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How exactly do aura's feel

How exactly do aura's feel? Can you have aura's and not have an actual seizure? I think I had some this weekend. I went off into like a "spacy" feeling. Like I was tingling and I couldn't make myself snap out of it for a few seconds. I have had a headache since I has these feelings. I have had E a long time, but I am new to all the terminology and so forth. Thanks.



Before I had my two brain surgeries for epilepsy I had Auras, I always had a scary sensation. Imagine how it feels finding a snake by accident. The only thing was, my scary sensation would start at the tip of my toes and spread to the top of my head. I rarely had the signal of odd smells. I do not know if any other E's have dealt with scary sensations for their Aura.


About 15 - 20 years ago I would wake up in the morning and would instantly know that i was going to have a szr that day, call it what you like, an aura, a gut feeling or just a feeling that a connection has come loose in your brain you know today's the day no matter what you do about it. Things turned even stranger about 4 years ago but its a long story but it's in my blog and if anyone has come across anything similar i would love to know because although it sounds ideal in one respect it was hell in many others.

I had an experience similar to this last week with my last seizure. I wasn't feeling well so I told my boyfriend I was going to take a short nap. When I lay down I thought to myself "you know if I have a seizure right now, there is no way he is going to hear me back in the bedroom"-- bam-- 20 minutes later while I was sleeping, that's what happened!

I had not had felt my aura or had any other warning.

I dont mean to break the thread but ive had seizures for 27 years. am on gabapentin 3,200mg,800mg4X/day;keppra750 X4/day and clonazepam 2mg 2x/day. now Im down from 4-5 seizures a week to maybe 1 a month! i have tonic-clonic and myoclonic types. My auras are very weird with many things happening seemingly all at once: first i simply burst into a bad prickly sweat, i feel VERY scared and i can see but i am in a black "dome" with other people(i dont see them) but we are waiting for our seizures to start and a voice/feeling always tells me "lets get it over with" remember this happens in milliseconds. I plead "no take them first" but i am shoved to the front of the line. Ive learned to sit or even drop to the floor/ground cause im sick of the many huge head bumps and scratches i always get. I guess i am unconscious. The same scene but i keep getting shoved for my next turn(seizure). It always tastes as if there is a penny,copper-llike in my mouth and i cant breathe. I remember this"as it happens" Always the same. If for some reason i suddenly flush hot or taste copper i just drop down cause i somehow know whats next. The fear/shame/embarrassment in anticipation is excruciating! I never can be happy for long out of fear. Afterwards im always terrified ive been in some horrible accident and very scared,thirsty and tired. Im always told by someone when its witnessed how blueish/purple i became and pounded my head. Funny, but usually someone tells me how scared THEY were. Usually thats when the medics,cops or firepersons arrive. I guess im out for 4-5 minutes and it takes about 20 minutes or so to start remembring things like my name,day or year,etc. I know this sounds like blow for blowaccount of the whole seizure..its not. Its the whole aura. Except there is usually one or two more in the ambulance or E.R. Ive never gone into this complete detail before cause it usually makes the aura start but i had to get it off my chest. Thanks for letting me ramble. I feel better,Curtis L.

I get a feeling of fear or anxiety, it just lasts for a few seconds, followed by a "spaced out" feeling, a feeling of warmth, and weakness - I've collapsed three or four times. Since I've been taking carbamazepine I no longer get the aura and the attacks have been less severe, but they are just as frequent - usually two or three a day over a couple of days every few weeks; I had six yesterday, however.

I've had a brain scan and am seeing a neurologist next week.

Leon Heller

I thought this article was to tell people seizures what exactly an aura feels like. It hasn't!! It dosen't tell me squat. This isn't even an article. All it tells me and probably many other people what other people's auras feel like. All auras are different. This article is titled "How exactly do auras feel". I sorry to say it again. But it dosen't tell me anything I haven't heard before.

ive had epilepsy for 2.5 years now and my auras are different than most i read about.

i get a tightness in my throat and i feel like i missed a breath; sometimes that happens and nothing comes of it. other times afterwards i feel the muscles in my lower jaw tighten and my tongue starts to twitch on the right side. when i feel my tongue start twitching, seizures are usually 15 seconds away. i don't get any deja vu feeling/vision problems/auditory hallucinations

