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Anyone Ever Have a Natural Gas Leak cause grand mal seizures?

Hi I am new to the forum and wanted to see if anyone discovered a natural gas leak that was causing them to having grand mal seizures. My husband started having seizures a year and a half ago with the first one being while he was asleep. All have been while he was asleep in our home never anywere else. We moved into the house in March of 2007 and he started having seizures in July 2007. He never had them before this point and it does not run in the family. He does have some right frontal lobe brain damage from a bicycle accident that happended in 2000 but he never experienced these until we moved into our house. While he has had some sleep issues from the brain damage he never had seizures as a result of this damage. We discovered this past weekend we had a gas leak in our house from the time it was built. Anyone know if this can cause seizures? I know it may sound crazy but I just wanted to see if anyone had thoughts about this.





My name is Shawn. I am a Professional Nurse in the neurology sector at the hospital as well as an epilepsy patient myself. I can say that it may be possible that the natural gas leak causes seizures since your brain requires a very high oxygen-concentrated blood supply. One thing though is that he would most likely go unconscious and go into a coma due to the oxygen-deprivation before he would have the seizures. Just in case you wonder, what happens is the carbon monoxide binds to the blood cells and causes oxygen deprivation. It would usually cause slowing brain activity which causes dizziness and fainting rather than the highly excessive electrical activity that causes the siezures. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. My e-mail is Hope I helped 


Iam new here as of today my Grandson got a  fever and vomiting one week after my son moved his wife and two boys into a new rental house. Before they moved in the landlord told them to keep the windows open because of the fumes caused from them redueing all of the wooden floors inside their home. Some kind of covering they use after sanding wood floors when I visited them you could still smell the stuff they put on the floors even with all the windows open. And all the Drs. at the hospital are telling us thats not what is wrong with him its some kind of virus in his brain but they cant come up with any answers yet driving us all crazy. He was seen by a Dr. on Tuesday and then started having seizures on Friday and its been 20 days now and still no answers. You can read my whole story on my page. I keep wondering if my Grandson is having a allergic reation to the floor covering stuff. The Drs. tell us if he had any kind of allergic reaction it would be from him walking on the floor and it would be right away not a week later. Still waiting for answers. Wish I had one for you.  God Bless,  Cindy

Hey Shawn,
Happy Easter first of all. Secondly, today while I was in the middle of some fun Easter festivities my best mate passed out and fell down onto the floor. She left the room for a bit to go and get some water (we were in the kitchen making Deviled eggs, nothing extraneous), and when she walked back into the room I was watching her drink water, put the cap on, then as I'm standing there watching her knees wobble and collapse under her it takes me a second to realize she's going down, hard. I grabbed her arm before she hit full force so she didn't hit her head too hard, but while I'm trying to get her to come to her whole body starts twitching, and my 23 year old university educated brain was telling me she was actually having a seizure or something and not just sort of...twitching. Her eyes were open, staring straight ahead. About 3 minutes later she was totally with us again when just a moments before she was on the ground with no power or faculties whatsoever.

With that being said, she had had a gas leak in her apartment since she moved in about 6 months ago. She just found this out after her heater broke and when the maintenance people arrived they asked her if she knew of any gas leaks because the place reeked of gas. I have even noticed how tired she has been since last season, and the coach has gotten onto her a few times at practice after she got confused and/or randomly dizzy. What prompted me to google this topic was the fact that fainting in itself could be caused by plenty of things, but the seizure(s)? I knew it couldn't be good. Thank you for any comments or questions, your post was really appreciated.


I had an aura once that I thought I smelled a gas leak in the house. My aura was so bad to the point that I called the fire department in the middle of the night. The local firemen were good friends of my Father's and when they showed up at the house and found nothing wrong and we realized I was only having an aura, needless to say, they were not real happy with me. The gas leak smell scared me, but I should have waken someone else up before I called the fire department. I'll never let that happen again, I'm waking someone up even if in the middle of the night.  

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