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How exactly do aura's feel

How exactly do aura's feel? Can you have aura's and not have an actual seizure? I think I had some this weekend. I went off into like a "spacy" feeling. Like I was tingling and I couldn't make myself snap out of it for a few seconds. I have had a headache since I has these feelings. I have had E a long time, but I am new to all the terminology and so forth. Thanks.


Just curious, Scissor24, if you saw a specialist and what you found out. I'm epileptic, but my daughter is not. She has gone to a couple of specialists just to make sure. She actually has experienced most, if not all, the symptoms you have. We found out that she has a protein-S deficiency, and what she was having appeared to be TIAs, rather than seizures. She now has most of those feelings when she has an anxiety attack (she doesn't have speech problems during them). Just wanted to check back to see how things are going.

Just curious, Scissor24, if you saw a specialist and what you found out. I'm epileptic, but my daughter is not. She has gone to a couple of specialists just to make sure. She actually has experienced most, if not all, the symptoms you have. We found out that she has a protein-S deficiency, and what she was having appeared to be TIAs, rather than seizures. Just wanted to check back to see how things are going.

I have just started having seizures 3 weeks ago and my life has been tipped upside down.
I feel I am most often experiencing auras than not.
I often feel spacey, pins and needles in my hands,wrist and feet. I also have a heavy cold prickly feeling in my arms and back . This is so weird.
I seem to be having 2 to 6 seizures a day which affect my speech and movement.
DOES ANYONE feel strange more often than not?
My life is on hold... Seeing specialist this week. Really want to start meds but also afraid of side affects. So scarey and frustrating.

I have just started having seizures 3 weeks ago and my life has been tipped upside down.
I feel I am most often experiencing auras than not.
I often feel spacey, pins and needles in my hands,wrist and feet. I also have a heavy cold prickly feeling in my arms and back . This is so weird.
I seem to be having 2 to 6 seizures a day which affect my speech and movement.
DOES ANYONE feel strange more often than not?
My life is on hold... Seeing specialist this week. Really want to start meds but also afraid of side affects. So scarey and frustrating.

I have just started having seizures 3 weeks ago and my life has been tipped upside down.
I feel I am most often experiencing auras than not.
I often feel spacey, pins and needles in my hands,wrist and feet. I also have a heavy cold prickly feeling in my arms and back . This is so weird.
I seem to be having 2 to 6 seizures a day which affect my speech and movement.
DOES ANYONE feel strange more often than not?
My life is on hold... Seeing specialist this week. Really want to start meds but also afraid of side affects. So scarey and frustrating.

I have just started having seizures 3 weeks ago and my life has been tipped upside down.
I feel I am most often experiencing auras than not.
I often feel spacey, pins and needles in my hands,wrist and feet. I also have a heavy cold prickly feeling in my arms and back . This is so weird.
I seem to be having 2 to 6 seizures a day which affect my speech and movement.
DOES ANYONE feel strange more often than not?
My life is on hold... Seeing specialist this week. Really want to start meds but also afraid of side affects. So scarey and frustrating.

I had auras recently and I always have this "scary" type of feeling when I have one. Sometimes the fear sensation is so overpowering that I have a hard time breathing.

Yes, you can have an aura without having a full fledge seizure. It's happened to me many times. I can always remember the auras, but the seizure for some reason is beyond me. Someone has to tell me what happened when I wake up from it. By the way, I had a seizure last Thursday, Friday and an aura yesterday and this morning.


"Life is what you make of it"

I recently had my first two siezures 2 days in a row. Each time I saw a kind of ball of wierd metallic energy in my vision that seemed to follow where I looked. Within 10 seconds I was unconscious and blue convulsing and foaming at the mouth with my eyes rolled back in my head (says a witness) I had no idea what had happened when I came to that I argued with them about what had happened. I thought I just felt sick and ran to the bathroom but my now ex-boyfriend said that 5 minutes of me convulsing and being unconscious had passed before I even was able to stand to walk. I spent the next two nights in the emergency room only to be discharged with little said other then that I needed to see a nuerologist. There was no odor, but each day that I had one I spent the whole day before them laying in bed with no energy. I now know that if I see that strange ball then I better said down so I down fall down.

The aura's that i have are ringing in my ears or stairing off at things. Thats how its been as far back as i can remember. i'm 23 and they started at 15. The first one had i was sleeping, my father heard me hitting the walls in my bedroom.I remember waking up going down the steps into the ambulance then passing back out.

