out in a rash so was told to stop taking it. I did, this caused my first grand mal. Which now is obvious that it was caused by the rapid withdrawal of the medication. I tried many combos of drugs, nothing ever stopped the de javu type sensations. I only ever had seizures when something interacted with my meds. Leading me to wonder if it was epilepsy. I have had my left temporal lobe removed and still have these sensations, only had it done as they were adamant it was epilepsy. I have two children who have disabilities caused by valproate, I have massive headaches lasting 2-3 days not following a seizure. Still have the deja vu, still only have seizures when I get given wrong meds. My mum, brother, sister and niece all get migraine yet I am the only one diagnosed with epilepsy. Please don't let them go too far on the epilepsy train, looking back I wish I'd done more research, but I was still young and trusted their opinions.

Hi people I suffered with

Hi people I suffered with epilepsy from being a basically a new born child almost up until the age of 8 nd touch wood I aint had a fit since however since I am now in my 30's for the past 2 year I have been having ocular migranes and flashes  seen my gp and he tells me it' just this just wondering are they linked 

I know that feeling all too

I know that feeling all too well. I'm looking into changing my diet as well. All of the shaking and head pain after with memory loss and doctors still can't find a solution. I pray that your daughter is better.  

My daughter had 4 full on

My daughter had 4 full on grand mal seizures in 1 year's time.  We did all the testing and confirmed she is NOT epileptic.  The neuros we went to were useless...they couldn't explain it so they kept saying it was a migraine and I just didn't get it.  No.  She had all the symptoms of a grand mal seiure each time..  I did my own research and discovered that gluten is one of the number of triggers of seizure.The NIH did a 40 year study among 40,000 people and confirmed seizure disorder and migraine are top triggers of a gluten intolerance Had her tested for gluten and she showed an intolerance.  She has been off wheat since then, and stays on a placebo-like dose of keppra to ease her fears, and has been seizure-free for 3 years.  Even migraine free.  Sadly the doctors we went to don't seem to care about the nutritional component of neuro disorders so we had to do our own discovery.  For what this is worth to others let down by expensive doctors that don't study the big picture.  

My neurologist says 1 EEG

My neurologist says 1 EEG only gives them 67% confidence someone isn't having a seizure, 2 EEG's gives 85% confidence, etc. takes more than one as you can see.  I have learned that not all neurologists are created equal.  You need one that specializes in migraines.

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

Just curious... What are your symptoms? Are they more like Simple or Complex Partials. I wonder how many times migrains are misdiagnosed as seizures and seizures are misdiagnosed as migrains. I would hope for a diag of migrains as those can be cured. So good luck and I hope they are right that it is migrains.

Re: Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

My original diagnosis was Temporal Lobe Epilepsy with simple partial seizures and some complex partial seizures.

I'm fed up.

Migraines cannot really cured. They can be controlled, but not cured. he described it to me as being similar to a seizure in that is caused by electrical impulses in the brain (which is why certain AEDs can be used to control them). The difference is, apparently it comes on much more slowly. Also, where a seizure will always hit the same part of the brain, a migraine will bounce around, affecting different areas of the brain at different times.

At this point, I don't really know what is up. I don't think I'll be around the site much. I don't want to get confused with too much information, and right now I am very confused. :(

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

Migraines Are Funny.

And I don't mean to sound strange. However, having had epilepsy for 35 years, I know that many times I have the tendency to panic when I feel that sharp, unexpected pain in one particular part of my head. In the past, I immediately would connect it with a seizure and start running--literally. I'd get up from where I was seated or working, and just head for the nearest door, assuming that I'd be on the floor shortly thereafter. However, time has shown me that except for about once every 4 to 6 weeks, those are merely rough headaches. Sure, I have epilepsy, but that doesn't make everything this man feels "epilepsy." One thing that's helped keep migraines out of my life is giving up regular coffee. Caffeine and the central nervous system just don't work well together. Ask around, and you'll hear many people say this!

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

I know how frustrated you feel. I am going through the same thing right now.
I have been to a neurologist and she can't make up her mind whether or not I am have seizures or silent migraines(migraines without the pain) I am in the process of finding a new neurologist. I am feed up but I am continuing with my search. I think that if I did not have a 4 year old at home I probably wouldn't bother but with my daughter at home with me I need to take care of this.

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

Sorry to say but the neuro is full of sh--. I have several different types of seizures and they are rarely the same. The only common denominator is some of them, I do this motion where I'm kind of pedaling a bicycle. Weird, huh? Anyway, check out frontal lobe seizures, that's what mine are and they don't show up on any tests but they respond to AED's. Good luck and try to find a better neuro.

