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Complex Partial and meds

I posted in October when my daughters ped. said that she had "absence seizures" and we were waiting to see the neurologist. Well, according to her EEG he told us that she has frontal lobe complex partial seizures. Her Mri was normal. He placed her on Tegretol which really seemed to make no difference, she seemed no worse, but no better. When I asked him about her meds at our last visit, he increased her dosage to 3/4tsp 2x a day and also said we need to be on the brand name not the generic. Since starting the brand name Tegretol, she appears to be very sleepy within 45 minutes of taking it. I called the neurologist who ordered a blood level. He said her levels were within the normal range and suggested we just lower her morning dose back to 1/2 tsp. Has anyone had any luck with Tegretol?Also, she seems to be wetting herself alot and complains of headaches often. When I mention the wetting the doc says its because the medication causes her to be in a deeper sleep, but she has accidents during the day as well. And since her MRI was normal he is saying her headaches may now be migraine related? Any insight would be wonderful.


RE: Complex Partial and meds

I was on tegretol for 6 months nad it did nothing, but i have also been on 5 other meds with no help as well. I also suffer from migraines and I was told that they are seizure related. I was taking a migraine med that seemed to help, it is called imatrex, but i am not sure if it suitable for children. ask your doc though. I have never wet my bed, but i did have to pee a lot when i was on tegretol so that may just be a side effect. I hope that you daughter starts getting on right meds and on her way to being seizure free soon. :)

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