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Mandi's "mission possible"

posting a little wonderful news, my mandi is 13 and she has been diagnosed and living with epilepsy for 8 years now. She has partial/compley intractable seizures . she is currently very controlled on topamax and just last weekend, she competed with her cheerleading squad at American Cheerpower in San Antonio and her team won Grand National Champions. Mandi has been working in cheer for 4 years and started technical competition dancing just this year and placed # 6 national champion in the state of texas. she has not had a grand mal seizure since may 28, 2003. we are hoping for one solid year. Mandi's mission possible is never give up and try hard to believe in yourself no matter what. I believe in her! she is a wonderfully inspiring child. Her team mates have dubbed her "dory" due to the days when partials and meds have her dazed and confused, however they have been very supportive and she is a big part of their team. They are heading to Florida April 16 for the Tournament of Champions Cheerleading Competition. I wish her luck and keep praying for her and all others who live with Epilepsy. Had to brag....thanks

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