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We Need Help with Our Son

He started having grand mal seizures at age 16. He is now 24 & is taking Carbatrol, 5 pills per day. He is not allowed to drive, he can't keep a job (he lost 3 in the past year due to seizures on the job). We live in a rural area w/ no public transportation. Our main problem is the cost of the medication at about $40/week. Since he has trouble with employment because of his disability & has no medical (we can't put him under ours because of his age). It is very difficult to pay for his prescription every week. We don't know where to turn. Does anyone know if he is elligible for any public assistance? We are desparate. He's our child & we love him & will always take care of him, but if anyone knows of any help we can get, please, please let me know. Thank You.


RE: We Need Help with Our Son

If he can't work, he should be able to get SSI, but I'm not an expert here on this and there are a lot of drug programs to help. I suggest you go to and post on those boards. You will get a lot of help regarding this. Has he always been on the same drug? Has he ever tried something else? Does he have a neuro or just seeing a regular doc?

RE: We Need Help with Our Son

Please contact your nearest Epilepsy Foundation. These people are wonderful. They have resources that you would not believe and can help you to find the starting point to helping your son,whether it be with new doctors, testing, training or helping with disability. They are also wonderful for parents..tammy

RE: We Need Help with Our Son

There is help for you! You're in luck because Carbatrol has an Assistance Program - call: 908 203 0657, They will ask you some questions, and your doctor or Nuero will have to fill out the paper work. I have to redo paperwork every 3 months. Someone from this wonderful site turned me onto this program, I hope it helps you too. ;-)

RE: We Need Help with Our Son

I had a simular problem. I went to my congressman. I don't know who yours is or what they are like, but it is there job to help you will government assistance. They should get your son on assistance unless the day comes that he can work. I went through the same thing and one day the post office had a program where they tested you to see how fast you could do a job. I was one of the faster workers and have now worked for the post office for 20 years. Your congressman should be able to provide you with information on who has some kind of special traning. In all honestly I would like to see him find the job that would allow him to work, but he can get help until that day comes.

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