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HI I am wondering if anybody else has had the same problem as I am having. My Dr. has told me that I need to get some sort of Medical I.D. to wear. because as most of you know that when you have a seizure after you are unable to remember things that are important like where you are and how you got there.My problem is I have looked and look but everything I find is so exspensive. I want to register with the medical alert system which seems like the best way to go because my Dr. would be contacted right away but I can't afford a good bracelet. I don't want something cheep that I will have to replace everytime I turn around, but spending $500.00 is not something I can do.        is there anybody who can recomend a good place to buy a good medical I.D. bracelet or even just the charms?    thank you for any help.      cyndi


my friend paid about $25 for her son's bracelet... i'll ask her where she got it... it's not a fancy piece of jewelry, but there should be some sort of middle ground. something nice for a reasonable price. i'll let you know.

Hello, One time my husband went across the street to get his football and had a seizure. I was in the house, because his doctor told me he needed to have more freedom. So i hear an ambulnace and go running and there is my husband. The firts thing the EMT asks is where is his bracelet? And i say look he is wearing a necklace, and then he go goes on to say well you know epileptics, sometimes they get agressive when you try to touch them, because they do not know you, or what is going on. You can't win for losing. And what about what the doctor said? (That I need to give him more freedom. Both the cops and the EMT looked at me like i was neglecting my husband. So i told them you call his doctor and tell him what happened , because he tells me i need to give him more freedom. Even though my husband never knows when he is going to have one. He just goes into it.

I have a Medic Alert ID that was about $20.  I wear that most of the time because I have allergies to most seizure meds.   I also carry my medical insurance card in my wallet at all times and an extra one in my back pack because the insurance card will gain any treating EMT or MD access to the most up to date information available. The Medic Alert is more of a back up.  I like that they fax the info to the hospital and that you do not need have new things engraved if allergies develop.

In the event that you are in an accident or have a seizure and transported you really want the Emergency phycisian to have access to your most recent medical information, your medical record and get in touch with the treating or covering phycisian who knows what is going on.  That information is probably more important that what med you are taking because your doctor should have on record what you are taking.  As a back up, carry a card in your wallet with medications that you take and allergies and keep it as up to date as possible. Emergency contact information should also be carried, have the contact be some on reliable that is easy to reach.  For this reason, I have my sister listed as the Emergency contact because she is available to take the call most of the time.  My folks travel all the time and my husband has a bad habit of not carrying his phone.

hey.. i buy my med id bracelet online i should get one soon.. go to lauren's they also have one made into watches so it doesnt always look like a bracelet ( so u wont get any questions) and styles for guys or even sport styles. their prices vary u just pay more for the tag to be engraved. ( it will have the caudeus for the emt. hope that helps :)


hi cyndi,my son has a medic alert bracelet and it was only $15. they have some that cost much more, but there are several to choose from that are pretty cheap. they lasts forever. nick just lost his last one, so we have to replace it, but they are very also have to pay $35 to sign up and $20 a year after that. but they keep all your records and the paramedic or whoever can call the number and access it. you decide what you want on your record. i update nick's online. it's very can go to or call 888-633-4298.

cyndi -"ktmn" would be the friend i was going to ask... nick probably lost his bracelet because he likes them loose and he's a very active kid... it was likely more related to that than the product being defective. good luck.

yes, tibet, you are right. nick likes it loose and i told him this time it will have to be tighter. he hates anything confining.

Hi Cyndi,I used to try to wear med ID.  I tried both bracelet and necklas styles in several price ranges.  They were available in my local drug store as well as local jewelry store who carried them along with ID bracelets. Problem is I react to the metal with hives and sores. I had to seek an alternative that would be effective but not too costly. Keeping up-to-date information on an card in my wallet and one in my car was one option. I also got a small nickel size tattoo on my wrist of the med alert logo. It cost me about $25 and it can't get lost. It doesn't provide information but it does alert the EMTs or whoever that there is a problem and they should look further. Since I also have some allergies the wallet and auto information cards provide all of that to them as well. My EMT friends think it is a terrific idea and are always pointing me out to their new recruits. It may not be the way for you but it is an option. Hope you find something that works for you.

Hy Cyndi,  I bought my first necklace from medicalert some time ago.  I cost me more than a little.  Lately I bought a bracelet from them.  It cost me just over $27.  I have to pay $20/year membership fees.  I hope I never have to use it, but it offers me peace of mind.     

