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A question re: an aura & after the seizure??

I generally have seizures in my sleep. When I do have them during the day I can feel it coming. I believe that this is an aura. I can't describe it, but the feeling terrifies me. I have had a seizure in my sleep for the past 2 nights. Today I keep getting that "feeling" Nothing has happened, but I am afraid to go out, do anything. My question is this: Has Anyone Else Ever Experienced This? Having a Strange Feeling, and Then Having Your Body Tense Up?? I am asking this because it will help me to understand if I know that others get the same reaction after having had a bad seizure earlier in the day. Thank you. Stacey.


RE: A question re: an aura & after the seizure??

Yes, I know what you are talking about. It is a very uncomfortable feeling...very scary. Are you certain that these auras haven't progressed into full-fledged seizures? Is anyone there with you to tell you if something does happen? A couple of months ago, I started having these auras all the time. I tried to rationalize: Oh, I'm just tired. Then, I had one at the grocery store while waiting for the deli. What got me there was a time lapse. The service people always ask if they are slicing thick or thin enough...but all I remember is asking for some turkey to be sliced, the aura hit, then the service person handed me my bag of turkey. I don't remember the person slicing, nor do I remember them asking about the thickness. I could not reasonably explain this loss of time, and that meant that I'd probably had a seizure (complex partial).That incident was enough to convince me that I needed to call my neuro ASAP. When I experience auras during the day, my neuro explained, it is a warning signal that my seizures aren't under control. Chances are, I am also having seizures along with these auras. He upped my medication level, and I haven't had one since. Your post doesn't mention whether or not you are being treated, but I will assume that you are. Have you contacted your neuro? If not, maybe you should start there. If you can get those seizures under control, the auras should fade away too. I know that when I'm having a tough time, I'm afraid to do things too. But, I'm also afraid of having seizures in front of my little girl, and that's enough to motivate me to do whatever I have to do to fix things. Best of luck to you!Heather

RE: A question re: an aura & after the seizure??

every time i have a seizure i get an aura before it. It is a perfectly normal thing. They do kind of scare me though, so I do know how you feel

RE: A question re: an aura & after the seizure??

Thank you for your replies. Just knowing that someone else can relate to how I feel helps. I don't feel crazy. Usually I only have the seizures in my sleep. I wake up on the floor or couch. My tounge is bit and I'm sore. I still ask my family what happened. It is only if I have alot at night or am under alot of stress that I have them while awake. That feeling is scary. I'm afraid to do anything. I always thought that Complex Partial are very noticable. I thought a short lapse of time was an absence seizure. I am trying to find a proper doctor, but there is a shortage in our area. Thank you again. Stacey.

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