Jessica, You get something simular to what i use to get except I would see this straight red line and it would start in my right eye and when it went past my nose I would pass out and that is all i would remember, I have grand-mals and when I got older They left and now i dont get a warning sign like that and would just go down.

My auras seem to start with a an odor as well. Last night as I was in bed I all of the sudden smelled something bad. I looked at the foot of the bed to blame the dogs but they weren't there. I knew it wasn't me (this time) and my wife was in the kithen (she's too ladylike anyway) then I thought, Bleeeep, not again. My left side of my body then started shaking and my stomach started aching then I just laid there for about 15 minutes feeling sort of out of it. Luckily I was ony watching Family Guy which doesn't require too many brain cells. Thankfully that's pretty much as far as my seizures usually progess but they usually start with a smell and end up with me shaking and being confused or just feeling spacey.

Before I was diagnosed with epilepsy and knew what they were...I started to begin getting this OVERWHELMING sense of deja vu' where I would be talking to someone and then say "oh, I think I'm going to say something...and then just sit for what seemed like a minute while the person just watched me and all the while, I could swear, something was on the tip of my tongue and I couldn't really/didn't do anything else but sit there until this feeling subsided. Totally conscious the whole time.

Over a period, it seemed to happen more frequently until I had my grand mall during the night where my boyfriend (now my husband) awoke to find me totally seizing in bed and I was diagnosed...(which explains when I was single why I would wake up sometimes with my tongue all bitten up and not know why)! Don't really remember tingling or anything...but I still get much smaller ones from time to time (been very successful on Trileptal), where this feeling overwhelms me..sometimes I'll get the same images running through my mind repetitively - like I always seem to have the Keebler Elves as one of them! Bizarre, because I never buy their brand of just seems stuck in my mind. I read that it's my brain fooling my hippocampus into thinking this is an old situation/memory, when really it's not...because of the deju vu' feeling - but I could SWEAR I had memories of whatever situation was running through my mind.

The consensus seems to be....when you have the feeling - whatever it's very distinct and you know it and they are technically small seizures! Don't have to be unconscious or go into a "grand mall" or "tonic-clonic seizure". My feelings go away after a few seconds...but now I know what it is. Weird! I consider myself a lucky person.


After reading the replies, I feel so validated. My auras are deja vu - usually of dreams that I can swear I had. Although once it was a song by Yes. (My stomache jumps when I hear it, now, but never any auras.) They are very distinct. After hearing about other people's seizures, I too, consider myself lucky that mine aren't worse. They are happening much more often though and I am noticing other symptoms as well. I have spacey periods throughout most days. I feel disconnected from my body and just feel like staring. It has been like this for as long as I can remember. In a sense,it is a nice break from the day ;)I pray that it doesn't get worse.

I've read that the deja-vu is not an aura, but an actual simple partial seizure. My auras make me feel as if the back of my neck is tightening, and I do tend to have a kinda creepy feeling, like someone's watching me from afar.
My simple partials are in deja-vu form. There are other forms of partials as well. I'll have a GM in my sleep when my stress factor has built up over time.
Yeah, the deja-vu is an odd feeling, but now that I know it's a seizure, I can usually make it go away by acknowleding this fact, and convincing myself that it's a trick my mind is playing on my consciousness! It only lasts for a few seconds now.
I take Trileptal, and it helps alot. Barely any side effects, and it's compatible with most other medications!

Hi, I just read what you said about the deja-vu thing, and about it being a simple partial seizure. I suffer with Frontal Lobe nocturnal epilepsy, which was diagnosed 2 years ago, and I take Lamotrigine to control my seizures. I only started to get the deja-vu feeling about 3 months ago, but it's started happening more and more often. Before I'd have once every couple of days, but now it happens between 3-4 times a day (I've been carrying around a pen and marking my arm whenever it happens)

Should I talk to my GP? Because I'm worried that if they are seizures then maybe my medication isn't working properly, and it's happening in school (I'm 17).

What do you think I should do? Thanks x

Auras are simple partial seizures.  These happen while you are concious, so they're not nocturnal.  When you lose conciousness, the seizure changes from S.P. to complex partial (C.P.)  However, since your diagnosis is frontal nocturnal epilepsy, it looks like the diagnosis needs to be re-evaluated.  For that reason, it might be time to see a neurologist.  The problem with AEDs not working, is that these can turn into real convulsive seizures; which can be extremely dangerous!  It's time to see your doctor. 

