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Christian healing


I am a Christian but I have also lived with epilepsy for 16 years (half my life)

I have never been quite sure about asking God for healing (although many friends have suggested I should) but today I feel like I've had a bit of a break through on this front after re-reading one of Jesus' healing stories. 

So I've laid myself at His feet as it were, and I'm now praying with all my heart and all my belief that he will heal me of the humiliation, the fear, the medication that epilepsy is for me - to say nothing of the issues with driving a car.

I'm also praying for my two sisters who have epilepsy as well as my two nieces who have it too (one of whom is just a few months old). And finally, for any of my unborn children who may also contract epilepsy.

But most of all right now, I need healing for myself.

Yet now that I've experienced this amazing breakthrough, I'm not quite sure where to go next. I don't feel physically different and while I have every trust and hope in God that He's healed me, I would want to get myself checked by a neurologist before I stopped taking medication. Should I be seeing a neurologist asap and asking for an MRI scan??

Or is this just the beginning of a journey towards total healing?

I know this sounds confusing but I am a little confused! I guess I'd love to hear some advice/stories from Christian epileptics who are travelling this same road towards possible healing.

I hope someone out there can help me...! 

(BTW if anyone knows any Christian neurologists living in Brisbane, Australia, I would appreciate such contact details).





Re: Christian healing

 Thank you for your faith-filled story.  I know the Lord hears our cries.  I too am a believer, and I too have asked my Lord for healing from my seizures.  So far He has not said yes.

I don't know why except that His ways are higher than mine, and sometimes it is better for me to remain powerless, down at His feet.  I know the anxiety and humiliation that you expressed.  I have not driven for a number of years, and I don't plan to drive again. 

While we are indeed called to trust Him, perhaps you should also trust a doctor who you have sought treatment from in the past.  Perhaps you could decrease or wean off a medication. The Lord can work His healing through human hands too. 

 I wish I had a fantastic story to tell.  I would like to hear more of yours.  I pray many blessings to you,

Zanna in Denver, Colorado


Re: Christian healing

Thanks for your lovely email Zanna.

I liked what you had to say about the Lord working his healing through human hands too. That really hit home to me.

As for my 'fantastic' story, it really isn't too fantastic or dramatic, at least not compared to some.

I'm lucky that my medication (Tegretol) has largely controlled my epilepsy, so that I've only experienced a few grand mal seizures over the years, plus an 'aura' every once in a while (feelings of nausea and de ja vu), plus sometimes not being able to write or speak for minute or two - my brain seems to just lock up at these times! But over the past year, I've started having complex partial seizures too. They happen right out of the blue - sometimes in the middle of an ordinary conversation - and so are doubly frightening. 

I guess this is partly why the issue of healing is now such a big one for me.

Why do I have epilepsy? Will God heal me? I have no idea. But like you, I will continue to believe in Him regardless, as like you said, His ways are ultimately higher than ours.

I hope your faith continues strong too.


Re: Christian healing

Hi there cdurut, I am still asking God about my epilepsy.  I have TLE w/ Simple Partials.  The auras are confusing in the time that it happens, they make you feel like an outsider from the world, almost paranoid.  If you're ever wake during the auras, find a scripture that really speaks to your spirit, even saying "JESUS!" Jesus did indeed heal an epileptic.  So that does mean something.  It is in His Word.  Be strong Brotha!

Re: Christian healing

Hello Zanna

It's been so encouraging, interesting and comforting to have received so many replies to my original email on Christian healing for epilepsy.

However, your story especially struck a note with me as I too have been on Tegretol for most of my epilepsy 'walk' ie for the past 16 years (I'm 33 now). I too had a few grand mal seizures when I was first diagnosed but since then it has largely been under control (except for the occasional aura and brain 'lock up'.) But over the past year, I've started having complex partial  seizures - in the middle of conversations like you, in front of friends, you name it, they just come whenever they please!! And they are the most frightening, horrifying, mortifying, horrible things I have experienced. I want to deny I have them because they are so frightening. 

Of course, this also means I can't drive too which is making me pretty depressed and frustrated as I love my independence and freedom.

Anyway. I'm seeing a good neurologist now, we're experimenting with different meds and I'm even possibly seeing a neuropsychologist in the new year.

Plus of course, I'm doing my best to 'keep the faith' and lay this situation at God's feet for help and healing. I've even gone to my pastor recently to talk to him about it all and he prayed over me and annointed me with oil which was lovely.

