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Keppra Rage

I am desperately seeking advice. I am engaged and my fiance has epilepsy. We have been together 5 years, and in the past couple of years since he started taking keppra, he has drastically changed. Most of the time, he is his normal self, the person I love, but he often gets extremely irritated and freaks out, yelling and cursing, not just at me, but at other people as well. He seems to have no ability to cope with the slightest issues that would roll of most people's back without so much as a second thought. Even worse is that every so often (once a month or so) he flies into these uncontrollable rages that absolutely terrify me. We will be having a normal conversation, both in great moods, and suddenly he is kicking walls and throwing things with a blank stare like he isn't even really there. It really scares me and this never happened before the keppra. He isn't honest with his doctor about the side effects because he is too afraid to get off keppra and try something else because he thinks it will trigger seizures during the transition. Does anybody else have experience with this? If so, has anything worked? I got him to try adding B6 vitamins but it made no change. I want to get him help because I know it isn't really "him" when he goes into these fits, but I am at my wits end...Please help!


Re: Keppra Rage

Hi there,

I cannot imagine what it must be like to watch someone you love go through such a dramatic change in personality. Keppra (kepprage as it is known) is like many AED's in that in can turn our patience/anger threshold paper-thin.  I think it is reprehensible that these pills make it to the market when the manufacturers know these side effects exist. 

I have just started experiencing similar things to your fiance, having been an incredibly mellow,  peaceful and loving guy my entire life. Within a couple months I went from where almost nothing could bother me to having gotten so angry recently I have felt "possessed".

I started to ween myself off slowly (with talking to my Dr) when I started to notice my personality change- as anger seemed to take hold so much easier than ever before. It was then I DECIDED-There is no way I will ever hurt anyone around me! Nor will I hurt myself!

I am going to be very blunt right now----

If your fiance will not be honest with his doctor, you may have to be. Every time I pick up my pills I am warned to contact my doctor immediately if I experience specific side effects like he is experiencing, which I did.

I think a good analogy is SJS- a deadly side effect, it is a skin reaction/rash that can appear after taking almost any AED, like Keppra.  It is an incredibly important thing to see though because it is a clear sign that internally, organs are failing and it must be dealt with. The rash exists because we cannot see the internal failings....It is a clear indication that some type of adjustment is necessary. To pretend this side effect does not exist in order to stay on the medication is tantamount to suicide.

Anger and rage is similar- unfortunately, possible deadly as well. (sorry I am not able to sugar coat anything tonight)


His issue-   a fear of possibly having seizures during a possible transition to a new med.

Things to consider-

  • he may just need a tweek in dosage
  • if a change is needed, slowly weening off one med onto another does not necessarily lead to seizures, although it can
  • TO KNOWINGLY possibly put others and oneself in harm; to knowingly live this way without even attempting to seek other possible obvious alternatives is sign he may really benefit from therapy- I know I think talking to a unbiased pro every week is tremendously helping me, how could it not?
  • this might be important for him to research before he clings to tightly to any AED-  what if the anger and rage actually is a seizure INDUCED by the keppra---- check out this thread for many many peoples "fun" experience with keppra

Here is my 1 cent opinion- any way you slice it, something has to change- quickly. If he is unwilling/unable to call his Dr or unwilling to look into many different types of , decide if you need to. I think he needs to understand that it could actually get much worse--is he prepared to put you through that? Are you prepared to stick around if he refuses to speak the truth to his Doctor and things get worse? I will tell you this- knowing I have a capacity for rage, i was forced to drastically find my boundaries of what I will and will not stand for. You, on the outside, will soon also be forced to find that boundary as well. There is much to be learned from all this I feel. I think you two will become more solid with much cleaner and more honest lines of communication because it is necessary to understand how and when to help .....   The mood swing may seem to come from absolutely no where, but I think what happens is that the slip through the threshold is so unbelievably subtle that it is just very very difficult to see. I think he can help you tremendously there though, to find those mini-triggers... to talk to each other about code words to remind him to cool down in the moment---couples therapy might be a smart way to go....fear is also like a side effect- it is just a sign that something needs to be dealt with. fear though, is the most debilitating emotion that can exist, it does not even matter what the fear is about,  because fear is simply a complete lack of acceptance. The inability to accept is the source of all that is out of balance. Can he accept that he may have a seizure in transition? (can he accept he may be having a seizure anyway when his mood swings into rage?)

