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Bestfriend experiencing seizures multiple times

Hello everyone, first of all i just wanna say that i'm so glad forums like these exist to help everyone that are experiencing these types of illnesses it makes me have faith in humanity. I just wanna say i had no idea what a seizure is or looked like until my friend experienced it in front of me many times. He refers to it as fainting and is not comfortable with labeling it as seizure ( he also has denied that it's a seizure many times which makes me a bit worried ). It usually happens when he's hit with sunlight or he hasn't ate anything for a long period and some occasions when he's experience fear ( like panic attacks based on phobia like needles or rollercoasters ). Speaking of panic attacks, when he went to a psychiatrist she has perscriped him an anti-anxiety madication and said that he was experiencing s panic attacks. however, i have a panic attack disorder so i'm very familliar with how the episode goes and when i asked him general questions like "do you feel fear when you're about to faint?" He answered no many times only sometimes when it reaches maximum fear. Also during his seizures his whole body cramps up and sometimes he even cries from the pain which is a horrific scene for me to watch but i hold his hands and try to fight the cramps which i've just learned is not a good thing to do. Please inform me of all the do's and don'ts about when someone is experiencing a seizure and most importantly if you've gathered the information about his seizure can you please help me identify it? I will really appreciate your help so next time when he experiences it i can be there for him and help him completely and possibly educate his family on this matter. Thank you.

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