I can tell you, at least my experience-
for me it's more like a runners high- if you've ever had one- feels good- followed by deja vu feeling, followed by a little nausea at the end-
posted my reply before but it didn't go through. I think that my are hormonally triggered, because the always occurred before my period- new moon- and once I hit menopause, I started having nocturnal seizures and went on meds and am fine. But I worry, since I'm again feeling the aura's once a month- again new moon even though I'm in menopause- and am worried that the meds aren't working as well-
my 2 cents and hope it helps

Waking up. I can totally agree. The room would begin spinning. I would close my eyes and say please go away please go away. SO that's what that was-an aura. I'd feel like I was floating. No pain. Just weightless, floating, dizziness.
"So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."-William Shakespeare

peace R.C.


  I thought (oops)  I had responded to this before?  There must be 2 or more threads like this .

   I,m 45 and have had 1,ooo,s of szs over the last 15 yrs.

   BUT it has taken me until yrs. to understand that I have probably had "auras" all my life. 

    My mom (r.i.p.) and I spent some time talking about this and it may have started after a accident I had at age 6

    but we did not know about "auras" when we were discussing this .

    I have 14 yrs sober, BUT I have stated before that I am very thankful that I have done hallucinogenic drugs 

    because a lot of the feelings described here  are exactly like the effects of these drugs.

    I actually thought or at least passed off these feelings as "flashbacks" for many yrs  or diet,hangover,something ? lol.

   In fact even though I have been diagnosed as epileptic I have never discussed the aura feeling with a doctor lol. 

   I am in a drug study now. It says on my sz. chart that an "aura is cold,sweats,foggy thinking, 

    Almost anything brings this on now.  I have had serious side effects to a lot of drugs and I feel now that some of these szs.(auras) are a side effect of the drugs.

   Also my triggers have totally changed over the past few yrs. and I have so many that it is almost unknown to me what they may be.

  The heat is one I,m aware of  it belongs in another thread for triggers.

  I see where so many people describe their aura  and me and my neuro. chart see them as a complex partial sz. ? ?

  For the most part my "auras" have felt like everything here. 

  cold,sweaty,mind racing,(normal lol) left eye twitching, soft warm fuzzy feeling, panic,paranoid,vertigo,a problem swallowing, just a whole host of minor feelings. 

  It is seeing where these minor szs cross over is the problem for me,and knowing these "feelings" now may lead to a gmal is  enough to cause a panic feeling that brings on a sz. just like a big cycle a revolving door 

   I hope someone understands my rambling a little , Rick

here's my descripton to add to the lot.


episode type 1:

Going to bed at night, randomly would jump in bed and start playing
back my day in my head  like most people do. The difference is my inner
monologue would scream my thoughts back to me. I could not make this
stop. Everything I thought was amplified. Let me make it clear, I would not "hear voices", but only my own thoughts being yelled back at me to the point of being painful. Along with this time seemed
to slow down, I would go into a trance like state. I felt like I was shrinking into my bed, and the walls of
my room felt like they were coming in on me and then going out. this would last sometimes until I fell asleep.

Episode type 2:

other variance is during the day sometimes I feel this space out
feeling. It feels different from regular spacing out because I would go
into this trance state again. No yelling inner monologue, just the
space out feeling, tunnel vision, voices sound slow when people talk to
me, it's as if I am hearing a conversation from far away and can't quite make out what people are saying but only see their mouths move. I cannot respond to them. I feel like I have lost the ability to function, like I have become a statue. These episodes last anywhere from 10-20
seconds then suddenly stop! And zooooom I am back to normal. I sometimes am confused for a meer second then realized what just happened.

My auras begin with an odor. It's always the same, I have no idea what it is, because I cannot remember it after the sz, but I always know what it is when I smell it. Then my stomach tightens, as if it would due to extreme panic, but I'm not panicky at all, it's just my stomach muscles. I begin to sweat profusely (unlike me because I'm usually always cold in the A/C here in Fla.) Then the actual sz kicks in (I only get auras for the simple and complex partials in my temporal lobes--not the grand mals). Everything is always very familiar to me, but I can only recognize it during the spell...never afterwards. As a side note, sometimes an odor will trigger a sz for me, which really kind of sucks, because I love to try new foods.


Auras shouldn't be dismissed as less as they ARE seizures.
They're a type of simple partial when they occur immediately before a complex partial or a type of generalized seizure.


