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How long do YOU feel strange after a seizure?

I figured I would share my situation and how I am feeling with people who hopefully can relate, because I am a bit scared currently. I had my first seizure some 8 years ago and have been dealing with them ever since. I always have felt slightly strange after a seizure maybe 3 or 4 days after as though my head has released all kinds of memories and I am just sifting through them all and regaining my present self. I went seizure free for two years and thought maybe I had tamed this beast. Of course epilepsy wont go away that easily and I recently had two seizures over the course of 3 weeks. It has been about a week since the last one, and that feeling of released memories and vibes from the past has become overwhelming and I cannot seem to get back to feeling normal. I am very anxious, bouts of depression have been frequent, and nothing seems to make me feel normal, and I am getting scared that I never will feel so again. I am not sure what has happened, I just want to share this with you all and hope that somebody else can relate and let me know they have gone through this and come out ok in the end. Or maybe it is a personal demon I must combat. The question is posed for everybody, how long does it take you personally to start feeling normal again? Thank you.


I too go thru that. Sometimes it takes 7-8 days to become fully 'functional'. Usually in stages: first day i cant talk at all, next day i can say 'yes' 'no' but mostly 'i dont know' repeatedly. One second day i remember i was in the hosp and tried to change the channel. Nurse came in and we picked one out but the second a commercial came on i tried to change it but every time i would hit "127". It also didnt occur to me to be hungry so they brought up some food and the only thing that didnt taste like chewing pennies was plain old grapes.then its just a gradual process. The one thing that sticks out in my mind was when i was not yet diagnosed my fiance took me to the er and they refused to take me cause i didnt know my name or address or anything. They told security to get me out of there so people that really needed help could be seen.....few hours later i could sort of talk and they said they wouldnt help me cause there was nothing wrong with me, i was just a closet alcoholic. sorry to rap on your ear, but it just sounds good to hear it from someone else! Blessings!

After I have my seizures it takes me about three days to a week to feel "normal", but to be honest I don't know what normal feels like anymore. I too have many memories from the past that pop into my head. I will remember the smallest details about my childhood that I didn't even know existed. It is very strange. But my short-term memory is gone. I never remember my seizures and I usually lose my memory for a couple days. My senses also seem heightened, which seems very weird to me. After my incident with Status Epilepticus it took me about five days to be able to hold a normal conversation with people, and to feel familiar with places, people, and my old thoughts, if that makes any sense. It took me about a month to say to myself, "ok, I'm thinking more clearly and I don't feel like my head is in the clouds." I'm not sure if this helps, but I hope it does.


Minimum 3 days and sometimes up to a week. hard to explain it, just "not quite right" but can't explain how.

I had my first seizure 2 years ago, and have had 15 seizures since then. The last seizure being March 20,2012. After a seizure I feel really sick with a pounding headache and extreme nausea. Then for the rest of the day I feel really tired. Days after the seizure I feel out of it and feel like I am out of my body watching myself. It's really hard to explain. Sometimes I just stop and think to myself, who am I or what am I doing? I think and feel very weird things days after I have a seizure. This last seizure I had on March 20, it took almost a week for me to feel normal again. That is the longest the seizure after effects have affected me.


Yeah, I know what you all mean. It is near impossible to explain to somebody else how you feel out of it and why.  I feel like I have left my body and I have to tap back into my memories and my body and my life. It takes a long time to do this and feel like Ia ctually belong in my own mind again. It is not a great feeling.

I know what you mean as far as memories and fear. My first Complex Partial Seizure that took me into a Generalized Tonic-Clonic Seizure was the scariest memory I think I ever had. I thought I was going to die that night. I was praying to G-d to please take care of my family and pets for me, etc. After that, it took me a long time to accept my Epilepsy. Mine popped up out of no where and hasn't been controlled as of yet. Some seizures I can bounce back from just fine and some leave me feeling scared and depressed for a good seven days.

