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Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

Mods hope this is ok to ask in this forum.  I live in California and have a legal prescription to smoke marijuana.  Was involved in a head on collision at 50 mph, had to have l5,s1 fusion and lamanectomy (SP).  Have been on many different pain pills.  Find when I smoke high.. grade marijuana the pain is much less, so only 1 maybe 2 pills per day.

 Will smoking Marijuana have any effect on my seizure activity?  I have been smoking daily for about 12 years.  My dr is aware of my smoking and has never said I need to quit.  As matter of fact I asked if I should stop smoking cigs and he told me not now as my brain does not need  more 'activty'.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.





Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

i know that it works.if u have a script good. not in my county, if not find a dr who will write u one.

Marijuana can actually decrease sezure activity!

Believe it or not this is a very popular topic on here!  I can't tolerate the side effects of AED's therefore I smoke and have found it very beneficial to my seizures!  Marijuana is prescriibed for E. in states where it's legal like California!  Much like you my doctor is aware of my smoking and has not told me to quit!  If you type iin the word marijuana or weed in the search you can bring up hundreds of topics on this very subject!

Rock on!  =)

Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

Hi Jason!  For some people, marijuana does help control seizure activity.  For others, it can cause an increase in seizure activity.  Like the rest of the meds, it varies from person to person.  My advice, dont travel to a state where mj is illegal, and be really careful about using pot in California.  Yes, it's legal here according to state law..but it's still illegal according to federal, and federal trumps state.  Also, if an employer finds out that you smoke pot, they can use it as a cause for dismissal, whether you have a scrip for it or not.

Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

Go slow at first and make sure you got somebody around in case you do. If you've been smoking for 12 years and you've had no problems I'd say you should be ok.

I'm a new medical marijuana patient here in Michigan. I have started growing my own. MJ has given me a quality of life that I could never get on medications.

 Anybody have a strain good for sezuires? thinking purple kush but at 250$ for ten seeds I'm not that good at growing yet... Good luck to all......

Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

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Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

you have been smoking for 12 years and it has not caused a problem.  your doc is aware.  it is legal.  and it helps you.  the only down side is that one joint will have 5 times the amount of nicotine as a cigarette.  if that is okay with you then enjoy the result.  hope it helps.  rikk

Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

Marijuana contains no nicotine.  It does have tar which is why it should be smoked out of a water pipe or eaten.

Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

I am not advocating smoking Marijuana, but I found this link: a few weeks ago.



Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

Thanks for posting that seruzies. When I got my legal permit to use marijuana for my sezuires. I met a man I'd have to call DR Marijuana. This fellow told me stuff almost the same about the cannaboids in the human brain.

He even stated that one fellow control his sezuires with just the leaves of the plant. Grinding them up and placing them in pill form. He takes three a day. When I get my grow I'm excited to try this.

Re: Marijuana and Grand Mal, hope ok to ask!

I would recommend to do your own research beyond asking nitwits like me and people on these forums who offer advice but their information is from an ONDCP commercial.

I will add this though since most do not dig it up or know it:

Smoking marijuana can possibly increase seizure activity when the plant is not flushed properly (of all pesticides).

It is getting easier and easier to know if a product has been tested and approved by a lab before it is sold through a dispensary, but this requires finding the better dispensaries...

much love to all,



ps-  search  - polonuim 210  -  talk about what pesticides can do when inhaled! 

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