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

I don't blame you for being frustrated. Doctors can be very wishy washy... which is exactly what you don't expect them to be. I have both migraines and seizures.... but it took them a few years to figure out that I was having the seizures. What I've learned is this: migraines can trigger seizures; seizures can also act alone. So the dr's statement that they would always be the same isn't exactly true, especially if you had both a migraine and a seizure. I often get migraines that don't progress to the headache phase (or at least a severe headache). I have the prolonged aura (flashing lights, etc), sensation change on one side (because their hemiplegic migraines) and then the headache. If i'm smart (or lucky) I try to take an alleve and the pain never comes. But in the middle of these events, sometimes I have other funny things happen ("the seizures") and memory loss is the primary result - significant long term memory loss, ie. important events that I should remember. My advice: get a second opinion. And possibly a third. It's an unfortunate reality that this is necessary with modern medicine but particularly where the CNS is concerned, it's very complex and it can be a guessing game.

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

Ugh. I know exactly what you mean, and from past posts, I remember that you and I have very similar symptoms, and have gone through similar diagnosis problems. Out of the blue my neuro decided that I AM having seizures, something he couldn't make his mind up about for over a year, and so I am starting a new AED, and scared as hell...but the reason I am responding to your post is to tell you to care, to keep fighting, and not to let this crazy process get you frustrated. Is this doctor putting you on meds for these "migraines?" Some of the same meds are used to treat both those and seizures...either way, I feel your pain. Hang in there.

Double Ugh I know exactly

Double Ugh
I know exactly what you are experiencing-I've had the dx "A-typical complex or ocular migraines" for years But they changed about 6 years ago, Still the flashing lights, odd visual disturbances that I had for 10 years (since 17), but then afterward I started having slurred or loss of speech, numbness in face, arms, legs etc.

First it was a T.I.A lets do a head CT and take her off birth control, Then it was oh no, just migraines (no headaches ever and didn't respond to migraine meds) Then it was blood work up the wazoo to check for everything else

Then it was M.S. so give her an M.R.I. with contrast, nope, still migraines

Then it was new neurologist for second opinion, only this time the "rookie neuro" says seizures but his superior says migraines


Then E.E.G which was sleep deprived but normal

Then ship me off to another neurologist, YAY ME finally a decent one!
6 years later!!! dx seizures, even with another normal E.E.G. And Alas the treatment is working!!

Anyways, my neurologist that I have now said the A-typical migraine, with or without headache and a partial seizure should be handled the same way (somewhat).

Don't give up, How would the friggin' neurologist like to have your symptoms and just expect to put up with it. I got to the point where I didn't want anymore tests and didn't really care what the problem was, but I'm glad I kept trying because I knew it wasn't something that I should be experiencing and it was unacceptable for me to just "put up with it". You will find a treatment, It may just take awhile, keep your chin up and keep seeking a neurologist that will take time and listen instead of just reading tests and spurting out textbook diagnosises. You are paying them, if they aren't doing the job, find someone that will. Best of luck, I know how frusterating it can be! Just remember it's unacceptable for you to just put up with a neurological disorder, don't read too much into the diagnosis name, try to get the treatment.

I had two documented grand

I had two documented grand mal seizures "tonic clonic" in January 1995. I was 12 years old. At 14 in 1996 I started getting headaches. I was diagnosed in 2008 with migraine with aura and 2014 with menstrual migraines. In 2013 and 2017 I passed out and started convulsing my bp skyrocketed to 230/120 in 2017. I usually shake with these "migraines" and find that Keppra IV or the pill helps. Most of the time I suffer in silence because most just refer me to a therapist. My therapist even says this is a not a case for him, but a neurologist. Weather changes are a trigger that's definitely not psychological. That's who they refer you to when they don't know the answers. Every body is different so not all treatments will work. Hoping for a cure one day.

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

Well my neuro feels the same way about what is going on with me. So far and thank God my tests have all came back normal, so this is leading him to go down this path. I have an idea that it might be a type of seizure but am unsure, I do get some serious headaches(that I never got until 10/06 thanks to a MVA). Although I have never had a migraine I dont know what they feel like, I can tell you that my headaches will run their course through my head from side to side, then from back to top.
The docs have me on Lyrica 300mg a day, this seems to have kind of nulled the seizures a bit, with me still being able to function but still gettting that same seizure feeling and some slowing.
Prior to this I was on Neurontin, which was good for the headaches but didnt do much for the seizure like episodes.
As I said I have not been branded officially, but it sure sounds like this to me.

Re: Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

I too spent about a year being told that I had migraines before I was referred to a neurologist (they had overlooked the history of grandmal epilepsy) and now they have concluded with eegs that I have Temp Lobe Epilepsy and Migraines. Am now trying to get control with Topamax (tried Lamictal and Propranol / Epilim previously) which is suppose to be good for both seizures and migraines. Although have had serious bad head since yesterday.

Re: Migraines that act like seizures?

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