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first signs...

i feel very down and depressed. i just learned from my sister that my my nephew was lying unconscious on his bed after 48 hours from the time he fell. she told me he had a seizure earlier before he laid unconscious. we rushed him to the hospital and took CT scan to see what went wrong. The doctor say it was negative in his CT scan. He was not able to see blood clots and that's about his remarks. He said that there's a possibility that he might have epilepsy.Could what happen to my nephew me a sign of having epilepsy? What do you think is the usual first symptoms of having it? What should we do? Please let me know what you think of it. I just need a peace of mind and I need to understand everything well. I


RE: first signs...

- That really must be fustrating to deal with. Believe if anyone would know, I'm the person that can give you advice on it. Exactly 25 years ago I caught fever of 106 but managed to overcome it due to healthy eatting and good health in general; I just caught this condition. With me, the doctor in the E.R. did not assume that I had epilepsy he just told my parents the bad news. If you do not know for sure is they have the condion yet, find out for sure and how serious it is. Then looking into finding the best Neurologist you can get. In same cases seizures are triggered, due to foods, lights and stress. You might want to know that also. I can be reached at -Tony

RE: first signs...

I my not have been depress or anything. But I had to fight. But Money worries hit me hard. When seziers started in 2000. I had workers comp doctor saying it was not due to a accident I had. And My lawyer was beleaving the doctor.So I got my own doctor and he agree saying the seziers was due to the accident. By Looking in my past I was able to drive and work. And Pointing out to the doctor 3 week later I started having Seziers. That force my Own Lawyer to go ok we get a 3 doctor who agree with me. So I won that battle. So I'm waiting for a Settlement from the company.But from 2001 to Middle of 2003 I had no money after workers comp and disabilty stop paying. And SSI keep going I was still on workers comp. And Drug Payments Some with up to $300. Now that I have SSI. I m teaching my self how to be a computer Tech. For my town. And Etch glass. And when the Seziers are over start my glass blowing again. See where my seziers hit me is I m out for a hour after the sezier. So going out taking a bus unless someone there still not safe.

RE: first signs...

Ijust told someone else I don't have much time so I'll tell you the same but I will get back. I wonder if a MRI might show if he has a scar or something? Talk later

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