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Parents of epileptic adults

I need a forum to speak openly about frustrations concerning my relationship with my son age 23 who has had epilepsy ADHD since he was 14. Does anyone have an idea ?


RE: Parents of epileptic adults

this forum is pretty small. you should probably also try the forum that john lester runs. are specific catergories on that forum and you would want to post in a couple of catergories, epilepsy and ADHD. people double post all the time, so don't think anything of copying and pasting your post. you ought to get repsonses from people because it is such a busy site. there are comorbid neuro problems, so you won't be alone. if you post on the epilepsy board, take a look at the "parents of kids with E" thread. there are several parents with kids in their 20s. this is a link to a much smaller board, but it is a friendly place and there are several parents of adult kids with E on the board. of the wisest moms i know on that board kept a good dialogue going with other parents as well as with people with E.

RE: Parents of epileptic adults

Hi.I hope that you do find a place you can feel comfortable talking about your son.Another good site is this one-I believe and hear that members from here post as well on the there,and on the other links mentioned.Braintalk has excellent links regarding ADHD sites,and members that know a lot about the subject.Try all the sites,find one that suits you,use them all if you wish,as well as this one you have posted your message on.

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