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Dating an epileptic

I'm a female who is dating a man who has just told me that he's an epileptic. Initially it didn't bother me so much being that I'm a nurse and all, but after some thought, I have so many scenarios running through my mind and I could really use some help, as I really like this guy and could see a future with him. The big issue I have is with driving. He drives and I have and likely will be a passenger in the car with him and the thought of him having a seizure in the car is frightening. What would I do? I have absolutely no clue what I would OR COULD(!) do if this happened. Secondly, what about having kids? How could I leave him alone with a baby? How would that work? We talked briefly about it, and he says that he's been to many neurologists and they can't give him any answers. So he doesn't know what causes them, or if there's a pattern and he's not on any medication for them but says that if he smokes marijuana this seems to keep them in check. The whole thing is thoroughly distressing for me in some ways. As a medical professional, I would think that it would be good to keep looking for answers and as someone who he cares about I would think that he would do the same if he sees a future with us. But I'm really kind of not sure what to do. Or how to cope with some of the big fears and situations I've outlined above. The driving issue scares the living daylights out of me. Please help!

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