Patience will be crucial, give him a huge huge surplus, a tremendous reservoir, so that he can fill his own reservoir back up and get back to balance. If you think about it, that is all anything is trying to do.

I wish you both the best, feel free to email.

much love,



Re: Keppra Rage


Thank you so much for your response, it really helped. You mentioned what I am willing to stick around and deal with and what he is willing to put himself (and me) through...that is why I am here, trying to find some answers! As I think about my future, our future, with a wedding coming in less than a year, I am finally at the point where I know I can't live with this forever, esp. if there are children involved in the future, I don't want them to see their father like that. That being said, I'm not willing to just give up and say oh well, it is what it is and throw away everything....I have an abundance of patience (I teach inner city high school kids, it's my nature!) so that is not a problem. We talked a long time last night about making the changes and being honest with the doctor and also about other things that might help support him as he makes the changes in medicine and also to help him learn to deal with his emotions in a more effective way. He is willing to take me with him to his next doctor appt. so that I can tell the doc. exactly what effect it has on him, he is just afraid of the timing. He is in his last semester of law school and also interning for the public defender in our city and is worried about withdrawal seizures and memory loss (he tried changing to a new med earlier this year and he could barely remember to change his clothes every day). Are those really significant possibilities? If so, what helped with the memory loss? This was something that really bothered him and you mentioned it as well. He is finally realizing how horrible he behaves (he usually doesn't remember what happens or what he says) and he wants to make the change, but the right way. I'm just hoping we can get the right information and support that is needed to make this work.

Re: Keppra Rage

I spent the most wonderful morning. I went out and collected things off the ground to create a structure- leaves and twigs and thin reeds and grasses, even a bit of "trash".

I started to tie and clasp and attach many colorful leaves to twigs, using soft reeds to spin and hold them together.  I ended up with this ridiculous "thing", this delicate and super fragile, wonderful, colorful, chaotic, "thing". About 10 small leaves on one side and one larger leaf on the other.

I decided to try to balance this nutty creation, upon the top of a curving stick that had snapped off a tree limb, so it was like trying to balance this structure on a curving tip toe of a stick. Obviously it was not going to stand on it's own without me holding on to the stick, no matter how much I tried to find the balance point. And man did I try to just let go, and have that thing just "stand"! It might stay up for a half of one second, but balance and gravity are real forces to contend with...What to do.

Without just digging a hole to "create roots", I decided to just push a bit of dirt up around all the edges of the stick, and then I could hold the structure up by holding the dirt around the base. I could feel the stick start to fall a certain direction through the base, and could just add a bit of dirt right to that specific part. Without needing to pour concrete in order to find stability, I found balance for this incredibly crazy fragile structure with feeling the base and just adding a bit here and there as needed.

It is nice to be able to have a solid foundation so that every gust of wind does not blow over our stick, precariously balancing the structure we have built.


analogies aside- I have found the role of a neurologist is simply to deal with side effects and to know the patient and their history as closely as possible in order to find the best med and dosages based upon side effects. Therefore if the patient is not able to communicate properly, the likelyhood of finding a correct med and dosage is decreased. you bring up incredibly important points about memory and cognitive "impairments", especially while he is, essentially, creating the roots of a career. This is exactly why he needs to be very CONFIDENT with his himself that all of this is exactly as it needs to be, and therefore will feel secure in expressing the truth so you two can go forward and find stability and balance, like I am sure you once had. Not only are there specific meds that will be less detrimental to memory, but there is much you can do to increase memory and work with a faulty memory, their are many many tricks and tips... but memory issues can also be seizure related though, too. 

(just my opinion) - My advice is, for obvious reasons, now that epilepsy has given you both such a wonderful wake up call that life is not about future plans, life is about this moment right now, I would say do not ever pour concrete around your base, or encourage another to do so (future plans are great, but is the back up plan just as good, and if not, are you holding on too tight to "plans"). Keep your hands at your base, and each others, so you can quickly and easily feel any sway before it happens, and gently correct it with a little extra support here or there.

email anytime.