HI, I know where you can get a good medical bracelt that is 14 kt gold with the red emblem on it, and your info on the back for 149 bucks.  Try going to the site and looking at their stuff.I have a bracelt from them.  They also offer charms for stuff that can be bought seperately or to put on a necklace of bracelet.  They are 5 bucks.They do have a medical registry that for the first year is free when you buy smoething from them and something like 25 bucks after that for every year.  Nancy 

HII went to an engraving store and had them make a medic alert emblem. It made out of puter. I am sure thats mispelled btw, but pronounced as it written... Anyway, it cost about 25 to 30 dollars. I guess if I have to wear something without paying alot of money this turned out fine.Good luck with your search

I don't even bother wear my medic alert ID .Knowone looks at it.I have a necklace I paid like $35.00 for.It tells about my Epilepsy,Asthma,bronchitas gives a number to call.But since Paramedics have never looked at in all years I wore it I stopped wearing. Belinda

Hi!I use a MedicAlert ID, and “never leave home without it.” If no one else looks at it, the people at the ER have ALWAYS read it. And it keeps police from throwing you in the drunk tank.Now to the point of your question (if it's not too late):This may sound silly; but the CHEAPEST way to get a charm or bracelet emblem is to go to a PetCo or other national chain pet store. (Stay with me here). Most of them have machines that make name tags for dogs and cats for a few bucks. They come in different shapes and colors (not all fire hydrants and dog bones… they even have American flag ones now!). All it really needs to say is “Epilepsy” and maybe the name of your doctor or MedicAlert number if you have one. The smaller ones can be worn on a bracelet or necklace.Very inexpensive, fast to get (the machine engraves them while you wait), and confidential (no salesperson is involved… these are vending machines)Hey, if we'll do it for our pets that we love as members of our own family, it's good enough for us too!Best wishes.

I have a steel chain and a steel disk around my neck, there is no need to go for the fancy stuff.

Hi Cyndi,I was diagnosed with epilepsy about ten years ago and never wore a medical alert bracelet because they were so ugly. I ran into the same problem you're having when I started to look for one that was attractive and found that they were $80-$100. Not wanting to spend that much money on a bracelet, I recently began to design and sell medical alert bracelts for women. They look like pieces of real jewelry. I sell them for $30.00. I am registered with Medic Alert and got my charm from them. The charm has some of my information on the back of it and a phone number to call. The company keeps all my info. on file. I think it only costs $10.00 a year to maintain a membership. I know how you feel about the bracelts. You need to wear it but don't want to spend a fortune and also don't want something that screams "I'm sick!"If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you a picture and more info. Good Luck!Kelly

Hi Kelly,Can you please send me pictures of the medic alert bracelet you've produced.  My email is  Thanks!

Kris Randall
Hi could you please send me a pic of what the braclet looks like and the kind of information it has on it. I am also in the same boat, I just dont want to look sick all the time and having people asking me what the braclet is for.. thanks alot, kris

Hi Kelly,
I work with a diabetes study and would like to make medical alert id bracelets for my ladies. Can you tell me a source where you can buy just the medical id tag? I've been looking online and all I can find is ready made jewelry or very expensive tags. Any help you can give me would be much appreciated! Thank you! Have a great day.

MedicAlert is excellent. I have used there bracelets and necklaces since the 80's. Due to allergies and swimming they have a stretch band that is great to wear. It is not expensive. It is great for people who have any kind of need of medical ID. My son has allergies to medications. I have seizures, asthma and anaphylactic to medication. It is a real necessity.

I don't know if anyone still looks at this post but I got my from But Kelly if there is anyway you can tell me your site I would really appreciate it. You can just post on one of my blogs (i prefer not to give out my email)

thank you


Hi Cyndi,you can get intouch with to get a good medical bracelet at a very reasonable price.  it is an excellent program where they keep all your medical information in a central location with a telephone number on the back of the bracelet.  my son has one for his epilepsy and i have one for my diabetes.  good luck.sylvia    