 It's taken nearly 7 years for me to accept that I'll never be "normal" again, just because I have Epilepsy. Epilepsy isn't normal. But I do have some help from loving, supportive family and my Service Dog, who is a seizure alert dog. Much of my anxiety and depression was the fear of when the next seizure was going to be? Would I hurt myself again? Etc. My service dog is giving at least some space to prevent myself from getting hurt and he allows me to know when one is coming so I know when I need to rest afterwards. It sucks to have what I do and feel what I do, but he helped eliminate some of the fear and sadness. Because of my service dog, I am finding top neurologists that are doing all they can to help find the best medications that will work with me. My seizures are no where near controlled, but they at least don't hurt anymore like they used to. 

Prayers that you find some relief in the near future for yourself. :)

-Pony Princess


It's so nice to hear others talking about their seizures as the scariest thing ever, etc.

Hey Z1

I know exactly what you're talking about.  I still have a hard time coming to grips with reality having lived for 38 years without having any seizures (that I know of).  I had a few tonic-clonics starting in 2008 and got diagnosed.

I tend to think that sort of dejavu is kindof like the brain trying to pack memories back away after being strewn around like the pieces of a toy when a kid opens the box.  The kid= the seizure.  The box= the brain/thoughts.  After playing with the toy, the kid tries to put all of the pieces back in the box but doesn't initially know how to do it, because to empty the box he just dumped it upside down without paying attention to the small form-fitted containers etc. which fit specific parts and mold onto certain parts (think the form-fitted plastic pieces containing new computer components, mouse, keyboard, etc.)

so the brain has these thought-pieces floating around in it that aren't quite settled back into their PETE2 plastics place...

AND then on top of that, during a tonic-clonic, the brain (or at least mine has been) is blacked out - which in the case of this simple comparison, would be like adding another form-fitted PETE2 container part INSIDE of the box, without any accompanying PIECE.  So the brain takes additional time trying to make coherence between the time before and the time after the seizure.

When I'm having a bad postictal span it seems like memories try to form-fit incongruous sequences together, which it can't do, because there's no memory piece that fits in the span during the TC.

This has zero scientific merit, but at times (when I'm not maybe freaking out on a simple/partial) it helps me to just calm my mind and chill (it's harder to put the pieces away when the box keeps moving around) and keep faith pieces will nestle.

to answer the question

a few days up to a couple weeks, up to I still do

It depends on the seizure. The first one seizure 10 plus years ago was not right for a number of weeks, with stray thoughts that I could attribute to it. It was not a good time in my life.

I have had one back late 2011 and that took a couple of months - I had 2 within 2 months which I dont have. I tried to work for 1 week and I did not want to risk another one and quit the workplace. It took a good month to return to normal thought patterns - I am fine now and hoping for no more seizures 6 months out.

I mostly get weird thoughts. They are reminicent of what I get within the seizure itself and extremely distinctive.


This is very similar to my condition. Sometimes, the "aftershocks" go away with the day (if I'm lucky!) while other times my head still feels muddled for up to 4 or 5 days afterwards (in the really bad cases!). But yes, I completely resonate with the "weird thoughts." It's almost like my mind is skipping tracks in a CD and can't focus on the present at all!

I've been on seizure medication for 3 yrs, and relapsed after being 2 years seizure free this past November,and then I had one yesterday after a few months of being seizure-free. I can definitely relate to the suddenly relapsing after 2 yrs of nothing. I still don't feel "right" for a couple days afterwards as well. I feel sore,and my tongue feels sore too (I have the typical tonic-clonic seizures and bite my tongue :/). So, I would say about a week or so for me to feel somewhat "normal."

After my seizures, the really bad ones, I'm really confused for at least a half an hour, unaware that I've had a seizure. At first unable to speak, then once I can, I can't seem to form a complete sentence. It usually takes an hour and a half before I can speak coherrently enough to convince people I know what's going on. Then I lay down and sleep for a few hours. The next day I'm still tired and irritable. Most of the time I've bitten my tongue or lip, or both, so hard it takes a long time for them to heal. Last time I smacked my hardwood floor, hit my head, elbows, hips, knees, bursies everywhere. My head will have several spots where I have to be careful brushing, drying, even washing my hair. I'll usually have a black eye. I can cover it with make up but not entirely. If the subject comes up I try to make jokes but that can only go so far. I'll get really depressed with the "why me" attitude. I feel it everytime I take a step, or brush my hair or look in the mirror.  I don't know if the depression is a result of the seizure or just human nature. I know this doesn't seem to compare to the types of recovery being discussed, but this is mine.

