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Epilepsy after a Accident.

Ok I have two doctors saying the epilepsy I have was due to child hood birth. I was 2 mybe 3 month early. Born.Now I would agree with the doctors. But I had a accident at work. Never had Seizure untel after the accident. And no one was around me when I had this accident. So I dont know if I had one at work When the accident happen. For I dont know when they come. And even when I got up it took few mins for someone to see if I was alright. After the accident.Now what I m asking is this How many had this happen. And a doctor seid it a old head Injery. Yet they started after a accident.I have two doctors disgreeing with me and One agreeing with me.What do you all think. You think it was due to a accident or I was born a few month Early.

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