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I work for Market Inquiry, a research company in Cincinnati, OH. We are conducting a highly confidential study in the field of epilepsy. This research project provides an opportunity for sufferers to share their unique experiences, opinions and feelings toward living with epilepsy and the available treatment options. If you have been diagnosed and are currently taking medication, please call me at 888-793-1088. If you qualify, we will schedule you to participate in a one-hour telephone interview that pays $100 for your time. This research is very important. Thank you for your time!DanielleMarket Inquiry888-793-1088


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I have a 21 year old daughter who has been having seizures since 15. There is no help out there other than pills. Noone want to take care of her when I work. There is no Canadian health care coverage that I can find that will pay for home care for her.

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My Son, Harihara Karthik Vadlamani, is suffering from MERRF (Myoclonic Epilepsey with Ragged-Red Fibres) since 5 and half years and is under medication.My address is below:UMAPATHY VADLAMANI,# 14, ANAND APARTMENTS,AMEERPET,HYDERABAD-500 016ANDHRA

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