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What do you feel?

I am very sorry to ask, and I apologise if this is too personal. I would just like to ask what do you actually feel during a seizure. How do you know when you have a seizure - I hear that epileptics can smell rotten eggs, or burnt rubber. Are you concious during a seizure, and do you realise that you are having one.

Thank you, from Amrou



Analogy time...

Ever fall asleep in a rooom (say, in front of the TV) and wake up with no idea how long you'd slept? = a 'complex partial' or a 'generalized' seizure since a surge in electricity from both sides of one part (=complex partial) or throughout the entire brain (generalized) also causes unconsiousness.

So it's moot how the seizures manifest themselves (that fact has value only to the observer...not to the one having the seizure) all are equally devastating to the patient.

I know I've had a seizure if I'm missing time (there are about 40 variations of epilepsy). Sometimes I don't know I've had a seizure (like our lack of memory for the dreams we have each night, amnesia often follows seizures too)

If you are really curious, I'd suggest you go to as it's an excellent site and can answer your questions.


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Hi Amrou,

This is a very interesting question. There are many different seizure disorders, and many of them manifest themselves differently. I have a few different types of seizures, and can only answer from my experiences:

1. I have myoclonic seizures every once in a while. These are seizures which manifest as muscle spasms or jerks. Mine are usually in my left leg, or in my right arm and the face. They are not painful to me, just very annoying. sometimes, I have only one or two at a time, sometimes they continue in a series for quite a while.

2. I have simple partial seizures, and mine usually are a strange sense of dizziness, detachment, or hearing music when none is present.

3. I also have complex partial seizures. Sometimes, they are preceded by one of my simple partial seizures, sometimes not. Sometimes, I get a strange feeling in my stomach, that rises to my chest. After that, I have no idea what happens. My family says I stare off in the distance, and fumble or fidget with my hands. Sometimes, my hands shake. During the seizure (usually no more than a couple of minutes), I am totally unaware of what is happening as my consciousness is affected. Typically, after a seizure, it takes me a while to really gain full awareness back. I am usually very tired and sometimes have a bad headache. The only way I am 100% certain I have had a complex partial seizure is if someone is with me and has witnessed it, or if I have dropped something and am missing my memory for what has happened. I have fallen a few times during these types of seizures.

There are many, many different types of seizures, including some where people get a smell "aura", such as you describe. Check out the main website information on types of seizures - located at for more information.

((( hugs ))),

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The type of seizures I have is called psycho-motor ones. Before I have a seizure, I have a aura, just like the last person said. I used to have so many, (auras), that thats why I never tell anyone when I'm having a warning sign. I would experience a aura, than not have a blackout seizure. But never have a seizure without first having a aura. I have about 20 second notice to get to safety.

The smell of auras aren't eggs at all. To be honest with you, I honest to god can't explain what it smells like. everyone in my family already asked me a million times and I really can't explain it. its just an abnormal smell.

I can easily tell when I had a blackout seizure. Because when I wake up and come back to reality, I have at least 1 bruise on my body somewhere.

I will try and explain what happens to me before and after a seizure I appologise if it is a bit confussing.

In most cases I get a warning before I am going to have a tonic clonic seizure, but sometimes I get an aura on its own I think this is a simple partal seizure.
During the aura I will feel disconnected from things. I kind of know that there are things and people around me but I can not connect with them. I get a strange heat sensation rising up inside. I also start to feel very tired. People tell me that I go very flushed in the face.

I usually know that I have had a seizure beucase I have bitten my cheek or toung. I am confussed take me a while to een figure out my name. I am also tired and I have a very bad headache and fell sick and sometimes I am sick.

I hope that this makes sence
take care
from Honeybear

Hi from Joe Dupuis

I've also felt the inner heat in my neck then it rises up to my head. I've tasted metal in my mouth and was told my face appeared flushed.
Then I'm drained of all energy and must rest.
Sometimes I feel deja vu,sometimes I've noticed doublevision.
Mine are known as temporal lobe seizures

I have only had two seizures that I know of, but have also blacked out a couple of times and puked immediately.
Anyway, I had one seizure when I was watching tv, and I had one when I was watching a movie, it almost felt like an Alfred Hitchcock movie when they happened, like the scenes where the camera focus's in and out at the same time, its real bizarre and then all of a sudden my cheek on the the right side of my face started to shake like crazy. I am almost positive that I prevented an additional seizure by walking out of a room during a film strip presentation because I felt oncoming symptoms. Another weird thing is that I have serious Deja vu a couple times a year, I heard Deja Vu and seizures are related.

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