Whenever a seizures coming I get an aura, stomache churning, a ticking between the eyebrows,  hearing starts to become absent and as soon as i get the signs which are always on a morning time and usually believe it or not on a monday  sometimes yrs apart I either stay in bed or get into the recovery position if i'm downstairs, this has minimised my injuries as ive had many. Afterwards my body is so heavy and my head feels cold inside sometimes i cry mostly because i'm mad at feeling so bad and here i go again laid up because i'm too tired to move, I think why cant i just grow out of them ? I try to eat or do something to get back to 'normality' but to no avail. The nxt day i'm more energetic but then if i cant remember the slightest thing i think has the seizure done this and start to panick for my future all i know is at the time i feel like ive been hit with a train and i dont like it.

Not myself, migraines and in bed were at least 24 hours...until I started Vimpat.  Each person is unique, we all experience a 'different' type of difference.  However, the Vimpat helps me a lot.  (Still won't control the seizures, but I got my regular life back.)   For me, it stopped most of the headaches, and I'm able to feel myself within a couple hours.  Migraines are completely gone; once in a while I'll have a small headache, but don't bother to take an Advil because I know it will be gone in a couple hours.

Some people can't tolerate Vimpat.  Starting new AEDs is frightening, since they've caused severe allergic reactions to some of us.  However, it might be the "magic pill".  It's already been discovered for several thousands of others.  I just started Onfi, but developed a horrible allergic rash!  Still, I won't find my 'magic pill' unless I keep trying.  Good luck!


I have only just found this forum, so have only just started reading all your stories and I have to say I am fascinated. I have had e for 33 years for the majority I have been controlled and haven't had a fit for ten years until last week. The doc had given me some meds which I believe was the cause of it. I cant remember how long it used to take me to come back to normality, but cannot believe how long its taking me to come back this time, its nearly a week and I still don't have all my short term memory back (not that it was that good anyway) but fundamental things are really hard work! Also I'm still having terrible really surreal nightmares, which I presume are my brain trying to piece everything back together. Last time I had one I had two young boys so I know for a fact I certainly wasn't out of it for a week ... I couldn't afford to be!
Also this time I haven't been able face food even now I'm not interested - which ISN'T me at all. I don't know if this is because the day of the fit, after having it I came down with a cold like I haven't had in years, or because I bit my tongue so badly that it's still raw. So for me the experience this time of how long is definitely a week and for the lack of appetite its still an ongoing thing :(

It's normal to find food unappealing after a seizure....sometimes for a couple days.  Of course, we need it to keep ourselves alive.  This is why I keep some Boost or Ensure in the house.  I never know if I am going to feel nausiated, even with my favorite food in front of me.  Just swallow it down, so you know you're getting some nutrition for the time being.  Also, take all your vitamins and make sure to drink plenty of water or juice to keep yourself well hydrated.  That's another thing that often happens after a seizure.  We forget to drink enough fluids.  It's possible to drink too much water, but extremely rare.

Hey, I know exactly what you're going through. This sounds completely crazy, but I read somewhere that eating tuna and drinking four tablespoons of coconut oil every day helps. It makes no sense at all, but I've been eating tuna every day, and that feeling is starting to go away.

Sometimes that feeling for me only lasts for a day or two, but it seems like the longer I go without having a seizure the longer that feeling seems to last when one eventually hits me.

My e is fairly smple and easily controlled. A couple years ago, after going nearly 18 years, the seizure monster got me. Apparently it was a bad one. I wasn't there for it. It took me a couple months to get back to normal. I attribute the length of time to how bad the seizure was and how long it had been between them. Since that last tonic clonic, I think I may have had a couple auras that did not progress to tonic clonic. It took me just a few hours to get back to normal after them.

For me if it's a tonic clonic I am not 100% until after maybe a week.  It can range anywhere from a few days to a few weeks after my round of SP's and CP's. My last round in March lasted just 1 week, which for me was remarkably short.  Normally I am not symptom free until about 3 weeks after.