Hi Wendy,
After reading that piece on simple partials and you should have an idea.
You might also read


I never had any auras untill I reached my forties and I have had grand-mals since I was a child. I have been getting alot of them lately and they scare me to death. Sometimes I get this feeling like Iam in one and it only lasts about 5 sec and after that I get these Headaches which I call Seizure Headaches. I reconize these headaces I get because after I come out of a grand-mal I get these weird Headaches and they are hard to explain. I ;have told my Doctor about these but he does not seem to be concerned. He told me since iam not passing out with them the meds are working but, each time u have these absence Seisures and a grand-mal they do damage to your brain each time and I believe they leave Scar tissue as well in your brain.

I agree. These headaches are not normal. Mine hit so bad I end up hospitalized. They can give me every migraine med they have and nothing breaks it. For days after my head is so sore it feels like my skull is cracked. My neurologist prescribed me maxalt, which helps but does nothing for pain. It helps the migraine from getting worse.

I have longed to find others who experiance these feelings as i have. I cry at times after experiancing these Aura's becuase i felt no one can understnd the feelings that go through my body and the migraines i would have soon after. These are not good feelings for me and they can be scary. My Aura's begin by a dejevu feeling and it starts from the top of my body and goes down, this tingling sensation all over and feeling very strange looking around. i fight not allowing the full seizure to begin. i really feel comforted by holding someones hands.

Hey Jamilah I completely agree. That feeling when you look up at a tall building that's overwhelming, especially a building that you've never seen before. Is that the type of aura you get. I get the same one. It almost feels like you're going to faint.
"So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee."-William Shakespeare

Mine feel like this: 1. I smell something, sort of like food burning. 2. My ears start ringing really loud. 3. I feel very anxious. 4. I get dizzy and nauseated. 5. Then the shaking starts. I have had auras WITHOUT the tremors, but I always get the dizziness and nausea, which for me is the worst part. It's interesting to read how many people feel a tingling in their scalp, I have that sensation often, with and without auras/tremors. I have partial-onset seizures during the day which are mostly controlled with Depakote and nocturnal myoclonics at night, which are mostly controlled by clonazapam. My seizures started 20 years ago after a serious brain injury.

There have been tons of descriptions of how auras feel so I won't add to it :)

Just to say that auras do not always result in seizures and you can fight the onset of a seizure if you feel it coming on by concentrating on something abstract - a spot on the wall etc.

 And also to say -

I did yoga on and off for several years but it is only in the past two - three years - since I started practising regularly (3-4 times a week) that I have experienced a significant reduction in seizures and auras.  My epilepsy was always quite well controlled but stress was always a huge trigger for me and the yoga has eliminated ALL stress.  I have not had a seizure or aura in over three years.  I am convinced that this is all down to the regular practice of yoga and yoga meditation.

Yoga has also boosted my immune system considerably and it is over three years since I have had a cold, flu or infection.  In fact I feel REALLY well better than I ever have.

I go to one class a week and perhaps every second day do some yoga at home - sometimes this is as short as 20-30 minutes and sometimes as much as 60 minutes - it all really depends on how much time I have available.

 I also try to exercise regularly - exercise bike and trail walking.  It is true that the more exercise you do the better you feel.



My aura's are so bizarre. When I was first diagnosed with epilepsy I would have an aura that consisted of my mouth going numb. It would be like a sweeping sensation throughout my tongue. Although I didn't realize it at the time, those were my partial seizures. When I had my first grand mal in the hallway of my high school it was the WORST mouth numbness and it traveled down my arm (thought I was having a stroke). I was originally on Trileptal but since then I have changed my medications many times.

Since this mouth numbness my aura's have changed to a whole body numbness which meant I could not feel anything. One time I was teaching swim lessons and couldn't even feel the water (yikes! talk about scary). After a year or so of that feeling it then changed into a "weighing down" feeling where it feels like I'm moving in slow motion and like someone is sitting on me. It's terrible and I never know what my next aura will be like.

My aura's are so bizarre. When I was first diagnosed with epilepsy I would have an aura that consisted of my mouth going numb. It would be like a sweeping sensation throughout my tongue. Although I didn't realize it at the time, those were my partial seizures. When I had my first grand mal in the hallway of my high school it was the WORST mouth numbness and it traveled down my arm (thought I was having a stroke). I was originally on Trileptal but since then I have changed my medications many times.