Auras are extremely valuable because they give you time to sit down so you don't fall and injure yourself.  I experienced auras since I was a little girl.  It was always the same experience; I was afraid to tell anyone; I thought they'd think I was crazy.  I wasn't diagnosed with TLE until my 1st convulsive seizure in 1975.   I continued to experience auras seconds before my seizures until the mid 1990's.  Now I need to wear a helmet because I never know when it will occur.  My AEDs don't completley work, although I've tried them all.  I'd probably be having many more seizures without them.  That's why I'm under the direct care of an epileptologist; a neurologist who specializes in epilepsy. 

If your G.P. can't find some AEDs to completely controll your s.p. seizures, see a neurologist.

Good luck!

Sara if I did not know it was you making the above statements I would swear I was talking. Everything you said is exactly how I feel.
From the deja-vu, to making it go away by aknowlodging that it is a simple partial, to the tightening of the back of the neck, and even the feeling that when someone is watching me that it is from a long distance.
The only other thing that I will also have occur is a tingling on my scalp.
Thanks, it is certainly nice to know that someone else has the same warning signs that I do.

Take care Scott Rogers.

Scott, Just like you said to Sara - I have the same feelings.

They started about a year ago. I was in a very stressful job and just chalked it up to my brain doing some sort of stress relief exercise. I have since changed jobs and life is great...I have very little stress, but my "movie moments" as I call them, keep happening.

I have a very strong sense of deja vu and I feel like I'm in a movie. I guess its like someone watch me...I am the center of all the action. Everything happening around me is scripted. I also get goosebumps or tingling on my scalp. When they are really strong, I also get anxious and nauseous.

I get these moments 3-4 times a day and they last about just a minute or so. I hate that you get them too, but I'm glad I'm not completely crazy!!!


I used to have those all the time too, LIke I've done this before and then I would shiver. I had absence seizures and at the worst was having about 10-20 a day, and a lot of deja vu. Now I have controlled seizures, but I kind of miss the deja vu, made me feel mysterious haha. I am totally spacey, and I so glad someone else feels the same way I do. When you are around people that don't know what it is like, how do you describe, I am feeling spacey? I told my bosses this week that I was afraid I was going to have a seizure because I have been having trouble remembering things and putting words together when I am speaking. i think they think I am full of it. I can't concentrate either. Or well.

I totally understand that. I had no idea that I was having any type of auras, but I thought wow, I have done this before, and I would feel spacy and my body would shiver. I found out later that they were affiliated with the epilepsy. Wow, a yes song...I grew up on YES.

Coop, Some of U are so lucky that U get warning sign which I use to get. I get no odor or deja v, I just hit the floor and go into Jerking and tightening and they say i stop breathing for a few sec and make weird gurgling sounds and it lasts only 4 to 5 mins and then, when I wake up I dont know nobody or myself. I even forget my name, Iam totally confused for an hr afterwards.

I get auras with the complex-partial seizures, but not the drop seizures. When I was really young and had the petit mal seizures I my auras seem to follow a certain smell. Today, it's usually color or things I see that seem to trigger it. With the auras I get, they aren't always the same. Sometimes I get a dejuvu feeling like something is familiar. Other ones are triggered by color usually. I could be on the computer, reading print, or doing beadwork and have a feeling like a seizure is going to start. It's kind of the beginning of the seizure. During the aura, I usually have enough time to quick sit down if I feel like one is about to start. It isn't a whole lot of time though. A few times I moved things away while cooking and came out of it and my arm was laying on the burner or I was holding a hot fry pan on myself.
Sometimes I get a panicky feeling where I get scared and need to get away from everything and run into the bathroom and quick shut the door. I don't know if those ones are panic attacks or a combination of both. Does anyone else get the feeling like they need to run or get away during an aura?
Anyways,... that's what my auras are like.

I used to get an extremely strong sense of fear before every seizure but had no time to react - the seizure followed immediately.



Just yesterday I was at a parade, and I had to sit down and close my eyes for a few. I don't know if it was an aura, but suddenly there was just TOO MUCH GOING ON. Got this feeling like I had to get out of there...not panic, just total excess stimulation. Is this what you mean?


The type I get sometimes, I feel like a seizure is about to start, and I feel fear. I run and shut myself in the bathroom or somewhere I can shut the door to get away from everything. Sometimes a seizure will follow, othertimes, it goes away after I get to a safe place, (as what I would call it). Does that make any sense?

