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Epilepsy in infants - sorry so long

Hi- my name is amanda and I just joined. I have 15month old BGG triplets and we just found out that one of my Girls, Abigail, has Benin Partial Epilepsy with the tendancy towards focal seizures. I am looking for some someone with experience with a child with this. Since birth, which was at 36.5 weeks and normal. Abby has had staring spells where she phases out and no matter what you do you can't get her attention. They last anywhere from 10 seconds to 60 seconds. We asked her doctor about them and he just told us to wait till her eye site and hearing are better. Well the Sunday before Christmas (so 14months of age) she had a Grand Mal Seizure. I was changing her diaper and she went into it. We have since had an EEG and MRI done and both came back normal. We are seeing a nuerologist and he has started her on Trileptal (1 ml in the morning and 2 ml in the evening) Since her first Grand Mal she has had 3 more. One before starting meds, one 2 days on meds and the last one was 5 weeks on meds. But the last three have all been associated with being hurt. The first one she ran into a table and hit her head, the second one her brother shut her hand in the dryer door and the third she get knocked over by the dog and fell backwards. It seems odd to me that the last three have been with pain. Like the brain was overloaded and shut down. I guess I am looking for any advice as how to handle things and her. I can't let her live in a bubble. They tell me she will grow out of this but it can't be soon enough for me. Amanda


RE: Epilepsy in infants - sorry so long

The only thing I can suggest is to keep her stress level as low as possible and find relaxing things for her (I know..easier said than done) but get her to color more, art if very good... also classical music, in the car and as much as you can, give her nice soothing baths (alone), and gerber has a great lavendar lotion. Rub her down gently after every bath. Maybe trying to spend time alone with her.Stress is a known factor to bring on seizures and I would consider pain as stress. Also, try to figure if the trileptal is doing her any good and discuss this with your neuro.

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