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How exactly do aura's feel

How exactly do aura's feel? Can you have aura's and not have an actual seizure? I think I had some this weekend. I went off into like a "spacy" feeling. Like I was tingling and I couldn't make myself snap out of it for a few seconds. I have had a headache since I has these feelings. I have had E a long time, but I am new to all the terminology and so forth. Thanks.


I'm only another patient. There are a number of patient assistance programs available. The first place to go would probably be your prescribing doctor. Sometimes they can get the medication for for free. I know nothing of these sites or numbers on the following list. I hope it could be of some help. Best of luck! - T

Pharmaceutical Patient Assistance Programs
• Many pharmaceutical companies offer Patient Assistance Programs to those who cannot afford the cost of their medications but are ineligible for Medicaid due to their income. Following is a list of each company’s contact information…
• Banzel—Eisai Neurology Patient Assistance Program (1-866-694-2550)
• Carbatrol—Shire Pharmaceuticals Carbatrol Patient Assistance Program (1-908-203-0657)
• Depakene—Abbott Patient Assistance (1-800-222-6885)
• Depakote, Depakote ER—Abbott Patient Assistance (1-800-222-6885)
• Diastat Acudial Rectal Gel—Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Patient Assistance Program (1-800-511-2120)
• Dilantin—Pfizer, Inc. — Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Felbatol—Meda Pharmaceuticals Patient Assistance Program (1-800-678-4657)
• Gabitral—CephalonCares Foundation Patient Assistance Program (1-877-237-4881)
• HP Acthar Gel—Questcor Pharmaceuticals Acthar Gel Patient Assistance Program (1-888-435-2284)
• Keppra, Keppra XR—UCB Patient Assistance Program (1-866-395-8366)
• Lamictal, Lamictal XR—GlaxoSmithKline Bridges To Access (1-866-728-4368) *Advocate must pre-enroll patient
• Lyrica—Pfizer, Inc. — Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Mysoline—Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Patient Assistance Program (1-800-511-2120)
• Neurontin—Pfizer, Inc. — Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Phenobarbital—Xubex Patient Assistance Program (1-866-699-8239)
• Sabril—Lundbeck’s SHARE Call Center 1-888-45-SHARE (1-888-457-4273)
• Tegretol, Tegretol XR—Novartis Patient Assistance Program (1-800-277-2254)
• Topamax—Janssen Ortho Patient Assistance Foundation (1-800-652-6227)
• Tranxene—Lundbeck’s SHARE 1-888-45-SHARE (1-888-457-4273)
• Trileptal—Novartis Patient Assistance Program (1-800-277-2254)
• Vagus Nerve Stimulator—Cyberonics (1-800-332-1375 ext. 7493) or BJ Wilder Therapy Program
• Vimpat—UCB Patient Assistance Program (1-866-395-8366)
• Zarontin—Pfizer, Inc. –Connection to Care (1-800-707-8990)
• Zonegran—Eisai Neurology Patient Assistance Program (1-866-694-2550)
• Needy Meds—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services Rx Outreach Medications—This provides discounts for some generic medications. (1-800-769-3880)
• Xubex Pharmaceuticals Xubex Patient Assistance Program—This provides discounts for some generic medications. (1-866-699-8239) or
• RX Hope—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• PHRMA—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• Together RX—This website provides information on patient assistance programs available for each medication. Go to
• Veteran’s Affairs Veteran’s Benefits—This website provides information about benefits for veterans. Go to
• Eli Lilly & Co—This website provides information about their patient assistance program and its eligibility requirements. Go to

That was very kind of you to share, tcameron!


Blessings to you!

The efect of an aura is sometimes similar to me, but in all, the fact of an aura was explained to me as the start of a seizure, be it small, or grand maul, still a seizure. that is why you still feel tired, your mind was just as stressed as the rest of your body in a full out session.

My auras are usualy a faint whiteish light just out of view in my upper right, yet i can never truely see it because it stays in my periferial (SP?) and if I try to look at it I get nasue and black out. I wake from a nice seizure, and have a throbbing Migraine to boot. another type of 'aura' I have is more of seeing the face of a word, like eyes and nose and so forth, but that I can't see it just feel it, yet i can see my feeling. funny stuff. even without the violent part i am still having a seizure.

TheBanker,  You see your feeling, wow, that is messed up Wiggle. Really weird. I don't know if I've had that yet. Not that I can remember anyway. Sorry you have that. Yikes

TheBanker.... Yes, yes, yes. I know what you are talking about. Ihave this type of sensation sometimes. It happened prior to all 3 grand mal seizures I had. My first seizure was 4 years ago at age 37. Since then I've been on meds and they've worked well enough to ward off a grand mal, but I've been having a new type of auditory seizure where I don't know what people are saying or what I'm hearing for a period of time, or even reading. It lasts about 30 seconds to a minute, I think.  I am undergoing a change in meds right now and last week a I had the worst one of these auras like you had in a long time. I heard multiple songs playing, voices, all of that stuff. There was a darkness about it this time and I fought as I hard as I could not to lose consciousness. My wife was with me, I felt it starting, yelled for help and just laid down on the floor. The only safe thing to do. 

I'm not glad you or anyone else has this, but I am glad to know I'm not alone. It freaks me out bad. WHY do we have to have this condition. I know people have much worse diseases and things, much worse, BUT..there is something especially frustrating about epilepsy that people just don't understand and nobody cares.



The dejavues are actually a seizure in themselves and not just auras (or maybe they can be both, what do I know... They're partial seizures. And my primary seizure type. I have temporal lobe epilepsy

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