Hey Cyndi,Today is the first time I've been on this site and your notes caught my eye.  I've had a Medic Alert bracelet for about 27 years now.  I can tell you that it has actually saved my life twice.  I am alergic to iodine dye and twice when found on the side of the road when running it was noticed by the persons who came to my aid.  At the hospital they were going to cat scan me but noted from the squad that I was allergic to the dye.  Let me say too, that Medic Alert is the ONLY way to go.  The bracelets and necklaces sold in the stores don't offer near the amount of information that can be obtained using the Medic Alert system.....(No, I don't sell them!) Medic Alert has a  phone number on your bracelet or necklace at which individuals there can inform the medical personnel of your name, allergies, medications, surgeries, family and Dr. etc. etc. etc. anything you would want someone caring for you to know.  Don't put your medications on the bracelet because they change.  Include allergies especially and other conditions.  Mine reads, Epilepsy, Iodine Contrast allergy, craniotomy (brain surgery I had for seizures).  There's a code number at the bottom so the medical personnel can only give them your code and they will receive all of the information you want them to have.  The information can be changed as needed if for instance, your medication changes etc.  Hope you're encouraged.  Take care.   

I would have to agree. Medic Alert has a really organized system that is really well coordinated nationwide and most are less then 100 dollars.

I have a medic alert id and i only take it off to sleep or shower. I have a special one for swiming. Right now i'm am glad i have it I had my last seizure on saturday (4/30/05). There are a let les questiouns to answer and you can get treated faster! Thank you medic alert!

I found two of mine at pharmacies in the local grocery story for $10  they have lasted me over 10 years so far. One is a key chain that says Medic alert "EPILEPSY" and I can put all the medical information on including medicine dr info etc.. on the back - the other is a bracelet  that has epilepsy engraved on the back of it already.  I wear the key chain around my neck with my VNS magnet and since its solid metal they stick together like glue...I wear them together with a fashion key chain from old navy. Very lightweight and unobtrusive.JoAnne

Like Nike says , Just do it.... Don't worry about how cheap or expensive , it's your life that's more important. Im a runner and have id tags incase of an accident or if i have an event while running or driving... Go to or runner's , you can purchase necklace , braclets in all shapes and sizes to write down your info. and meds and dr.'s contact.

I ordered an adorable medical ID for my daughter yesterday for $30 from found them from a link at had great kid's ID bracelets for the cheapest I could find. I may order the ones to attach to their shoes at some point. You could also attach it to a backpack (they are little plastic disks with all the info on them). Another thought that is really inexpensive is a pet tag like you get at PetsMart?

I have been reading the posts here about med id bracelets and someone here mentioned my website!!!I just want to let you all know that I can create and design any type/color of med bracelet for you/ and or your child!!I keep my prices very very reasonable as I have a child that needs to wear one and I know that she disnt like the"ugly" ones so I started designing them as I know its important for them to have something cool/hip/ and instyle!!!If you all ever need one designed to your specs. just let me know!!!

Hi. I used to wear the med ID bracelet but stopped. Now after reading all these posts I am going to start wearing one again. It is good for the med techs to know if you have E. I have the vns. I think it is important to put the info about the vns on the med id too. Linda.

I purchased mine on EBay, most of them will also engrave it for you. It was a great price. I then went to the bead store and made a new bracelet for it so it isn't quite so ugly. I don't mind wearing it now.

Avon sells medical ID for about $10.  You can take it to a jeweler to have it engraved.  There is also a website called that carries a wide variety of bracelets for a reasonable price.

I found some that are really cute for kids and not too expensive at .Check it out hope it helps.   Tiffany

in the avon book last month they had medical alert bracelets that were actually cute, one with blue beads, for $10.00 I think you got 2 of them for that price.  check it pj

Check out the selection on this site:  Be sure to read the "our story" section.  This mom started designing medic ID jewelry when her daughter was diagnosed with diabetes.  I just ordered two of the bracelets for my teenage son who no longer liked wearing his medic alert bracelet (he liked the cool selection on this site).  However, I DO keep his medic alert membership up to date and we put the 800 number and his medic alert ID member number on his new jewelry even though we ordered from outside of medicalert.If you have uncontrolled seizures...or your child does...I definitely think it is worthwhile to find something you (or your child) WILL wear...and still have the medic alert emergency info available for emergency responders.cindy

I bought a velcro medical bracelet for my son at the local Pharmacy. It is from Vital Id and is waterproof. It has all kinds of colors to choose from and works for my son. He broke so many chains that i had almost given up. This bracelet says "vital medical information inside" When you open the velcro there is a pocket for a waterproof slip of paper tucked inside with dr/medical info on it and you can change the info along with changes in your meds easily. The companies' website is --mamajess