I know the feeling of seizure about to start. It's fear of a grand mal for me, expecting my voice to start "uh-uh-uh-ing" on it's own. I try to do yoga-style breathing, and instead of focusing on the creepy feeling in my neck and bottom of skull, I think of being a normal person, like I've never even had a seizure. Tricking my brain into thinking it's not possible for me. I never get GM's when I'm conscious, so these "auras" really freak me out sometimes, but so far nothing has come of them.

My aura's last a few seconds. They used to happen only when I was blowddrying my hair (since that is my trigger), and recently I've experienced the "odor" aura's. It smells like someone is holding nailpolish remover underneath my nose.

The other ones I have are a sense of fear, and a feeling that I'm going to choke (epigastric rising), so I have to keep swallowing. It hits me like a ton of bricks. I just take deep breaths, and PRAY that it doesn't turn into a seizure.


I have had GM's for 8 years now, adult onset. I have the same type of aura like there is too much going on, too. It is if the environment I am in starts spinning around me and its going faster than I can control, then the panic starts in because I know what will follow. I have 15 or so seconds to get myself safe before the seizure kicks in. After the seizure the extreme confusion starts!! Does anyone have a vagus nerve stimulator or know someone who isnt getting help with their meds??



I suffer from very bad panic attacks when I feel an aura. I am dead scared of going into status and maybe dying as a result. I also run, why I do I don't know. I usually feel a sense of unreal dread, as if I'm not in my body anymore my heart goes racing mad and then my vision goes. Firstly by these flying cloored, shining "fireballs" which at first spin slowly but then faster and faster, increasing in numbers. I used to fall at about this point. But nowadays I only get the visual stuff, palpitations etc. but no seizure.

Hey here. I just had my first seizure last Friday, day after Thanksgiving. It
lasted about 20-30 seconds but after it I didn't remember what happened before it or during it.
I have never had a seizure before and it's freaking me out to say the least. I have been
experiencing what I have learned to be "auras" for about 2 years now, very intense deja vu with
feelings of total panic and loss of control over everything. When I told my doctor about this
they really didn't take me seriously because I've been struggling with intense panic attacks
since I was about 10 (am 23 now). And when the EEG last year came back fine they really didn't
pursue anything further. Now, I finally had a seizure and they're doing another EEG this Monday.
CT scan, MRI were both fine, nothing wrong. I completely understand the panicky feeling though.
I don't remember going a week without having a panic attack and then I have asthma so I've been in the
ER more than a few times thininking I was dying when they just had me blow in a paper bag. I just
wish the docs would've listened to me 2 years ago, really listened, instead of assuming that I
was just having another panic attack. Just make sure your doctors are listening and taking you
seriously when talking to them. Either that or find another doctor.

Wendy, recently I told my epi that I was only having auras so it was'nt so bad. His response was that while this aura does not make me feel as bad as the full blown seizure, do not be mistaken these are seizures in themselves. He further said that with each aura/seizure the brain learns how to have seizures and therefore other areas may start to seize. Because of this he is adiment about finding a way to control them. My auras/seizures are almost always in form of de ja vu, the new "learned ones" always start as an incredible,intense memory from long ago. As a child I was having severe headaches and went through many tests, not knowing until just recently that I was having seizures, regular eeg showed nothing. Hope this helps a bit. Take care and smiles your way.

We can see here that auras are our best tool to helping us predict when our seizures are coming.

I am so grateful that I often had auras. I know many people out there do not have this tool.

My worse seizures were without warning. With an aura, which for me was a feeling of "doom" or "deja vu" that slowly rose from the pit of my stomach and overwhelmend me, I always had enough time to lie down.

Sometimes I had to wait 5 minutes for the seizure, other times, two days, but my auras were 80% accurate - they predicted a partial complex or generalized.

Hi WendyBendy,

I have been having the partial and complex partial seizures since I was 9 years old and I definitely have an aura too. My heart starts racing and I get a terrible feeling of fear over me that I just can't get rid of. Even though I am now 44 and try to tell myself it is just a seizure (as solis said, and I myself didn't learn until this year) there is nothing I can do to stop it. Sometimes I feel like the aura's (the partial seizures) are worse than my complex seizures themself because all that happens then is I black out for about 5 minutes, I can't speak or comprehend anything until I come out of it and I can't remember anything. That feeling of fear that I have before I go blank is horrible. I have definitely learned a lot from all of the people here on the and I want you to know I wish you the best. Write back any time,

Dawn ;-)

Hi everyone.