One memory related thing that happens to me that is bizarre, and I wonder if it happens to you or anyone else: the first few days after my cycle of SP's and CP's happen, I go through this weird experience where I will think of something benign, such as "I need to remember to buy milk at the store" and there is this response from inside of myself that is as if someone had just told me my entire family had died in a car crash.  Just this sense of shock and an emotional jolt that is so beyond the pale and has absolutely zero-percent to do with the thought that preceded it.  And then a few minutes later it could something like "Oh I like that song on the radio that just started" and there is that emotional cataclysmic feeling inside of me as if the Twin Towers just toppled down in front of me on live TV, as we all observed 10+ yrs ago and shudder to remember still. The thought, and the reaction, could not be more disconnected and illogical.  I can observe it and not get sucked into it, but of course all of that emotional jolting all day long for several days is emotionally exhausting!  I have tried to explain this to some of my non-E friends and they find it fascinating, and they realize I'm not exagerating it at all, it's that extreme and illogical!

Blessings to you!

Hi Sparker001,

I'm still here at times, and maybe more often, now that I have a different computer. I made it past the 3 year mark without a major tonic-clonic, but I'm still having problems getting Medicaid Keppra provided reliably. My ecstatic seizures continue. Doctors don't, or refuse to, understand that tolerating partial seizures with controlled tonic-clonic seizures, is better than excessive intoxication from Anti-Epileptic Drugs.

The following might be "forbidden knowledge", by Roger Shattuck's standards:

My recent clustered strong deja vu near otherwise tonic-clonics, and the way other people responded to them, got me a different used computer that doesn't repeatedly crashes at the newly designed epilepsy-dot-com. Somehow, my relatives "discovered" my name alias in my postings on other websites with my stance against "Stand Your Ground" laws where I cited that epilepsy probably made me seem to behave in a "suspicious" manner to many prejudiced individuals, and the hostile responses I received upset them more than the responses did me.

These specific deja vu were particularly of bad sensations of "coincidences" (and anniversaries), hindsights including those of others, and, I believe, prejudice against epilepsy, as I requested accommodation on a website involving the newer amended guidelines for "ada compliant websites" near the middle of the sequence of events, and hearing of coincidental events:

event A1:
event B1:
event C1: Please advise me of the ADA accommodation/complaint resolution processes (for the involved website)
event D1:
event E1: The next afternoon, the e-mail telling me: "You have been banned from [the involved website]"
event F1:

So, now I at least get to use a used computer that doesn't crash with but a very few "member-ed" websites, with concern of future coincidental deja vu easily blamed on temporal lobe epilepsy phenomena.


How good to hear from you Tadzio!  And happy 3 yr anniversary TC free!  I generally only have 1 or 2 TC's a year at this point, which is not too bad. 

I'm sorry that people misconstrued your commentary on other sites.  That is a shame.  And I totally agree with your observation where a case like the SYG case could be instigated by someone observing the 'weird' behavior of someone who appears drugged or 'out of it' - and who, if approached, might continue to act in a strange way where a person could potentially feel threatened or whatever - and that 'suspicious character' could very well be having some type of seizure. One more reason to let the authorities handle it...

Anyway, wanted to pop in and say "Hi" and hope you continue beyond the 3 yr streak of being free of tonic clonics - that is indeed good news!! :)

Blessings to you, take good care of yourself.


Renting one bedroom apartment in this area being expensive & beyond my reach, I share an apartment with my roommate & my roommate got the bedroom.

Therefore, my bed is in the living room, which COULD have helped for anyone to see I'm having seizures in my bed & need help.

NOPE,,, My stupid roommate tells me,,,

"Oh Yeah,,, You fell down from bed & you were sleeping on the floor face down for two days".

After my initial Grand-mal initial seizure episode,,, I fall in to DEEP SLEEP for a long time.
And after the long-deep-sleep comes, NEARLY a week of muscle pain, confusion, disorientation, memory lose & desperate ATTEMPT to catch-up & recovery back to "NORMAL", before ANOTHER grand mal seizure strikes again.

Let's face it,,, There is nothing back to NORMAL about this menace.
EPISODES AFTER EACH EPISODES,,, We will always feel strange.

I don't mean to be rude or bitter but,,, The sooner, we have come to FACE & ACCEPT the bitter truth, the easier & simpler to live & cope this fatal-menace, Epilepsy.

BTW: Since I was NEW to Epilepsy, I tried to deny & cover up my grand mal seizures from my own family, friend, co-workers & employers, until the AMBULANCE kept showing up where ever I was knocked down & out with YET,,, another episode.