Since this mouth numbness my aura's have changed to a whole body numbness which meant I could not feel anything. One time I was teaching swim lessons and couldn't even feel the water (yikes! talk about scary). After a year or so of that feeling it then changed into a "weighing down" feeling where it feels like I'm moving in slow motion and like someone is sitting on me. It's terrible and I never know what my next aura will be like.

I have had Epilepsy my doctor speculates based on my symptoms my whole life, but I wasn't diagnosed till recently b/c well money kept me from going to doctor.  When I was young the aura I got generally was a sense of fullness in my mouth like I had a metal pipe there or something.  I also get what feels like tingles, chills, and sometimes a massive rush of endorphins coupled with prickly sensations in one side of the head.  Since I've started medicine the auras are very persistent and a bit more creepy feeling I can't explain it exactly like someone raking their fingers inside of you...I also get tightness in my palms w/burning, sometimes I'll get trembles in the arm and I usually start to space out and lose focus.

It is so great to know others have these similar feelings and that I'm not the only one.  It is almost impossible for me to explain them to my family and friends.  I have really strong feelings of deja-vu where I am remembering dreams or memories, but I can't really explain or remember the details of them.  I can feel it in my stomach also. I have multiple a day and I just try to think about something else to make them stop.  When they get really intense is when I have an absence or a tonic-clonic seizure.  It is just overwhelming to not be able to control or stop them.  I am on lamictal (350mg twice daily); it makes me really tired all of the time.  Does anyone else experience this or feel the same way?  Thanks for all the support, I am so glad I registered to this forum

I have been having auras since I was in kindergarten. For years I didnt know how to explain these terrible feelings other than saying it felt like deja vu. It seems as though people experience different sensations ie smells, sights, sounds. For me personally, I experience a feeling of impending doom - like something bad is taking over. Then at the peak of the aura I hear random bits of conversation in my head but I cannot explain where those clips of conversation really came from. i feel confused, scared and feel overwhelmed. I tend to have them while at work. Once I was on a conference call and an aura started coming over me. My boss asked me a question and i could not communicate/make any sense when trying to reply to his question. This was one of the first times that someone noticed that i was having an aura and that something was terribly wrong. In a way it felt good for someone else to see with their own eyes that i was going thru this. Whenever i have had a grand mal seizure they have always come after/during one of my auras so needless to say it scares me when I do have the auras bc I never know if that will trigger a full out seizure.
I started having grand mals when i was about 18 years old. I am now 31 and have had just over 10 grand mals. Mostly nocturnal but 4 of them while I was conscious and awake etc.
I take dilantin and have not had a grand mal since (except for a couple times when I missed a dose of my meds etc). However it is still such an emotional rollercoaster when the auras happen. They seem to come in cycles where I have at least a few a day and then a week or so later they stop and i dont have them again for months. So in one sense i am grateful but nonetheless wish i could put an end to the auras. Some people seem to experience a good/high feeling. i have never felt anything positive from mine- just a horrible/dreadful emotion that scares me.

I have had multiple tests done and the results showed that I am not epileptic; however my neuro diagnosed me as having complex partial seizures. I am glad to find a forum where i can read others thoughts and experiences from their lives having lived with simialr problems as my own. i am grateful to have a place to vent where others can relate. It is hard for anyone in my family/friends to understand bc they have never had these issues and do not understand what this illness entails.

i usually feel like i am spaced out, and i can hear things and am somewhat there but if someone is talking to me i get irratable and tell them to shut up because i feel so is frustrating because no one understands what its like...

Hi all, great to read that I'm not alone here.  I started getting auras at 14.  Being in a small town it wasn't diagnosed until I went to University, even then it took ages - I thought I was imagining it and was loosing my mind.  I was lucky to see a neurologist who understood and I took Epilim for about 10 years and still had infrequent 'episodes' then had nothing for many years so weaned myself off the medication.  I thought it was over as I've not had any aura's for 10 years but had 2 aura's yesterday (I'm 38 now) and they really scared me.  The way people have described that feeling of dejavu - that something terrible is about to happen - is so true.  I hadn't met anyone else with this so was scared that maybe it was a brain tumour. 