Hi Cyndi,I bought my son Shawn a charm to wear on a chain around his neck from  He didn't want to wear a bracelet.  It has his name the and the kind of seizures he has and other important info on the back.  It's 14k gold and beautiful.  They have different sizes and prices too.  I thought it was important too because he stares into space and has a lapse in memory when he has a seizure and in case he is alone somewhere, I think the medal will be able to be seem on his neck because it has the medical symbol on the front.  Good luck Cyndi.   

hi my 6 yr old son has seizure and i got a dog tag engraved for him out of a booth in front of walmart. it has spiderman on one side and all the other info on the back. cheap if he looses it and does the trick. ;)

Cyndi - A Medic Alert ID should not cost that much unless you are getting REAL gold or silver. I went to Sear's (you can go pretty much anywhere these days), and got a necklace and had engraved "Epilepsy - See wallet". That will cover everything, just keep a card in your wallet with all your info - Name, Address, Emergancy Contact(s), doctor(s), and meds w/ dosage.That is p[retty much all you need, there is no reason to pay that kind of money for a ID, i payed about $30 for mine. Yes, it is a good idea, it is a one phone call for the EMS system to call to get ALL your info. Erik

I got my ID from the actual MedicAlert site...I think it was $24.95, plus the membership. (actually, I have a couple of different ones, so this is the latest one). It is cute: beaded with pink and silver beads and the MedicAlert symbol is in pink, instead of red. I just feel safer knowing that MedicAlert has my info on file and I don't need to worry about knowing everything myself.

I just found these online a couple weeks ago and think they look pretty neat. I was going to get one for my daughter, but ended up getting this one instead.  She wears her charm bracelet all the time and it really stands out. Kathy

someone earlier mentioned being sensive to metals. meditalert offers one where the metal part is on the outside of a nylon band, like the ones used on sport watches. i'll be getting one of those myself, i imagion now living in a hot climate i'm not going to be happy with something metal always on my skin.also, if your on disability or low income, medicalert will waive the anual fee wich includes the basic bracelet/necklace, that's what i did.-basil



I got mine on eBay!  It's a sterling silver link bracelet with a sterling silver heart-shaped charm for the medical alert ID.  One side of the heart has the embossed medical alert symbol and the other side is engraved with my medical alert info.   I even got complimented on my "charm bracelet" by one of my co-workers!  Here's a similar one by Creative Medical ID (from whom I got mine):

My mom bought me a real nice sterling silver bracelet that has my name and all of the medications I am taking on it and it also has the Medic Alert insignis that is raised for $50.00 I got the form from my primary care doctor, it was in like a pad on the wall. We filled out the info and mailed it with the money and I had my bracelet in two weeks. Its nice not to bis not to small. When I was a kid I made my father have a special made anklet that was 14k and that was expensive but it has since broke and I also found that the medics really look at your wrist first anyway because they take your pulse. I hope I was of some help:)Pam

In New Zealand I paid $145 NZD for my stirling silver medic alert braclet. but the US site says $35 are worth it! I had a seizure in Wellington and no on I knew was around me someone called the ambulance and gave them my number.  I recieved the best care, and that was before I was even conscious!julz

My name is TomIIWatkins. I have been having seizures since  5/78. When I was born with brain tumor that did 33% Brain damage. I have a GrandMol Disorder. Sometime I do remeber the aftermaths and sometimes do not remeber. Because my seizures increase to anywhere form 5 to 10 a day and from 20 to 50 a month. Email me at

Hi Cyndi,

It is much safer to have a bracelet or necklace that other can help you if you have a seizure. I use the medic alert bracelet.

Here are some sites that can help

Lauren Bracelets, Watches, Alarm Pill Boxes

Medic Bracelets

N-Style ID


I agree that while a medical alert ID bracelet is valuable, it is more optimal to search for medical alert systems which can be a safer option for a senior living alone.  That way, you know your loved one is fully protected in case they have a fall.  Your medical information should still be kept in the home (a program like the Vial of Life is ideal) so that it's available for first responders in case of emergency. 

I have found a new resource,, that has product information for various medical ID bracelets and necklaces, some are inexpensive, some are not but there are lots of choices. The site also has information on medical alarms and monitors, free wallet cards or medical history forms and new products such as the MedicTag USB emergency medical information device. A lot of good information worth looking at.

Hi cyndi,im having the same problem as you.let me no if u find a good one

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