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7 weeks with no seizures

Hi,My name is Jackie I have had JME since I was 13 years. I have had only 7 or 8 grand mals during my life, however I have been having myoclonic jerks most mornings for the last 15 years. These are particularly excarcebated when i am run down, stressed and when I drink. I find them very upsetting and have never taken regular medication. The best way to get rid of them is to go to sleep. I self regulate with diazepan but only when sleep is not possible, i.e. i have to go to work!Since April 2003 I have been receiving treatment for a repetitive strain injury which has been diagnosed as a neuropathy and as fibremyalgia syndrome. That is to say it is something to do with my nerves and my nervous system causing my muscles to stay in a permanent state of contraction which causes me a lot of pain. In November I started a treatment for this called intra muscular stimulation. Acupuncture needles are stuck into my muscles and twisted, this causes the muscle to "grab" the needle and is very painful. This causes the muscle to contract and then release, in effect bypassing the normal route, or doing what the nerves should be doing and giving them some breathing space. Well unfortunately although the pain is a lot better it has not disappeared. However after 4 of these treatments my epilepsy has disappeared. I have had no myoclonic jerks for 7 weeks now! Perhaps my epilepsy has gone for good. The doctor treatiing me did suggest the treatment may help my epilepsy and while it did seem to get worse at first. It is now gone, and I did overdo the alcohol over new years!Please write to me if you want more information or if anyone knows anything more about this.Thanks


RE: 7 weeks with no seizures

I got curious about the technique you mention and looked it up. You may be interested in reading the page at appears to be from a reputable source. It does not suggest that the technique is a treatment for epilepsy, but if you've stopped having seizures, good for you! If they start again, perhaps you should consult a neurologist about them, since JME often is easily controlled by low doses of medication. You may want to read about the treatment of JME.

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