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CBD changed my Life!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Nate, I expierienced my first seizure the year after I had got out of the army. I take CBD everyday not just to control my seizures but for my pain as well. Years after my first dosage of CBD I now own a company that manufactures CBD Breath Strips. is the web page of my company. If any of u enjoyed those little blue Lysterine breath mint strips the u will love my flavored breath strips infused with CBD. It takes 15-20 min to kick in and they taste amazing. If anyone would like to try CBD as another alternative to mess with side effects then plz contact me personally at


over the counter cbd is

over the counter cbd is worthless imo . I doubt any real cbd in these products  . do not waste you money.  I tried two different brands   2.5 twice a day then 5. mg twice a day no effect on seizures pain anything . good luck with the sales

The Nate

The Nate

I use an industrial hemp cbd

I use an industrial hemp cbd if you check there is an info page detailing what is in it. Feel less out of sorts at vaping better than swallowing drops?Charlottes web is genetically engineered marijuana, very special. Where to find that?

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