How are you coping anyway?? Would you mind if I asked you what meds you're on now?? (I'm on Tegretol controlled release plus Keppra/levetiracetam plus Frisium/clobazam for a few days a month during my period due date as we think this might be a seizure trigger - yes, I'm a 'walking pharmacy' at the moment!).

I'd love to hear how you're doing and any more thoughts you have on your epilepsy situation and your faith/healing walk.

Many blessings

Charlotte (Brisbane, Australia)

Re: Christian healing

Ok, so maybe this is a little twisted, but do you realize this kind of gives us a license to start conversations midstream and confuse everyone around us... if we're good enough at it. Imagine what fun we could have :)

 I'm right with you about the driving, though. I haven't driven in over 3 years, and its not really safe for me to bike on the road, so I tell people all the time... if you don't like the way I steer, stay off the sidewalks!

Re: Christian healing

You should start taking your meds again immediately.

If you have been healed that is awesome. However, you should never stop taking your meds just like that, because you can have very massive seizures. I stopped mine once by tapering off, and even then I had a few really bad ones, ended up on the floor very bloody etc. You have a certain amount of medication still in your system, so if you have not been healed, you may not get into trouble right away, but if you do get into trouble, you could get hurt really bad and make your condition much worse. If you have not had a seizure in a long time, perhaps with your doctor, you could try going off gradually. I think God wants us to have faith, and to act on faith, but He also wants us to be careful and discerning. We can't all be St. Peter. The woman with the issue of blood felt immediately in her body that she was healed. I pray all the time that God will take my seizures away, but if He allows it, it is for the best. So I accept it, and am thankful. With humility it bears fruit, as I am sure you know.

- Matthew

Re: Christian healing

I agree 100%. I have put my life in God's hands and know he'll show me the way. I may not be able to teach elementary school again but he's given me another idea. Maybe Bridge of Faith needs my assistence and I could teach guitar, English as a Second Language, computer, write grants, even do consoling (degree in psychology but never really used professionally). The tricky part of course is transportation. The house is in the next city over but city bus transit won't take me there. I'll just have to find other sources. I'm going to keep bugging the city to see if there's  way.

Maybe this is the Lord's will.

Staying home being "safe" is not the way I want to spend my life even though this makes my husband and sons more comfortable. I'm blessed my seizures don't happen daily (4-6 monthly). 

Many of my friends feel I have it made being able to stay home.

Re: Christian healing


I know exactly what you mean about a change in careers - I'm searching for a new job at the moment and the driving issue is constantly in the back of my mind when applying for these jobs (as technically, I'm not supposed to be driving at all due to the fact that I've started have complex partial seizures lately - mild but still very frightening seizures. I hate them!)

But I've decided to really put my life and my epilepsy in God's hands too especially as I don't want to spend the rest of my life ''playing it safe'' and stuck at home. "For the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love..." (2 Timothy 1:7)

I don't know whether I will be healed. I know plenty of people have asked for healing and it hasn't happened. So be it. I can only be thankful that my epilepsy isn't fatal like cancer or isn't even really bad ie grand mal seizures every single day.


Re: Christian healing

A lot of my friends are still unaware of the reason I am at home. Add to that I get some household help in as well. They are so envious, it would be funny if it were not so sad. I need the woman to be around while my kids go to university and school. She leaves when they come home.

That said, you are right. Perhaps my underutilised Psychology major can be put to good use, too. Thanks.

Re: Christian healing


Thanks for your reply Matthew.

As it happens, I haven't actually stopped taking my meds and haven't even reduced them - I will never do that unless I'm 200% positive that my epilepsy has been completely healed ie seen the medical 'proof' for this which I assume will be through an MRI scan or something similar. Andwhile I have now asked and believed in God healing me, I am still by no means certain that this physical healing has happened. 

But I liked what you had to say about God wanting us to have and act on faith but also to be careful and discerning. I'll remember that in the future and when I take the next big step of going to see a neurologist and explaining my hope for healing.

Thanks again.


Re: Christian healing

Sorry, I must have been too sleep deprived when I read your message, or just wasn't reading carefully enough!