My triggers seem to be stress and heat.  Now that it's started again I'm too scared to do anything physical - I love my exercise and gardening but I don't want to push myself and start an attack.  I live alone and it scares me that these could turn into Grand Mal seizures, I'd hate to loose my independance.  Does anyone else find that heat is a trigger?


First of all, my heart goes out to everyone that suffers from this horrible disorder, and has to endure the fear, pain and discomfort that often accompany an episode of either a seizure, aura, or a combination of both. My epilepsy began in late 2004 or early 2005 (I can't recall exactly when; people with epilepsy sometimes suffer from short term memory problems. Kinda funny, that; but not really. Like when you're trying to remember the name of of a person who was introduced to you 5 minutes ago and attempting not to look like an idiot because you have already forgotten.) The physical cause of my disorder was 5 concussions in 3 years while attempting to learn how to race sportbikes in my 40s. In 2003, my last year of riding, I suffered 3 concussions and almost expired after the last incident, where I incurred a concussion, broken collarbone, cracked rib, and punctured lung. I began seizing on the trip to hospital, and upon arrival, was intubated in the parking lot. That particular hospital evidently did not feel that they were adequately prepared to deal with the extent of my injuries, so they stuffed me into an ambulance for the 50 mile trip to a level 1 Trauma Center in another city. When my wife and her sister arrived at the first hospital I was already gone. The staff told her to take her time driving to where they were taking me, since there would neurosurgeons waiting to perform an operation to relieve the swelling of my brain caused by my injuries and she wouldn't be able to see me until the surgery was over. Well, she had other ideas. My wife is a Christian and believes in the power of prayer to invite the intervention of God Almighty into any situation, even those that may look hopeless. She notified the prayer line at the church she (and now I)attended, and the long and short of it is that within a very short period of time I had people around the world in interlocking prayer networks praying for me.
Upon arriving at the Trauma Center my wife was told that I would not be needing surgery, but I would be in the hospital for weeks, and would need physical therapy and possibly a walker. Well, once again God had other ideas. I stayed there 4 days; 3 in the ICU, 1 in an intermediated room, and one in a standard care room before being sent home. Three days later I went back to work; it wasn't fun, but I got through it, and more or less made a full recovery within a few weeks, except for the collarbone. That was the physical recovery. Between the time of my waking up from sedation and my departure from the hospital, I decided it was time to begin a spiritual recovery, and I had a talk with the One who I had turned my back on and had been running away from for almost 10 years, and let Him be by Lord and Savior once again. And He was as as good as His Word; I'm now walking with Him and trusting Him again, despite the epilepsy (the particular variant which I suffer from I will describe on another post) that is something that I do not wish to be experiencing but is in no way a sign or symptom of God not loving me or having abandoned me.

I have had migraines for years and get the auras with those.  The sense of impending doom, sense of panic, seeing strange lights, etc.  I haven't been diagnosed with epilepsy but one neurologist said I was having partial seizures.  I had seen 10 different neuro's and haven't been able to get a diagnosis and have given up going to doctors at all.  I think I have seizures at night and they are always preceded by the flashing lights in my eyes and the auras.  I have had episodes where my body went numb with stroke like symptoms and my speech would slur.  I have heard everything from TIA, to all in my head, to panic attacks to seizures and yet the auras still come.  I will space out and have that deja vu sensation.  I have been having that since I was a small child.  My husband calls my speech slurring episodes "Elmer Fudd Syndrome" because I end up sounding like Elmer Fudd.  I can't pronounce certain letters properly even though I see the words in my mind and pronounce them in my mind, they don't come out that way in speech.  When I have my auras, I get exremely tired and want to go to sleep.  My face tingles and my eye feels like it is twitching and sometimes I get a "hot flash" all over.  I wish I could find a doctor who could tell me if this is epilepsy or not.

I was diagnosed with a seizure disorder when i was 20. I had 4-5 gran mals until i was 21.  Once the Dr. had my levels where they were suppose to be, I never had one again. I am now 34. In the past 14 yrs i have been dealing with these aura's thinking they were minor seizures. I Have one or two every week. They come at any time, I don't lose any physical motion.  It always seems to be triggered by someone saying something, maybe one word or a sentence.  Then it seems like that word or sentece is repeated over and over in my head when somone is talking to me. I get a dej' vu feeling. I lose my speech and word understanding. This goes by within a minute or 2.  I have been on Carbatrol for 10yrs. I still have these Aura's but it never goes in to a seizure.  After reading some of your issue's i guess i am lucky not to have them, but it is pretty annoying always wondering if it is going to happen or when.  I decided not to go in to law enforcement due to this. I didnt not want to have an Aura during a critical situation were i could miss some crucial info.  I am having another mri next week and hope there is a medicine to take care of this.