I can relate to so many of these stories and though I wouldn't wish this on anyone it does comfort me to know I'm not alone.  I have simple  partials and have never had a tc. but lately they have been getting stronger and lasting longer.  Mine start the same way every time with this little jolt feeling and then I start getting the most awful fear and dread feeling and also the sense of being on a roller coaster going up and down with the drop in your stomach feeling.  I feel very light headed and out of body sensation is going on.  I have been having these for a little over 2 years now, I am on Lamictal and they stopped for about a year.  Now they are back with a vengence, lasting anywhere from a few to 10 min. where as before they lasted 30 to 45 seconds.  I feel so worn out and scared another one might be right around the corner, it seems awhile before I can get my heart to stop racing.  Sorry for rambling on so long, it just feels good to share.

Just another example of aura's - mine are the deja vu, along with the spacing staring. I also have a feeling of my brain swelling like my skull isn't big enough, but no pain. They don't always precurse a seizure. I have the complex partial seizures that are related to the hormonal fluctuation of the female body (especially during pregnancy)

Hi susie q!!!!!!! My name is malissa, I have auras that start at my feet and tingle all the way up my body plus there is times that I have a funny taste in my mouth, then I have a real bad headache, then there is the times that I don't even feel the dang things coming on that is when I hate them because of the fact that I can't stop them. I have a VNS, so usually i can stop them but when I can't stop them I have them and my husband or kids stop them. Anyway write me back at my e-mail address ok, Thank you...................

Interesting reading, certainly, this!

Whether some Aura's are partial/complex seizures I cannot say, but its good to see the consistency in others' experiences.

I have had an aura twice (that I can recognize/recall). Both times it was a feeling of depression, of having made bad choices. While having an aura, whatever I thought of would seem to be totally useless, wrong, unethical, etc etc! The first time I had NO idea what was going on. Probably just stood around like a zombie for a couple of seconds (minutes?) till it passed. 10 minutes later, I had a tonic-clonic.

The second time (2 weeks ago), I began to get a similar feeling while in the shower, so went and lay down on the couch. 6 hours of sleep later, I woke up only to have a seizure and go back to sleep!!

Having read up on this topic by now, the brain cells get over-excited and fire uncontrollably. The tingling sensation in my head was exactly that. I can recognize it clearly.

I think positive thoughts and soothing music can prevent a seizure after an aura. Cant prove this, but I know it works for me.

My neurologist did classify my "auras" as simple partial seizures. I too share the absolute sense of doom and panic -- kind of like the death eaters in Harry Potter -- along with a pounding heart, terrible headache and what feels like numbness on my left side. I can hear everything but can't speak and respond. I turn my head to the side. So far, they've never gone into a grand mal and are over in 15 to 20 seconds. I recover quickly other than being extremely tired.

I had brain surgery three years ago and during it had extreme trauma, I lost a significant part of my cerebellum and as a result of that I started having seizures. Also due to the trauma I lost a significant part of my vision on my left side. I have auras before a seizure and they are flashing on my left side where I don't have my sight. They start out small but turn into large flashes. I can still see but they made me very disoriented and I have a huge problem with depth perception.I don't always have a seizure but I am very disoriented for a while after the aura goes away. Auras are different for everyone though so you may have had one.

For me it's an extreme panicked feeling. I feel it everywhere all over my body and it tingles, I've also heard bells and seen flashing and slashing colors. Like strobe lights and weird strokes of paint in my vision.

Not every Aura is the same for everyone. Anything from smelling certain odors or tingling, etc. I usually have a tingling sensation on the right side where my siezures occur. It feels as though I have bugs crawling underneath my skin. I usually don't have a siezure after the aura is gone. I usually go to bed and have siezures in the middle of the night. Lately, however, I have been experiencing siezures soon after an aura. When I began having auras, I felt panicky, but after having siezures for so long, I see it as a blessing. Atleast I know when I'm gonna have a siezure. Some people don't have auras.

I called mine "forced thoughts" before I knew what they were. All these thoughts run through my head at such a fast pace I couldn't tell you what they were. I can talk usually-- but there are some words I can't say and I have to concentrate really hard.

Jersey! We're seizure buddies! I've had that same feeling so many times... I've described it in almost those exact same words. I feel like they're spinning through my head. I can't exactly say what the thoughts are, but it seems like they are on some kind of preset path. I didn't take them seriously for a while because I thought that auras had to interfere with your ability to communicate.