Re: Christian healing

Hey, you know things will get better I have epilepsy myself had since i was a freshman in high school its practically put a leash on my high school years no driving,fishing, no nothing just about and it all started with a dumb mistake of not listening when i should of moved a chair away from the bed. Fell off and had my head n neck stuck between two hard places. I was without oxygen for many minutes and caused brain damage I about died that night. Now I have at  least three siezures a week.. But things do get better!! I am now a Middle school youth leader and working getting a EMT license. Go for the MRI they can tell alot they may take an hour to do it. But the neurologists can help alot.. and pray HARD to God.. thats what i did.. i took this whole siezure spell i had placed upon me as a test so i took this test and i turned it into a testimony and hopfully you can to.

So i hope your problems will get better and you will be healed as fast as possible!



Re: Christian healing

I understand where you are coming from - I am a deeply spiritual person and I feel that I have a strong relationship with God.  But I also know that just as God created the heavens and the earth, He also created different things to help us thru our lives.  Such as medicine.  :)  So taking medicine doesn't mean a lack of faith.  I means utilizing something that God created in order to help you.

I always try to look at making lemonade out of lemons.  So if I have this disease, I am now able to empathize and potentially help another percentage of the community who happens to have this same disease, because I know what they are going thru.  No one can understand the experience, the stress, the fear, the exhaustion of a seizure disorder unless they experience it for themselves.  I have met amazing individuals thru this forum, whom I never would have encountered had I not developed this disease.  So - it is what it is.

Do not stop the meds.  But also do not stop praying!  The two go hand in hand, they are not juxtaposed.


Re: Christian healing


How come you refer to epilepsy as a disease? I've been told by my neurologist this is a disability which helps me feel less __________. Being that it's a disability I also think I will have more legal rights. Do you see what I mean? This is not a  "I know more than you" statement. It's just something to chat about. I've been using this site for only a little while. I enjoy the information, community quality and think I can become more internet savy. Other sites (facebook, twitter etc.) are a little difficult and shopping on line is still too new. I 'm not able to work due to seizures even though I want very much to teach.

Had a seizure this morning just as I woke. Basically I was in an aura and confused for a while. I know I had a seizure because I had a headache. A headache is always a  sign. Tylenol usually takes care of it.

I just realized I got off the subject.oops! In reference to God. I believe! I pray daily and tell myself and God I put my life in God's hands and this is comforting and keeps me strong.


Re: Christian healing

Teachergreen - you are 100% right - someone was talking to me while I was writing that, and I completely meant to put "disability" not "disease".  Thank you for pointing that out.  That is what I get for "multitasking"! :}

I know what you mean about the aura, the confusion, the headache.  Boy have I been there.   I sure hope you are feeling much better now.  Like you, putting my life and future in God's hands gives me strength.  I can't imagine where I would be without His strength and guidance.


Re: Christian healing

I don't know, I almost prefer the term dis-ease.... I am still able, but sometimes uncomfortable :-)

Re: Christian healing

I don't know, I almost prefer the term dis-ease.... I am still able, but sometimes uncomfortable :-)

Re: Christian healing

I don't know, I almost prefer the term disease. I am still able, but sometimes uncomfortable

Re: Christian healing

I was blessed with a diagnosis 3 years ago, and all I could say was THANK GOD. I had lived with seizures for about 30 years...

I thought I was nuts before I knew what my issues were! I had a brain tumor, and because of the tumor have lived with absence, atonic, and partial seizures most of my life (maybe if I did the grand mal thing, the tumor would have been found much earlier).

How wonderful to learn that my whole family did not pre-plan to change conversation subjects midstream and leave me in the dust. How comforting to learn that my husband had not been kicking me when I slept (why would anyone do that, and why did he say I was the one moving around when clearly I was the one getting bruises-from my thrashing...and why did it continue even after he died? and why did I keep falling off the bed?) I wasn't forgetful or dealing w/ early onset Alzheimers (I'm in my early 40's) when my coat ended up in the freezer, I wasn't facing knee surgery just because my knees sometimes gave out, I wasn't hearing things when I had an aura, and the tripping and falling for no reason wasn't a desperate pleas for attention, people did not drive backwards down the highway wherever there was a putting cage or river nearby, and I am not a super-klutz!