Much love to you both,



Re: Keppra Rage

Wow, Marty. Impressive words. I do sometimes have a hard time living in "the moment" and worrying too much about the future. I guess it is because I have worked really hard to get where I am and keep my life in order so I'm always trying to keep everything together so that I have the future that I want. I love my life the way it is and I am at a very stable point in my life.. I'm 25 with a solid career, completed a bachelors and masters, I own my own house...Ben (the fiance) doesn't have all of that yet because he is still in school and working towards the career he wants for himself. It can be hard for me sometimes to remember the anxieties that go along with being in school and figuring out your plans, so I think I need to be more understanding.

I can't imagine how scary it would be to be prepping for things like the bar exam and not being able to remember things like you used to...that being said, I am not big on excuses. He needs to realize what a good person he really is and how much he does have going for him and make the changes needed to get back on track. I guess my role in this is to just be supportive and yet still be firm that this has to be done. I know you can't force change on someone but I do think when people are presented with a choice, it can prompt them to do what needs to be done. I know what I want the outcome to be, but you are right that I need to focus on today and don't hold on so tightly to the future...after all, I never would have dreamed I would be where I am and doing what I do, but here I am and it is great...I guess surprises can be good!! :)


I did take Keppra 6 months. I recognize the rage and furies, but I also had such bad memory loss (and much more side effects, see 'my story') that the neuro and I agreed to stop the Keppra.. When the anger 'comes' it really does feel like it is not me being so angry, but someone else. My husband and children wanted me to stop, it wasn't me anymore in my body.. .

I stopped within three days, this was very quick, but my memory lasted for 5 minutes than, so it really was very bad. I did not have more seizures while stopping. Now, I am off meds fore three months (my liver failed!) and I still do not have more seizures than while I was on the Keppra. I also used Lamictal and Trileptal before Keppra. Now I just stop my seizures with Stesolid and Rivotril and I am happy with that at this moment. Do't get me wrong, my (partial) seizures are so bad that my muscles get torn apart in all parts of my body, but I fortunately recognize the symptoms of the moments I might have a seizure, so for me it is easy to take meds just before it starts.. .

I realize that in time I will have to get meds again, but I will not let them run my life for me, I will be myself and not some medicine talking and walking.. . Your husband could ask for other meds, there are so many....

Love from Holland and goodluck!

Re: Keppra Rage

I had the same thing when I was on Keppra but when I started antidepressants I started to normal out again. You may want to look into that. I have been weaned off of Keppra and am now on Depakote and had no adverse effects during the transition.





Re: Keppra Rage


I don't know if anyone can help or give me any advice, but my situation is as follows:

I was diagnosed with cortical dysplacia of the temporal lobe in 2009. My symptoms were all kinds of seizures, ie simple partial, complex partial and tonic clonic.

I have been having a number of difficulties with the condition not being controlled and finding the right medication for me. I am currently taking Keppra and Lamictal and my condition is under control more than it was before.

My husband says he has seen a real difference in my behaviour since going on Keppra, although I'm not sure of the timings in my mood and changing my meds. What I am very aware of is the amount of time I need sleep for (averaging 13 hours a day), and vertigo, meaning I'm also having to be in bed a lot.

I am prone to spells of feeling down, more so at the moment, but I've had a really difficult 18 months, with a huge amount of stress, so think that this is very relevant. I also have massive rages at times, not often, but I'll be frank in that I'm drinking more than I was, which I'm well aware won't be helping and I will stop. I've been prone to outbursts in the past, but not very often and really don't think it's that often now. I tend to be off or sensitive when my husband gets frustrated with me, when I can't remember things or get confused. He says I'm more sensitive lately. Tjis leads to angry outbursts if we don't patch things up. I don't blame him, as my condition (and medication?) really is affecting those around me too.

Don't get me wrong, he's a massive support to me and very caring and we love each other very much.

He has been reading up on the side effects of Keppra and is now convinced that's the reason for how I am currently. To give some context to my life and the stresses however, some of what I have been through over the recent months are:

- Obviously the illness.

- Change of job and having bullies for managers, ie not taking into account my condition, the medication and the effects they have on my work. I've been told that I am not capable of doing my job with my manager banging his hand on the desk when we have such discussions. He's had me sobbing when he tells me how much pressure the team is under, putting the onous on me to get my act together. I've been signed off work for many weeks now, so I don't think this helps in that I have little day to day interaction with people.