My aura feel like dejavue like ive been there  or seen what im looking at before

Mine are totally de ja vu feeling.  Sometimes they can be rather quick, others last a bit longer.  If one is a little longer, I may have time to reach for my "magnet" to swipe over my Vagus Nerve Stimulator device.  Sometimes this will prevent an episode.

I have had auras with no seizures. Unfortunately, I still get headaches after.

I am a 31 year old female. for the past few months I have been having these "spells" I call them.My heart starts to race, I'm in a fog and I can't get out. I get very dizzy and I feel like i'm going to pass out but nothing happens. It happens while i'm in the car, out shopping, at work. 10-20 times a day. I lose my balance and get short of breath. I get very tired after it passes and my head will hurt for the rest of the day. I was told I had an inner ear infection..I'm not buying it...the word Aura was mentioned to me and described. I believe thats what i'm feeling...I would love to hear anyones thoughts or opinions on this...i'm so tired of feeling this way I would love to know i'm not alone.

I have had these for about 3 years. I am 44 now. I was sitting in a movie today and during the movie one of the scenes from the movie i had seen advertised made me have a seizure. Mine are dja vu like. I feel like i have done it or saw it before. i am aware i am having one it takes about 30 seconds then i come "down". Sometimes i get close but dont have the actual seizure. Kind of like when you have to sneeze but dont. my body wants the relief...does that sound weird? No one gets it. I feel so alone.

My aura, which I wasn't sure was one until I had a seizure December 18th while driving, is one that has my left arm totally go limp for a long period of time ( about an hour) My arm will go limp and in about 10 seconds will "be normal" again. Is this an aura? It did warn me of a seizure...


Well, My doctor believes that I have epilepsy. I am just starting Topamax. I have these "episodes" in the mornings. I usually get my seizures later that night or the next day..or not even at all.  But the last episode I had was so earth shatteringly scary I had to write about it. I'm 20 and I've just started dealing with all this happening. All of this has landed in my lap at once and I am really freaked out. When I had my episode, which I am wondering if it might be an aura, it starts off like static in my head. It sounds like a shovel scraping lightly on a snowy wet pavement. Then I usually lock myself in the bathroom to catch my breath and tell myself that none of this is real. That I need to get a hold of myself. That is when the worst part comes. I see everything including my body in super fast speed. Like everything is a movie being fast forwarded. And I am trying to keep up with it. Usually there is a small part of my brain that I can control and hear and calm until the episode eventually stops, but this time was the first time it disappeared completely until it eventually went faster and faster until I felt like my brain was going to explode and boil. It was so frightening. I had never experienced anything that scary before. Usually I am scared but not like that. Please help me and tell me what you think. All of this is new to me. I've dealt with passing out and shaking all my life, but now it is getting worse and worse and I am very frightened. Plus with being a senior at university it is very difficult being tired and confused all of the time. Thank you for helping and listening.

I have them all the time. I have a feeling that I am trying to think of something from the past.  I always try to fight this feeling which is so bad.  Two time the aura lead to a bad seizure where I had to go tothe hospital. 

Ever felt like it couldn't have happened during your lifetime, but centuries ago?  It's horrifying!  (The way they were treated then was extremely worse than today.) I thought I was going crazy; so didn't dare tell anyone....especiallly not my parents!  I feared they'd have me locked up in a mental institution and thrown away the key.... which probably would have been the case in those days.  After I had my 2nd convulsive C.P.  I discovered that these happened just before every seizures because they were my auras.