Sure, I pray. I just don't know what God's plan is for me. HE uses my situation to put me places where I can witness and comfort fellow believers and people who are dealing with brain tumors and/or seizures or have other medical issues (their own, or loved one's issues, doesn't seem to matter). The inability to drive forces me to be more physically active. HE places people in my life who are a tremendous support system. And I probably would not have gotten a dog after the kids moved out, but a friend trained him and I love coming home to the unconditional welcome. I know I wouldn't do as much grass roots campaigning (sidewalks to bike on and public transportation, anyone?).  I wouldn't have the awesome plastic dishes that make friends with small children totally comfortable as dinner guests, and nobody on a tight budget feels like its charity when they bring me to my favorite restaurants and I pay. I personally create 2 volunteers wherever I want to volunteer (my ride usually helps too). Does it get any better?

It took a couple years to get to this pont, but now, Saint D, God, and I have a conversation daily... we have agreed that not my will but His will is primary here. Maybe this too shall pass, maybe not. Who am I to question God? The most important thing is that I continue to find peace with the whole lifestyle (most days, anyway!).

Re: Christian healing

Have looked at the idea of Christian healing of epilepsy over the years and the best insights I've found so far about the topic was from reading a book titled Nerves In Collision by Walter C. Alvarez, M.D. Have also looked at the idea of Christian healing of ADHD - ADD over the years and the best insights I've found so far about the topic was from reading the How To (understand) Hyperactivity book (1981) about ADHD Inattentive by C. Thomas Wild. Both books can provide some small insights here and there into the topics (no cures)(my view).

Re: Christian healing

I was diagnosed with epilepsy 14 years ago in jr. high. I was having them randomly anywhere from 4-6 times a year. They played with my medication then finally got it settled. I got my license back, and was living with 1 seizure a year. I then was getting married and going on birth control. They had to change my meds again so they wouldn't interfere with the effectiveness of the birth control, and JUST INCASE there was an 'oops' pregnancy they wanted me on some more fetal friendly meds.

I was 3 years seizure free and actually lowering my medication so that I was on less meds when trying for a baby beginning of this year. Sadly I had one just before Christmas and had to start to up the meds again. I went off birth control January 1st to start trying for our first baby, and as a result, my hormones have been going crazy which has resulted in 2 seizures in the past 2 months. I know I am blessed that I don't have seizures nearly as often as some others, but as all of you know, it's STILL the most frightening thing ever! I have been praying and believing since day 1 that I am healed and I still hang on to that even though it's been a rough couple months.

I would love some extra prayer and a little back up encouragement as I'm trying to not let fear creep into my life just because a 3 year seizure free record was broken. God can take this from me and I believe He has but my faith can ALWAYS use even more of a lift. In the past I've often referred to epilepsy as a way of saying "slow down" as my life is like a roller coaster at times with all that I try to juggle. All in all, I will keep all of you in prayer and would love if you could do the same. Of course I count on God on my own and not other people, but many people praying together is a more powerful weapon than we know! I want to have a baby soon and a healthy one at that.

Thank you all! and I pray blessings on you.

Re: Christian healing

Hello all,

Forgive me but I am confused. 

I do not understand how seizures can be seen as bad or wrong. If we are made in His image and Likeness, then how can something that God created need fixing? Why would we even try to "cure" this image, this marvelous being we get to be as we are?

If God is responsible for all things as they are, then what is not to celebrate, as they are?

much love,


please note-  I am in no way saying to stop taking medication.

I am simply saying that the more purposefully I have searched for a solution to my epilepsy, the more I realize there has been nothing to search for all along.

Re: Christian healing


Marty, thank you for your lovely comment on this particular forum.

Sometimes you really can't see the forest for the trees and I certainly didn't ever realise that yes, why should something God created need fixing? That we are all marvellous beings, perfect in His sight and we should celebrate that.

Thank you. You have helped me a lot.

cdurut (Charlotte)

Re: Christian healing

Hi Cudrut,

I have also been looking for a way to be healed from my epilepsy. I'm interested that you didn't mention Jesus telling his apostles that they can't heal the boy with epilepsy. "And he said to them, This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and
fasting."I don't know which translation of the bibe you have but that is a key part of the healing. (Mk 9:29, King James 2000 Bible Version)

I absolutey encourage you to search for healing from Jesus, but having tried to fast I can say it is not easy. The way that I see epilepsy is that somewhere deep within us there is the epilespy and inorder for us to be entirely healed, the epilepsy must be totally gone.