- Massive loss of memory and difficulties in processing info as well as I would before. I feel so much slower. The consultant assured me that this is common with my type of epilepsy, particularly after not being controlled yet. Cognitively, it increases to take its toll progressively.

- My aunt was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas and is deteriorating quickly as there's nothing that can be done for her. She's so poorly and the family is devastated.

- I had to put my dog to sleep over new year, which for those of you who have pets will understand how cut up I am. I woke up to her having a seizure News Year's day in the morning. By the following afternoon we had to let her go. I also lost my cat last year too.

- Issues with my sister, who bless her has her own issues, but this tends to lead to her attention seeking at the expence of my place in the family, friends etc. For example she talks over me and is quite a drama queen. She's even compared my condition to her food allergy in terms of the attention and concern we get. She is great though in so many other ways.

- Last year I had to evict a tenant who wasn't paying his rent. He was dealing drugs and causing anti-social behavoir problems at the property, which it seems the neighbours hold me responsible for and blame me. The law being as it is protects such scum and it cost me thousands of pounds to deal with and stress for about seven months.

- Our wedding was last year which was magical. It did however come with some issues, with people taking over, being bossy and in one case completely vindictive as she wanted her daughter to be flower girl.

- I've lost my driving license due to my illness, so I've lost my independence altogther.

I'm normally a positive person, have dealt well I thought with issues in the past, but do feel at the moment very fed up and down. Is this the Keppra? Should I come off it? Like I say, my husband is convinced that's it, but I can't help but feel that so much else in my life can't be disregarded.

Thanks for reading this ramble, but just know where to go with it all...

Many thanks

Re: Keppra Rage

Thanks for sharing your situation. I don't personally have epilepsy, but my fiance does and is on Keppra. I can only speak to what I have observed in him since he began the medicine a couple of years ago, I can't say how it makes you feel because I've never experienced it myself.

 He began taking Keppra about 3 years ago for his seizures, before he had been on a number of different drugs but none effectively controlled the seizures like keppra did. Before the keppra, he would have seizures fairly often, but aside from the seizures, he was a happy, well-balanced guy-we rarely fought, he was generally in a good mood and had no trouble dealing with the everyday pressures of life.  After starting keppra, I noticed him getting much more frustrated with things, losing his patience, getting moody etc. It got to the point where the smallest thing would (and still does) make him fly off the handle. For example, yesterday he came home and yelled at me because there were some hangers on the bed where he was trying to sit...funny part being that they were the hangers he had taken HIS clothes off of that morning and HE put on the bed...but this turned into how sick he is of this and that and of course it's my fault etc. Things like this are all to common in our house. They last a few minutes usually and then he's completely over it, sometimes like he doesn't even remember he's said something. He loses his temper over the simplest things and of course I'm the easy target because I'm the one who's may think well maybe he's just an a**hole, but honestly, he never was mean, quick-tempered, or critical of me before the keppra, and even now he will say things when he's in a rage and after I'll ask him why he said a certain thing and he doesn't even remember half the time.

Luckily, I have an abundance of patience and am not a sensitive person (or else I would be in tears way all the time!). I don't believe in being in relationships where you are unhappy or being mistreated, but I really do know in my heart that it is the meds that make him this way...for further proof, he did switch to something else last year for a couple of months, not one time when he even say an unkind word to me..unfortunately he started having problems with his memory and feeling light-headed and things so he had to switch back to keppra (boo!!).

I don't know that any of that helps, and I certainly hope that I don't sound like a crazy person for putting myself through this situation...but I knew him before the meds and the mood swings and it's hard to blame somebody for what they say when they can't control their feelings. I think being honest about why you get angry and not trying to hide how your feeling is the best thing...for a while before he told me how the keppra made him feel I was upset all the time because I thought he hated me or something, but once I knew it was the medicine causing his outbursts it was much easier to deal with. I think talking about things helps in general, I'm not a fan of letting things go unsaid. I think the best thing you can do for you and your spouse is be open and let he/she know why it is your feeling or acting this way. I think what your going through is very normal because trust me, I've done my fair share of research on the subject! Hopefully this makes some sense and maybe helps instead of just sounding like I'm just rambling on about nonsense :) I hope things work out for you!