I'm certain a lot more people are afraid of telling others because they won't understand.  I wouldn't be surprised if the actual number of people with undiagnosed epilepsy is several times greater than stated.  We only know of reported, diangosed cases of epilepsy.  Who is going to admit to something that terrifies them, if they can hide it?

i have JME and my first convulsing seizure was last august when i woke up early to leave to help at a camp and then i just recently had one christmas eve in the shower  when i woke up to get ready for work around 6 am  . im homeschooled ,im 16  ive been homeschooled all my life ,meaning i never really ever had to wake up early  , when i do its normaly not good ,ill fall over and drop stuff when im trying to get ready . sometimes i get really irritible and that makes me even more mad because i cant stand being annoyed. i go to the neurologist tomorrow soo theyll probably start me on medication ,since i had another seizure. i dont always mind it though because at least im not like everybody else and i still enjoy life as much as i can even with E. Im pretty sure that having it helps me to appreciate life more then some people , im able to enjoy life when im not having problems because it seems even more special.. Dont let epilepsy take away your optimism..lifes still good never the less.

After 8 years I find out there's people that there' s a name for them and people feel them too, sweet!

My auras feel similar to some people here, they start with a strange taste in my mouth and sometimes I smell something burning (which reminds me of "the dead zone" by stephen king) and I get some kind of deja vu feeling . Sometimes they are deeper than others and when I start to get one of these feelings I always hope they go deeper because I love the sensation I get (even if I get headaches afterwards). It's a feeling of peace and nostaglia of something I can't figure out, so I'm usually happy when they happen 

sounds like what you had was a seizure. you'll know when you have an aura. to this day i remember my first aura. i was stepping off the bus on my way back from a trip and i got this gut feeling that i wasn't actually there. it was like an out of body sort of thing that everytime i hear about it i roll my eyes but immediately following that i had this feeling SOMETHING wasn't right. everything spun for a split second, all i saw were colors, i smelled and tasted silver, and there was this HUGE feeling something was wrong. all the while it feels like deja vu. there's like this huge blood rush and something shoots through you that you know is just not right. i never in my life until that day could say, "i'm going to have a seizure" but somehow i just knew after that happened. there's this extreme level of fear. you know something bad is going to happen, you aren't sure when, you don't know what you can do, you don't know how to fix it so fear is definitely there. i felt so much fear one time i felt sick to my stomach. i called my dad and said, "i'm going to have a seizure" he said, "you're sure?" i said, "I'm positive. i don't know how i know i just do. something isn't right" i was crying because i couldn't fix this gut feeling that something horrible and unpreventable was about to happen. i saw colors, tasted silver, and saying it aloud sounded insane. when i told the doctor what happened he said, "that's an aura." i didn't know what it was until i had that but there's definitely a difference between a seizure and an aura. the school nurse didn't believe me and she left me alone for a moment, i ended up falling off the couch having a seizure on the tile floor. i don't know how i knew but i just knew. if it's an aura you'll know. granted, every person and aura is different, but without a doubt you will most definitely know when you have an aura.i'm lucky enough to have aura's enough in advance so i can take a valium and go to sleep preventing the seizure altogether. so i've had "weird feelings" to just incase i'll take a valium but i haven't had that in a while. the spacy, tinglig, (sometimes) mouth moving almost day dreaming or unconscious feeling, and possible eye roll, is a petit mal seizure.often called "dazes." it is possible to have an aura and not have a seizure but every case is different. some auras (like mine) are plenty time in advance while others could be immediately before not giving enough time to put it off. it all depends on the person's case. i hope i helped.


 I get  a feeling of deja vu then a warm feeling that starts in my groin and moves up this gives me time to swipe my vns and sit down but some times it moves fast and i crash when i wake up in fine at times other times i find myself out for a walk this is not good !!!

This has been some valuable information. I sometimes get the same feeling. This will help me distinguish the difference between them.

Martin Harris
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From '74 till 1/4/11 I've always had Partial complex seizures which came on instantly w/o an aura. Auras are actually simple partials. Some simple seizures are only that and aren't aura of another type of seizure. On 1/4/11 I had a simple partial which I thought was going to quickly progress and become a partial complex, it stayed there. Then on 5/15 I had one just like that. Now I hope I'll never loose consciousness again and they'll stay simple, or stop. Timothy Baldwin

Hi. i had E for about 19 yrs now since 4yrs old. Before, my aura would be a tight feeling in the base of my stomach, like an stomachache. Then i would space out. Like my vision will have this negative camera effect closing in. I can't describe it. And then I'll be floating away for a dream..

My dream is like a normal dream, but i'll hear things that turned out to be what i'm hearing in reality (like crying)

I would suddenly wake up groggy and it all comes back to me. i just had a seizure and vomit is all over me ( i usually wake up to find my mom hugging me & crying). they told me i fell and my muscles went stiff and my eyes fall back. But that time i would welcome seizure and vomit because its the only thing that could lift my stomachache.