I have several distinct types of aura's which besides my EEG was one of the ways we finally realized that my "episodes" were seizures.It seemed like my aura's changed as I got older and the disease itself changed its manifstations. I either see red , like a filter covers my eyes & everything is tinted red (this is my most common aura, & when I see red I sit down immediately). I also have olfactory hallucinations (smell things), most commonly burning electrical wireing(?) occasionally devils food cake (LOL-I have no idea why it's not particularly to my liking). A long time ago I would have had auditory hallucinations (hear things) mainly country music songs that I did not know but I could repeat the words word for word & get them right. I used to think I was picking up a country music radio station in 1 of my fillings. Sometimes it also sounded like a little boy saying a quick word "mommy" or "help" or "hi" which was very freaky (this was around the time that the John Edwards Show first came out so I thought that I was either crazy or psycic. I also used to feel like I was burning, and I could not swallow, & I thought that I was going to forget how to breath & I would have a strange feeling(I always called Whelling) in my throat. Jamis Vu & deja vu' were frequently present depending on where I was.
Even thought I am currently seizure free I still experience deja vu' when watching TV. I don't know if this is because everything has been done before and I can just predict what is going to happen or just because all the actors are all so familiar. I don't think(but it could be) it's a side effect of topamax. But it does seem like I am saying "I've seen this before" way too much to brand new shows. Oh wee life goes on. :-)

I find this post very comforting for I myself have been expreiencing similar "auars: or at least I think. I am 17 years old and ever since I have been in 5th grade i have been having these "auars". the first one was when I was with my dad at a gas station. all of a sudden I had a feeling of deja-vu, extreme. Then I had slight amnesia, I forgot who I was and where I was. I looked around confused, I was conscience. It seemed as if I was looking through a window at the world, like a new dimension or something. Ever since that night I have gotten them at least 3 times a month, usually happend during the span of a week. Now I am starting to get this tingling senstaion like whn you get goosebumbs on the side of my head. I's extrmemly frieghtning, do you think I may have epilsey or something? Also I have nver had a sezuire like a grand-mal or shaking. Help!

My seizures started about the same time, 6th grade, I think. But no one including me had any idea what they were. But the situation you described is how mine were back in the day (about 15 years ago). I would have auras just like that. When things went back to "normal" I'd tell whoever I was with to stop looking at me funny, and that I was fine. I wasn't. It turned out that I've got TLE (Temporal Lobe Epilepsy), and those were auras.

If you're worried about possibly having Epilepsy (and I think it's safe to say that we all were at one point), then talk to your doctor. You don't want something to happen when you're driving. But always remember that it is your life, and you need to find things out for yourself. I had to do most research on my own because when I was diagnosed I was a teenager and my doctor thought I wouldn't understand. But talk to your doctor -- they are there to help.

You need to see a neurologist as soon as you can. I too started out having these weird sensations when I was in the 6th grade. I could feel it coming up on my left side as if someone was sneaking up on me. It was extreme deja-vu and most of the time I could not speak during it. Once I turned 20 it got worse. It started happening 2-3 times a day and became much stronger and longer lasting. I eventually had a grand-mal seizure which is not fun. Once I got on some meds I was fine. Aura's are local electrical discharges from the brain that could lead to a generalized (more brain involvement) seizure. Be safe and get to the doctor. The meds available today are better than they've ever been and I know they will help you. Good luck!

My aura's are usually visual-usually in the appearance of a lightning bolt and then it dissappears then my vision gets really bright to the point I almost can't stand it.

I also get aura's that smell bad like bad BO. My poor dog-I kept kicking the dog outside for having gas until my husband told me that it wasn't the dog and there was no smell. I also thought the dog crapped on the floor. I punished my kid for peeing in her bed when she really didn't just turns out that I smelled urine. I also smell sulfur.

Sometimes before I go to bed I will hear a piano play music softly in the background.

I thought I was going nuts until I was reading the rest of everyones Aura's. I feel so much better. I know that I am new to this forum but I just want to thank everyone for making me feel like I don't belong in a NUT house.

How interesting that you mentioned the piano. I get the bad smells too but what I have been noticing lately as I wake up is that I hear someone randomly hitting piano keys. I still feel like a beong in a nut house though :)

Toni Munson
Aura's are very scary. I have them before I have a seizure. I start to feel Numb from the tip of my head to my toes. Then it's like I am in a dream world and I can't come out. Everything is going on around me and I hear everything but I can't respond. This is my seizure. The Aura is the warning before the rest of the seizure. The rest of the day I feel terrible like something really bad has happened. Thanks.

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