Re: Keppra Rage

I have Simple Partial seizures and Tonic Clonic seizures, am 40 and have been an Epileptic since June of 2010 and take Topamax, Keppra and just recently started taking Klonopin, to try to prevent my high stress seizures before they happen, not to take every day...The one thing no one's talking about is the AMOUNT of Keppra they're taking...I take 1500 mgs a day, 750 in the morning and 750 at night and I'm still having issues with seizures but I'm also having issues in my household, along with my triggers...Stress with a stepdaughter (15) who's playing 2 families against each other, her lies, she has put her hands on me and is very disrespectful...She's one way with me and different when her dad's around and a husband who's been taking her side 98% of the time...That's just part of my have noticed that I have memory issues, I get over sensitive and can get angry but with not much support here, I don't know if it's me,  my meds or what it is...I haven't had any rage except when there was a severe issue and I felt it was justified and later my husband came and apologized but it might have been the meds...I know the Keppra helps but I also know my doctor's going to want to increase the dose when I tell him the seizures aren't decreasing so it would be helpful if people would discuss the dosage they're taking when they post a thread like this...

And if I missed the dosages, sorry...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



Re: Keppra Rage

Hi Sgh0402,

Regular Keppra has came the closest to working from the first day I started taking it. Since I usually get plenty of warnings of impending secondary tonic-clonics, regular Keppra's short half-life (how fast it works and how fast it leaves) is a real advantage to me in taking a larger dose of Keppra at the warning, while avoiding intoxicating levels in between periods of warning. My first trial with Keppra stopped my tonic-clonics, but the moderately frequent emotional side-effects were a problem, and the Keppra was stopped (I was switching between Dilantin and Keppra). When I read that Keppra's emotional side-effects could be prevented with a very slow titration (a slow build-up to an effective dose level), I decided to try Keppra again, and this time, no emotional side-effects. Other medical articles have reported that some effects of many classes of drugs will not return after discontinuation of use, then very slow reintroduction of use (with many tranquilizers and some AEDs, the good effects are lost, but maybe with Keppra, the bad effects are lost, at least for me). I've been taking only regular Keppra for a couple years, with no other medicines after stopping Dilantin over concerns of bone-loss.

Keppra has stopped my secondary tonic-clonic seizures for about 23 months now, and the worst possible side-effect is a much greater sensitivity to irritants in the air irritating my lungs and making me cough. While my partial seizures over-all are about at the same frequency as with no AEDs, Keppra has made my ecstatic partial seizures more numerous than my adverse and/or bland partial seizures. With long-term epilepsy (I'll have had epilepsy for 58 years my next birthday), partial seizures seem to minimize "Forced Normalization". And once out of adolescence, despite AEDs, the Geschwind Syndrome is irreversible with TLE no matter what. Behavioural conditioning from epilepsy is a learned repertoire from the environment, and is no more of an internal impairment than speaking English as a native tongue is an internal impairment, but separating the learned parts from the visceral/emotional effects of AEDs/seizures, is difficult, though with Limbic based emotions, I use Pavlovian conditioning to manipulate the balance from the left-side versus the right-side of the Limbic System.

Taking Keppra regularly, Keppra lost effectiveness in minimizing my migraines, even if I take a larger dose at the first stages of migraines. Keppra also seems to have increased my sensitivity to smells as triggering painless migraines that relent before fully developing if I get away from the smell quickly enough. Sometimes, about 90 minutes after a larger dose, Keppra causes minor "hot-flashes".


Re: Keppra Rage

i just started keppra and ive been really tired. i also got this eye flicking thing. As for my mood i think its changed for the good because i used to be very quiet and its helped me to come oout a little more to say what im thinking there is the occassional mood swing where i flip my shit. But seeing your situation i would say talk to his doctor and tell them whats up. Tell them about the violent behavior and everything. Try a new medication.


