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Feeling like I owe the world

My Dr. stopped allowing me to drive sence September of last year and in Michigan you have to be seizure free for 6 months on or off of medication. Needless to say I have been doing very well on the medication but still not seizure free. My problem is I have to depend on my family to drive me everywhere. I feel like a prisoner in my own house. My biggest problem is my dad has no problem halping me out when i need it, but my sister who was willing before now takes advantage of me, and i often feel bad saying no to her. I have Dr's appt.about once a month and when my dad can't take me my sister does, but then my sister expects me to take care of her kids on a moments notice. She morless will call me and say i'm bringing the kids over so i can go out or go shopping. I babysite for her two days a week while she works and she pays me but everyday after work the phone rings ( I dread this I know it's her) she says I will be lat I have to goto the store and righte before my husband is getting home from work. but I feel bad if I say no because I know I need her to take me to an appt. I am to the piont I just want to forget i am not supposed to drive and start driving but I don't want to hurt anybody else. what should I do. I don't live in the best area and my daughter is only 3 so i don't feel comfortable using public transportation.any advise would realy help.thanksCindy


RE: Feeling like I owe the world

I know exactly what you mean. I've had seizures now for three years and need everybody to take me to places I need to go. I also feel like a prisoner in my own place because my mom never wants me to be home alone. And I never want to get into a big fight with anyone because I know I will need them sometime to maybe take me somewhere. So, I feel like I have to keep my feelings to myself. But, you have got to remember that it's better to not drive then to take the chance and drive and hurt yourself or someone innocent. It's not worth it. Let them know your feelings. They will understand. You're going through alot. I understand that. It's hard to have your license just taken away from you as if it's nothing. It sucks, I know. But, talk to them. It's worth it. Hope this works for you.

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