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Fighting off seizures

Has anyone ever felt a seizure coming on that they felt they could control? My friend told me she is able to fight off seizures sometimes when she feels them coming on. Can that really happen and if so how?


I know that "fight-off a seizure" feeling and afterwards, I knew what had just happened. I was having a powerful aura that didn't turn into a seizure. My whole body tensed, and my head started spinning. I was aware the whole time but couldn't stop it. After a few minutes, my body relaxed and I felt "normal" again. I never "convulsed" but I felt like I could have. As soon as it stopped, I said to myself, "I know what that was, I just had a very strong aura." 

I haven't "fought off" a seizure but I have had incidents where I have a "heightened sense of alert" sensation. 

It's like... I can feel a seizure is initiating.

I get my "smell" or my intense anxiety swell, then it seems like my brain starts to go into the next bit of the seizure - but then it just settles back down and I'm just kinda disoriented and odd feeling afterward.  As well as a bit exhausted.

I've had situations where I get that old feeling of an aura. I get all the same sensations, and that smell comes along. When that happens, then I get very worried. And then, it all goes away. But, I'm kinda spacy if you know what I mean. And then afterwards, I'm very tired. I feel like I'm run down, VERY run down. I break out in a heavy sweat, my head spins, but.......nothing. I don't know if I'm fighting them off. I've told my sister that I was trying to talk myself out of it, and I think of things, the Army, the Red Sox, whatever it is. The longest one I've ever had without a seizure was about 45 seconds or so. On the other hand, there have been times when I've had shorter ones that became grand mals. And also, there are times when I haven't had any kind of aura before a seizure. But I like to tell myself that I did talk myself out of it. Did I actually???? I really don't know.

I think I fought off a siezure once by concentrating hard and visually locking on to concrete things like numbers and letters. And I think I have postponed the onset of one with that strategy.

Hi bunnae,

As I used to get plenty of warning of more intense seizures coming on the next day, with warnings the
night before my cluster seizure day, I've tried all kind of tricks to stop the impending seizures. Since
my cluster seizures previously hit about once a month, I even tried to find a way to induce them on the
best day possible just to get them over with for that month.

I never did find any technique that worked beyond simple seizures in limited environments; otherwise
seemingly successes were no better than chance random occurrences. I did find ways to induce minor
visceral sensations that were weak sensations similar to the very intense visceral sensations of moderate
aura. Then, disagreeable such sensations were much more easily induced than agreeable such sensations
(i.e., it's easier to induce "sensations of great fear" than sensations of "heavenly ecstasy," but both
can be accomplished with long enough and careful schedules of reinforcement). My very limited seizure
control success might just be from co-morbid Asperger's, rather than pseudo-Asperger's from imitative
side-effects of temporal lobe epilepsy and/or Geschwind Syndrome.

Recently, (but I already lost track of it) I read a sloppy research paper that I regard as overly "free
will" biased, that claims that focal seizures (such as warning aura) that spread through paths close to
"volitional" parts of the human brain, can be stopped in it's path by "willingly overloading" that
"volitional" part of the brain with intense activity. It seems a bit optimistic to me, then what do they
really mean? With the warning aura, yell loud obscenities at the moon? Hit my thumb with a hammer for
the distractionary pain? Stick my nose in a skunk for the distractionary smell? Think real hard about
a very difficult crossword puzzle clue? Take a strong swig of caffeine or a stiff drink, or just strongly
think about it? The closest I've came, is to take a strong dose of Keppra with a warning aura, but I
don't think that's what they meant. They also cited a few too many cases of success (with no failures),
but the different powers of thought being able to stop the aura spreading to a bigger seizure just didn't
work for me, even with many experiments with and without additional physical actions.

From a previous posting, a more scientific article cited was in:

I also tried variations with sensory stimulation to stop secondary tonic-clonics from strong periodic
clusters of seizures. Some reports of success from others with stimulation involve very counter-intuitive
results, esp. a 1989 article in Epilepsia, 30(2):168-174 "Sensory Stimulation for Inhibition of
Epileptic Seizures":

The posting, with other similar subject postings, was here at:

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I hope this helps

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