Fasting will help epilepsy but it is not a simple process. I find that in epilepsy the disease will change in its symptoms when fasting but will be just as serious. for example, YOu may have a cold, and it causes you to vomit, cough, sneeze and have bad headaches, but just because you stop sneezing or vomiting doesn't mean the cold is better only its symptoms have changed. (That's the way I explain any way) Fasting can, (if you don't manage to get rid of all the epilepsy) cause its own problems. Simply put, what part of the epilepsy disease that was dormant will be brought out during fasting and/or stopping medicine.

I have tried fasting myself and as it seems now, I will always be looking for a way to fast and pray for healing. ( who want to give up hope?) It's a tough thing to do, emotionally, psychologically, physically.

If you ask me, "what should I do, fast or not to fast?" I cannot give a simple answer. Fasting will give you trouble permanently if you don't find a way to get the diease (that is deep rooted) totally gone. I don't know how to make sure its totally gone either, that will be for another day.

Consider your sitaution, how bad is your epilepsy? Maybe you can find a path to career or school, and follow your dream. I am going to let the time for healing be a long-term goal.  One other thing I will add, I have taken a long time to pray the rosary and I felt the epilepsy leave my body, ( it feels just like small release of tension) but I think that no amount of prayer can totally heal the epilepsy without our fasting as well. Another thing I would say, I spent the last few years doing a lot of meditation. Meditation is not a good idea for an epileptic.

Nothing I say is in stone, everyone's epilepsy is specific to them. You may hear stories of people who prayed and claim they are completely healed. They, may, in fact, be healed in the sense that they will not have or not had an seizure, but their not having a seizure doesn't mean it still isn't in their body. I'm sure as you know under certain circumstances the epiepsy tends to come out.

I don't have all the answers but these are some things I have found work for me. Exercise that puts weight on the muscles like push-ups, and squats, as opposed to swimming or running. I don't do weight training any more because of the risk but that's a preference it is probably beneficial. A qualty night's rest. Not that I know the research but I suspect our brainwaves slow down in meditation, similar to how they slow down over the course of the day. Its benefical to be asleep when you are very tired, that's all I can say about that. Somethings I'm avoiding (I'm not sure about these things but beginning to understand them) intense cardios work out, going several hours without a meal, and meditation (including all psychic and supernatural experiences). Again, I don't claim to be the authority but meditation is just king of focusing on something, trying to quiet the mind. If you feel woosy after or during reading, writing, videogames anything that keeps your eyes open its a shared experience. Keeping eyes shut helps I find. If you feel woose at all it might be a good idea to shut your eyes.

Perhaps, one day we will be the heralds of the awarness to the healing Jesus speaks about. Until the best time for that healing, we are still Christians. (Let me also add, just because you're fasting doesn't mean you won't have a seizure)

You can embrace God in all other ways until you find a way to pray and fast, and ultimately be healed. Remember Jesus has already healed us.

May God Bless you.

Any questions or concerns feel free to email me:

Christian healing

I've been having nocturnal seizures since 2015 and the cause was not found. The posts on trusting God for healing have put me at ease after I had a seizure during my sleep this afternoon.. Yes By His stripes I'm healed....

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Hi thanks for the post, my

Hi thanks for the post, my partner has epilepsy also and i pray for her (she had a full blown one last night at 2.30 am :/. Theres an interesting part in the bible where the disciples go to Christ and ask why they couldnt heal and drive out a demon, and the reply was their lack of faith and also  21 However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” also St Paul describes the thorn in his flesh n 2 Corinthians 12:7-9, Paul says, "there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure" i also think if a disciple living with Christ couldnt heal at that time then what hope would my prayers have. A lot of bad things happen in life and theres an interesting book called "when God weeps" in the example of Paul it kept him modest. Maybe God wants us to have some Salt in our life to keep us grounded, but epilepsy seems such a drastic thing :/

This is exactly what I needed

This is exactly what I needed to hear or read right now. I just had seizure earlier today and I was so depressed.I was so scared because I am currently pregnant. I feel so guilty because I feel like my baby can feel my attacks. I questioned my faith in God, asking him what "why me" instead of an evil person who has killed. What you wrote and the stories I've been reading in this chat have made me realize that I need to be patient no matter what. That God will not abandon me and he has a plan for me. I hope to soon be healed because I want to give birth to my baby, and not be scared to hold her or anything. 

I can relate to this very

I can relate to this very much everyone has known for a long time epilepsy is demonic and a spiritual problem 

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