Good luck.

  Having Grand Mals aka Tonic Clonics is the new name for them, I can be 2 to 3 weeks until I feel better. Normal is never a reality when seizures hit you. One thing you may want to do is go to a good massage therapist. I did that last year in March 2011 and I felt good until I got home. My body ached as if I had a grand mal seizure three days before but I knew I did not so I went bowling that night. I felt like staying home and ended up bowling my 1st ever 800 series for 3 games without a 300 game and with 2 open frames. 276, 263, 268 were my games as I bowled feeling sore yet I was relaxed and calm knowing my body was in better shape than it was a week ago. I went to that massage therapist for sevral visits and he kept on massaging those areas that I did not know pain ever existed as the calf area, thighs, shoulders, and neck needed to have massageing for the blood to circulate as he made my body feel 110% as it never did in 50 years past. One year later I have not had any seizure acitivity worth worrying overor grand mals .  You may watch those food additives that may be causing your seizures as well as keeping the brain hyper and stressed 24/7. MSG, Nitrates, Carrageenan, Yeast Extract & Aspartame are just a few that can fire uop the brain.  Check them out and tell other people if you believe you see a pattern in your seizures relating to the information you read on these sites. Doctors should hear it every day 24/7.     

     It is really nice to hear others feel the same way I do.  I started having seizures out of no where in 2009 in my early 30s.  I have found I either experience dejvu, extreme anxiety, or both right before a clonic tonic seizure hits and will usually end up talking nonsens no matter what I believe I am saying.  I have come to recognize that look in my husband's face when I am coming out of a clonic tonic seizure so try to just relax instead of talk more nonsense.  I usually average 72 days between my clonic tonic seizures but last weekend I had three within 24hrs of eachother.  This is the hardest time I have had coming back after a clonic tonic seizure; I hungery but nothing sounds good and when I force myself to eat certain foods feel "wrong" in my mouth, emotionally I just feel odd like I belong somewhere else but I don't know where that place is or why I belong there and not here, and I have been so drugged out for the last 2 years I don't know if I even know what my "normal" is.  I try not to jump on the pitty wagon; I really do try to keep my big girl pants pulled up and just find a way to live with this disorder without feeling like I am a complete drag on my friends and family.  I wake up each morning and find a way smile, knowing others are fighting just as hard makes it easier to convince myself I am not alone.

Thank for you words and best of luck to all of you,


P.S. I have had head pain that has not left my left tempol that started three months before my seizures did and would like to know if anyone else has experience the same, if so have you found anything to help?

It's natural to find food unappealing, even our favorite treats,  for a couple days after a seizure. Of course, we need our nutrition, so it's imperative that we keep a 6-pack of Boost or Ensure in the cupboard at all times.  (Of course, we don't need all 6 at once, but we need to keep plenty so it's there.)  Even if we need to force it down,  do it.  Also, it's vital to keep ourselves well hydrated, so keep a large drinking size water bottle with you, and refill it several times each day.  The reason for the bottle is so you won't spill it if you have another seizure.

Is your neurologist aware that your pills have been making you feel unusual for the past 2 years?  She needs to be aware of it.  There is a possibility that a simple Rx change can be all that's needed.  You've only had seizures for a couple years, so there are many more AEDs to try.  

Take care of yourself!

  Sorry but I would have a 6 pack of beer close to me before I would have 1 can of Boost or Ensure in my hand. Boost and Ensure have Carrageenan in them the last I looked at the ingredients which can cause me to have a Grand Mal / Tonic Clonic. Maybe you just saying to keep Boost and Ensure close by to everyone else should also make others aware how they feel after they take it for a replacement meal. I just do not eat for a day or 2 maybe if my mouth & tounge is soar from bitting it. I would maybe drink water with lemon juice and suck a little on a lemon to heal my mouth quicker. If everyone would take seriously and look for a pattern of a food related cause to their seizures, I would almost be shocked if 2 out of 3 would see and realize a food additive, chemical or preservatitive might be the root cause to their problem as is mine. But wait,,, Who is to say that maybe some medicines that are to prevent the seizures we all have, might be helping these food additives & etc.... create our seizures which if MSG is as safe as the FDA claims it is, then maybe our medicines are not safe to have when we get these food additives like MSG in our blood stream ?   I have so many questions that I know there are answers for, as this Thursday will make it 17 months seizure free as I see my doctor on that day also. I don't want to repeat the same old song over & over, but when reality & facts equals truth and evidence, and doctors ignore it, who is helping who ?  So I say have good fruits, vegetables, eggs, bread/toast and NO processed foods that you are not 100% sure might be the problem of your seizure condition. I'll not apologize for wanting to see everyone to be 17 or more months seizure free like I have been as I only give that credit to the one upstairs beyond where I plan to be when that day shall come.