That's when i was a child till preteens. In college, I would be unconscious but no more vomits. Now, my attacks come when i eat something bad or i have diarrhea, or i'm in some kind of physical pain that triggers my E. I can usually control it. When i feel the aura, i would focus my mind really hard, telling myself; i must not have this, especially if i'm in public. And it usually just fades away.

My last attack, i wasn't strong enough to fight it. It's really sad. But my cousin called me and i suddenly snapped out of it like i just woke up from an ordinary sleep.

I think i call it progress. Don't u think?

I've had quite a few auras. It's almost like they come in cycles. A few years ago(I'm 18, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 15) I started to have them and it felt like the deja vu some of you were describing. I've had three different types of auras. I remember one where I was sitting at a lunch table and I could't move or do anything. That was the most terrifying one.

There was a while where I didn't have them for the longest time but about half a year ago I had one out of nowhere. I was at work cutting up potatoes and I had the familiar feeling come over me. I can't really describe it. It's kind of a nauseous feeling. I almost feel helpless and completely detatched from reality. After I had that aura, I was so angry and alsmost depressed because I thought I had grown out of them. That was the last one for a few months again.

These recent auras I can describe as still being able to function(walking, drinking, eating, etc.) but it's an incredibly strange sensation. I can see people and I can hear them, but I can't understand what they're saying and I can't properly respond to them. I can hear myself trying to talk and respond as best I can but I just can't get the words out and I almost don't understand what I'm saying myself.

These auras are annoying and distracting. Some people say that they can be a warning for a seizure but I've never had a seizure after them. I consider myself lucky, but they are still a major pain in the ass.

My auras My head feels funny a tingling inside ( not a good tingling a bad scary one)and it is like I am starting a yawn but it it not a yawn. Then my head sometimes hurts and sometimes it starts into a seizure. I have more than one type of seizure in my past. In my future who knows. Sometimes I see light like if eyes were closed but they were not. Hope this helps.


Any ideas?  I have had episodes of twitching, convulsing, tremors & rigidity (but they only last about 5 seconds).  Do they still qualify as seizures?

My EEG was normal.  But if I'm having simple-partial seizures, I've read that they often don't show on the tests (?)

I also have episodes where I get a wave of buzzing (in my head, blackness), pain in my head, tingling in my legs, and I lose control of my legs and start to fall.  But I have not gone unconcious.

Also re: AURAS-- does blurring of eyesight qualify as a type of seizure?  Or are auras a separate issue?

                       --also VOICES.  I wake up in the night, panicked as if in a  nightmare, terrified.  And often I hear

                         voices, as if coming from the TV, or the next room.  It sounds like somebody left the TV on.  Even

                        though the screen is empty, I can hear the voices.  I go and press 'OFF' again on both the 'power'

                        and the 'sound'.  That's the only thing that snaps me out of it.  Is that an aura?  A seizure? 

                        I haven't talked about it, because I'm afraid it will be misdiagnosed as a mental illness.

                        --finally SEEING THINGS.  Either near-sleep, or during sleep, I wake up, again, panicked and

                        a knot in my stomach.  I'll look around, or walk down the hall.  And I've actually seen shapes

                        and pictures moving around on the door, or the wall.  They look so real I've actually tried to

                        touch them.  The only way to get out of this is to try & sleep.  But by then I'm so shocked by

                        oddness of the episode, my mind is racing.

 Am I going crazy????

 I've seen a neurologist, but no diagnosis as of yet. 

I'm afraid to go to sleep.  When I get tired, theses episodes increase in both number & severity.

Please help me.  I'm a mom, and my husband doesn't know how bad things are getting.


Three levels of aura's, all have hot flashes,some fear and some weekness. Lower level aura's have lower level type flashes, warning me this could be a bad day. Mid level Aura indicates it might be a good time to stabilize my ware abouts,sit down,stay away from water stove etc. Hi level usualy means get ready for the big one.

Yours kind of sound like absence seizures with the spaced out feeling. I have that feeling where I am not sure that I am supposed to be doing this or that. I think that is the wierdest feeling I get. Good luck!


Does anyone here get an associated scent with their Auras? so strange...

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