Re: Keppra Rage


 I have been on Keppra for awhile now and it does change you. I can tell you that I feel it has not helped me and I had my doctor wean me off of it and I am now on Lamictal. The Lamictal side effects are being tired alot, maybe some moodiness but nothing like your fiance is experiencing now. I know you are frustrated and at your wits end but you love him and know that he is in there somewhere, I would stick it out and have him change his meds. Yes he will take some seisures changing over but he will not have the side effect he is having now and will be much happier in the long run and both of you can get back to your lives again.  I have had seisures since I was 2years old and have been on every medication out on the market and I will tell you all of the medicaitons have bad side effects and Keppra is not the med for him.  If there is anyway to get him to try a new one even if it means talking to his family so you have someone on your side and are not the only one confronting him about it that may help. Good luck and I hope things work out for you. Think positive... :)

Re: Keppra Rage

Dear sgh, trust me it's not his fault. I had been on Keppra for around 18 months. It makes a person restless and sensitive. Most probably because it has a depressive effect. I've also experienced flickering vision because of it. Although you've done a wonderful job by adding B6, ask the neurologist if adding B12 will help. when I was on Keppra, I used to take Methylcobalamin (B12) injections which help fight depression, and used to feel great after taking one. The change was very obvious to my family. I was disappointed that I couldn't take them more than once or twice a week.
Also, I suggest he should add more vegetables and seafood to his diet. Fish helps fight mood problems. Also, there is a breathing exercise (called 'Anulom-Vilom' Pranayam, a part of yoga), which is harmless and helps cure headaches and keep calm.
However, if it's getting too much, tell his neurologist to change the medicine. It's better to find a more suitable medicine than to suffer for years.
Good luck.

Re: Keppra Rage

My husband started having tonic clonics in May 2010 at age 26. He tried Topamax which was a disaster and then we started on Keppra XR. It kept his seizures at bay but he became completely unbearable! He would realize when he would go into a complete rage but literally could not stop it from happening. He kicked the wall once and had an anxiety attack in our bedroom another night. I really didn't think I could live with him much longer and we were finally honest with our epileptologist about the side effects. He said, "Let me guess...your husband is being mean?"


Seizure medications can be lifelong and there is no reason to live like that when there are numerous other medications to try. We were so scared to switch, but he is now on generic Lamictal seizure free with zero side effects. 

Re: Keppra Rage

We have found that an add on therapy of medical maryuana really helps to control both keppra rage and partial onset.

Re: Keppra Rage

        I am so glad to see that I am not the only person that feels this way.  I am on 2000mg. of Keppra per day along with 100mg. of Topamax for my seizures associated with temporal epilepsy. I have mainly complex partial seizures and some Grand mal seizures. I am going to school full time through the VA to attempt and keep my family from becoming homeless and all the time I feel like I want to absolutely destroy something. I have been on this medicine approximately 18 months to two years, and Zonegran and Topamax before that. I have just went through a week video EEG in the hospital without my meds about a month ago. Since that time, I have had my feelings of anger revamped and absolutely cannot find joy in anything. I will take some of the advice provided in some of the comments and try them for myself, RE: B6/B12 Vitamins, Yoga etc. I am on an EXTREMELY limited budget and can do only so much.

   I know my family is very tired and frustrated with my always seeming like an evil person who cares about nothing. I want like all of you to find an answer to these issues before it tears me from my family or god forbid my own life.

Re: Keppra Rage

     My doctor has finally took me off of this medication, and she says this can be common but the meds effect everyone differently. She let me know now that the new Vimpat has been approved fpr primary medication treatment, it is an acceptable replacement for Keppra so that may be an option now for some of you.

Re: Keppra Rage

Keppra is definitely like a double edge sword.  Just recently, I was on both Keppra (3250mg./day) and Tegretol Xr 200 but I went off the Tegretol due to constantly wanting to eat/snack ever 2-4 hours.  I hated fighting with myself about the weight and hunger.  Now that I'm only taking Keppra and went up by 250mg./day, it's been different.  I'm no longer hungry but just yesterday, I felt awesome like I was on top of the world and then today for no reason I noticed I was highly adjitated and angry at my kids and husband for nothing serious.  When I realized what was going on, I listened to some jazz music after the kids went to bed and drank some tea.  These are both good stress relievers (for me at least).  I also take a multivitamin for women which seems to help minimize the mood switch.  If your husband doesn't already, maybe he could consider taking a multivitamin if the Keppra actually helps with the seizures.  Another thought is exercise.  Using the tredmill or jump rope seems to help alot and can be a quick stress reliever.   It's definitely not easy to live with the anger and mood swings, and I sometimes wonder how my lovely husband of eight years put up with me before. Don't give up and have him try some different stress/relaxation techniques.  If all else fails though, ask the doctor about a different medication or adding another med in combination with Keppra to help minimize the side effects.  Hope this helps, we've all been there.