Carrageenan can cause Tonic Clonic seizures?  I learned something today.  I'm also going to mention this to my epileptologist to find out if he thinks it's safe.  Thanks for the info. 

I also learned something today I often drink boost or ensure for the health benefits. I also learned tegretol causes cancer after long term use.

Where did you get information that long term use of tegretol causes cancer? that is incorrect

Resource Specialist

I also learned something today I often drink boost or ensure for the health benefits. I also learned tegretol causes cancer after long term use.

I didn't know that tegretol causes cancer after long-term use.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a lot of different AEDs cause cancer.  Did you hear what kind of cancer?  I've been taking AEDs ever since 1976.  I've tried almost all of them.  I usually always take 3 or 4 different AEDs together, because my seizures are refractory, and I fall down.

Here's the interesting thing:  I was just diagnosed with Stage 1 Kidney Cancer!  Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if my AEDs caused it.  Fortunately, I had an xray, due to a fall on my back (seizure).  While examining my spine for any hairline cracks, my epileptologist noticed a small calcification on my kidney.  He referred me to the cancer ctr.  It WAS malignant.  Of course, I had it removed ASAP.  I'm fine, and extremely fortunate that it was caught in the 1st stage.  (According to my oncologist, the only way it's ever caught in Stage 1 is by accident.)


       Not to brag or complain, but I have been taking seizure drugs since 1961. I remember very well when 30 years later in 1991, a doctor I had thought my condition was not seizure related at all that I was taking medicines that was not helping a condition at all because he thought my auras were from esophagus reflux, which made sense when I felt an aura during his visit time and he listened to my stomach areas. So after a while I asked if I could go off of the phenobrbital I was taking and he said YES but do it slow, and not cold turkey. So from April of 1990, to Febuary 1991, I felt the best ever when I had NO grand mals and very little auras until I lost my job in February 1991 when my 3rd grand mal happened from the STRESS of losing my job. Needless to say I never felt like I did in those 10 months as I hope soon I can be another 20 years like I was between my 2nd & 3rd grand mals, or never have a grand mal seizure ever. We all should realize that epilepsy is the number 1 condition that doctors love to say there is no cure for which medicines have to be taken until death. Personally I would rather die from a natural cause with out any drug causing some long term condition in a few years or 20 years later that might never have happened if I never took the medicine. So if I can go off lamictal now in a few months, I will do it after I tell my doctor what I did in the last 30 days and how I am sleeping much better just taking only 25 mgs of it compared to taking 50mgs. Remember taking all these medicines has chemicals in them that the brain does not make naturally. Why would any of us want to take a drug that is to help ??? our seizure activity??? really , while they only confuse the natural brain activity of the normality it tries to do, but we have some drugs we have to take to confuse our brain more & more 24/7.  It's been that way for me for over 45 years or more when I was made aware of why I am taking medicines. One thing I do agree with my doctor is he believes the less seizure drug MGS, and drugs you need the better of you are. Now if I only get him to understand that the FDA is wrong about MSG, Nitrates, Carrageenan, Yeast Extract, & other food additives that are killing some of our brains and have buried more innocent people than other things have done. It seems like that battle is a 1 man gang as nobody cares to listen to that. Any help with that would be appreciated but I know who has the final words, but that is not the final word. They will answer to a higher accountability.  

