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Help!!! EEG

Hi groupBeen with you all for a while now, its good to know there is support out there. Right better explain myself,I have experienced using Ambulatory EEG devices twice. Thats the kind of EEG where you have a recorder strapped to your waist for 48 hours or more. For me it was the most annoying experience. (well not as bad as breaking my nose from a seizure during an exam but thats another story).Anyways I'm working on a project to try and make such devices more comfortable for patients and i desparately need peoples thoughts on the test. I've got a questionnaire ready, its 2 pages, done on MS word using the forms so all that has to be done is tick boxes and fill in text spaces. All im asking about is the Ambulatory device and everything is confidential and ill post my report on here if anyone wants to read it (when finished).I would attach the questionnairre to this post but its not available, so could anyone who could spare the time to fill it out please reply to this post and ill email the questionnaire. I would be very greatful.Thanks everyone GusIf anyone has any questions feel free to email me.


RE: Help!!! EEG

I hope you are successful!! My 20 month old recently had an ambulatory eeg done for 72 hours...I can't tell you what pain he went through. He had bloody holes in his head, about 15 of them, when the test was through and we removed the sensors. Good luck to you!! Is this the normal reaction after having the sensors attached for that long? I took pics of it and I am taking them to his regular pediatrition. The company who conducted the test has apologized many times, but my son will have the scars forever. The wounds were deep. Thank you for trying to make sure future testing isn't so painful or uncomfortable. Have a great day.

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