Re: Keppra Rage

I'm just learning about the side affects im in a relationship in yes i do get very depress at times sometimes i wanna just scream im on Keppra 2000mg i have complex partial seziures im always tired and somtimes i fill like nobdy cares or im just agitated about things i have kids so i tried not to have any fits around them but my spouse i dont know if he knows the change he won't say to much to me but i think he knows in a way cause i be loving him then the next it like he bothers me in i cry o lawd about anything. but yoga help me for a while now its not working im falling back into those moods again. my mom can be talking to me in she says its like i dont know where i am are not understand what she's talking about but i  been on keppra since march 2011 every increase new side affect since i been onn the 2000mg a day sleep sleep and nasuea everytime but i would try b12 in see if that help me..


But don't give up on him with situation like this when need a strong person beside us because of what we go through

This afternoon

I had some keppra rage and got violent

This afternoon

I had some keppra rage and got violent

Hello my name is Robin and I

Hello my name is Robin and I am new to this but I am here to reach out for help I have been living with epilepsy since I was 13 and I am now 29 and have been using keppra ever since I was diagnosed I have been told about keppra rage before not much very little and as I have gotten older it has gotten worse I no longer feel like I know who I am and I'm losing my family I have an appointment with my neurologist in January 2018 but I feel like that is not soon enough I need help and I need someone to talk to please if anyone can help me please text me or email me my number is 850- 570-1931

Not all epilepsy is genetic.

Not all epilepsy is genetic. I am an epileptic due to surgery complications and radiation that left me with this new experience and health complication. My husband and I are soon to start the journey of planning for a child and going in I feel very confident in the process and that my child will not be effected by my ailments. The key to my experience so far has been communication between practices. My neurologist speaks to my PCP, OBGYN, Gastroenterologist, Cardiologist, and any other doctor I'm seeing. The other reason that it's important to reproduce is for research. When people choose late term abortion when they learn there's the possibility of a defect they rob the world of knowledge that could have been gained. So many things are proving essential to our health community, I would not consider any ailment a 'curse'. Life is hard in general, it's important to give everyone the chance to evolve. Everyone's story and experiences with epilepsy are different. 

hello, in answer to your

hello, in answer to your question i to have the same issues, one minute i am fine then i turn nasty for very trivial reasons, so my family say.  i have no remorse to the incident and i am unapologetic to the situation.  only this week my neuro-psychiatrist discovered the term Keppra rage, this could answer a lot of questions.

I am so glad I'm not alone. I

I am so glad I'm not alone. I was just starting Keppra, not up to full dosage yet and the rage was unbelievable. I was scared that I would severely hurt someone or myself.  Luckily I was with a caring friend who helped me get through this. I woke up and rolled over, when I saw the ceiling fan and immediately wanted to break it into small pieces. I wanted to slam my head into the doorjamb until I passed out. My friend gave me a styrofoam cooler and I totally shredded it down to single little balls. It was horrible.  I eventually wound up in a room by myself after I took a flexarill and .75 xanax so I would sleep through the worst of it.  

Yea, I absolutely hate the

Yea, I absolutely hate the way my medication feels. I feel like it makes me feel psychotic. I hate that it’s ruining a relationship with someone that I love. I’m not able to be my full self and it makes me extremely depressed. I can’t even see a neurologist because I don’t have a car or money. And my insurance can’t do anything. I feel terrible, sometimes even suicidal

I hate the aggro spikes, im

I hate the aggro spikes, im taking keppra and it's the only medication that stops myoclonic seizures. I do things like i dont watch the news, to cut down on society's incompetence and ineptitude impacting on mood. And it might be good to see a therapists to learn some guided meditation an exorcise in clearing your mind and emotions it's a great decompression tool that works for me. Also make sure he's eating right, electrolytes and glucose also blood sugar level test may be wise. Remember it's all about learning to manange his new life aslo remember his own mind has held him back most of his life now he is free it would be a bad idea to try to put boundrys on him and tell him what he can and can't do  that snaps my brain. I get very aggressive if I'm fronted with no to something I can now do.

The worst part was she didn't

The worst part was she didn't realise she was as bad as she was, so it took a lot of persuasion and her to trust me, for her to accept she needed to come off them and try something new 

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