Reminds me when I was diagnosed.  I was given an AED Rx.  It didn't say, 'Take for xx weeks.' "How long do I take this?"  "You don't stop."  "Why do I keep taking this?  I was fine yesterday.  I'm just like everyone else.'  "You weren't fine!"  Yes, food additives are poisoning us.  Look in your kitchen:  Almost every food has additives!  Our AEDs are also poisoning us and confusing our brains.  (I heard, not from a med. pro., if you fed a child who never had a seizure AEDs for several years then suddenly stopped; she'd have a seizure!)  Medical science has come a long way, but there is a lot more to be learned. I'm only a patient. Does anyone really know?  The National Epilepsy Library might have more accurate info:  1-800-332-4050 x 2112, or

  If you have 72 days between seizures, you may have a food additive/chemical/preservative concern you may need to deal with.  You ever notice how the food industry says of their packages now NO MSG ADDED ! That is because it is already in there foods by some other name like Yeast Extract, Carrageenan or some other glutamate additive that works just like MSG.  Nitrates in meat and other smoked flavored meat by products can create terror to the human brain as so can Aspartame. So maybe some of those things are your problem and if you eliminate it all you may never have another seizure. I have noticed though when I do go s long as I have been almost 17 months seizure free, I have always been told that that last seizure I had was one of my worst ever. My last one will be my last one as long as I am alive and aware that I will not be eating or drinking anythiong that will give me my worst Grand Mal ever.  I know if any doctor would be reading this and think I am crazy, just start a new clinical study on what I am telling you and others about. I'll prove it to you but hopefully by God's healing power he would prove me wrong, because odds are I am still right as I know what can happen even after 17 months being seizure free. I do not need to prove it to myself anymore. I have seen enough dark times never knowing if I were dead or would come out a grand mal seizure alive.   

Usually after a seizure I am sore and not myself for about a week.  Things are as if a dream sequence.  My legs feel like I am lifting cinder blocks. I, too, back when I was about 23 have gone for about a 7 year period without seizures then when I was 30 I went thru a rough patch and had like a seizure a week for a 4 month period then it got a little better>  My next seizure was year later.  Then I went another year and I had a very bad episode where I went in the hospital on the 5th and did not wake up until the 8th.  I remember nothing from that time period.  Recently, I went thru a period of a seiure about once a month.  Now at age 38 I have not had a seizure in over a year I am happy.  But I know that the monster is waiting. 

I want to know has anyone experience any deep depression and how do they cope?



Hey zeus1223,

My husband suffers from grand mal seizures. And getting back to normal, how long you ask. Is a question that no one can answer. A personal demon u have to combat you ask? I think you might be right about that. My husband seizures are very distant apart when they happen & by prayer he is seeing the healing process of being normal again one day at a time. Me and my husband are people of great faith in the Lord. You can read on epilepsy in the Bible too. King James Version, Matthew Chapter 17:14-21. Jesus speaks to the man about his son having the deaf & dumb spirit (epilepsy)and tells him that this spirit only goes out by fasting & prayer. Also Mark, Luke, & John speak about the same story of Jesus removing the spirit of the young boy.

I pray that the Lord helps you get understanding & strength & patience to get through this battle.

Much Love, Prodigy Queen

When I'm out of ideas, I'll get on my knees, but after I've tried everything.  Maybe Jesus didn't know what to provide in medication and felt it was just easier to hope "cast out a demon" would work. Doctor's have not prescribed this action. So, hoping that "deliverance" with a prayer is going to work, just makes us have a little hope and comfort, but I've not seen it heal.

It takes me a little more than a week to recover. My head suffers a lot of pain, and my body feels beaten up.  Totally weak, and wobbly.  No appetite, but mostly because I just don't have much strength or feeling to fix anything.  I hate it.

EXCELLENT QUESTION,,, I've seen in a long time & I have been asking myself,,,

"OH GOD,,, when is this nightmare going to be over",,, again & again, after each grand mal seizure for almost a decade.

The fact is TIMING & KEEPING TRACK seems impossible, when one is totally disoriented, semi-conscious & desperately trying to figure out what is going on.

But, I agree with most people in here, it takes nearly a week to get it all together, back to normal all over again physically & mentally functional, ,,,, UNTIL THE NEXT SEIZURE.

And all this time. I wondered If anyone knew what I'm going through, but GREAT TO SEE, people in my shoes defining my ordeals better than I could.

Thank you for asking the RIGHT QUESTIONS & providing this great service, helping people understand this ordeal.

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