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5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

When I had my son's immunizations at his 4 month check-up he had a adverse reaction and had a seizure 20 hours after that lasted approximately 10 minutes.  He has had a total of 9 seizure since February 20th approx 1 week apart but a couple of weeks ago he had a really bad week and had 4 in a week.  The all lasted approx 10 - 20 minutes.  They vary from either his right side or left side.  He starts with his arm and it looks like he is just jerking it and can't stop, his face sometime draws a blank and other times he is cognitive sometime it goes to the leg other times it starts in the leg and moves to the arm.  The doctors are talking about putting him on meds but I am quite apprehensive because I feel the drugs are very strong for a baby and I don't want him to be like a zombie.  If anyone can give me some insight on drugs that might be easier for babies or opinions about drugs versus no drugs I am willing to listen.


RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I dont believe in drugs for babies, but sometimes it is safer for them. Is is from the shot? Or could be low on blood surgar level, sodium, b vit, magnesium, calcium, vit d, and iron.Hope that helps

RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

It sounds like your baby is having simple partial seizures with Jacksonian march.  My son has this sort..his always start in his arm, but then it moves down that side of his body till the entire left side is convulsing.You may want to look into treating him for mercury poisoning.  Immunizations are within a base of something that contains mercury and oftentimes can start seizure activity because of this.  Seems some people are very sensitive to mercury, while others aren't.  I would definitely check into this before attempting epilepsy meds. Lori

RE: RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

LoriThanks for responding.  I am so glad to hear from someone that has the same symptoms as my sons.  How old is your son?  When did they start?  Do you have him on any meds?  Also, how long does your sons seizures last?  I am desparate for as much information anyone can give me.  ThanksKim

RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I do believe that there is could be a connection between sz and immunizations.  Defineately would not be publicized, do to the idea of "Greater good" to society.  That was the only connection between myself and epilepsy.  My seizures is where my family history began.  As an infant I had tonic clonic seizures (After my first immunization). I had outgrown them by the age of three. Never had a seizure since. I was on pheno. My mother was scared and was very conservative, with the medication. So the story goes. I am not sure what a conservative approach is my self. I am now 34 yrs old. I have five children, and two of them have seizures. My son started having CAE @ three. My daugher has TLE, diagnosed January this year at the age of 16. I had never even been formally diagnosed. Good for me bad for my kids = bad for me too! (None of my five children are immunized, I made this decision prior to any knowlege that my children would develop epilepsy)Shelly

RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Hello, my name Is nikki. I have a daughter who is 5 years old, and she has been having seizures since her first set of shots at 2 months. It started out like your child, the arm jerks, then the leg. I was told at first that this was because the shots can sometimes cause spasms. After about 2 weeks of the arm and leg jerks, she had a seizure that scared me. Her eyes bulged out, her face turned reddish blue, her arms stiffened as well as her legs, and it was if her body was trying to fold in half. Her Pediatrician told me he wanted to see a video of it first before he sent her to a Neurologist. Of course I wasn't about to take time away from my baby to grab a camera and video tape it. So after beggin from Dec. to Feb. he finally sent us to see someone. At first Madi was diagnosed with Infantile spasms. The put her on Phenobarbitol and Carnitor. This worked for awhile, then her seizures started getting worse. She has been in and out of hospitals, Doctors appointments on and off so many different meds. She has now for the past 3 years been on Klonipin(clonzapam). They are pills that can be crushed if necessary. She takes a total of 4 pills a day. She is also on Keppra which is a liquid. She has her days. Some times she will go seizure free for a few weeks, and then sometimes she has so many we head to the local Childrens hospital here. It's so stressful and frustrating that I can't help my child. I am mommy and I can't make this pain for her go away. Madi has never been able to talk, walk, crawl, feed herself, or be potty trained. We don't know what she feels like after a seizure or before because she can't tell us. I contacted a lawyer about this because she was "normal" before the shots. The lawyer told me that right now no case on shots and seizures could be brought on because the FDA was in the middle of an investigation on shots. They have found that alot of children have become Autistic after getting them. So until that investigation is over with...I wait patiently. Madi will die from this. Her actual diagnosis is Progressive Myclonic Seizure Disorder. I am in no way trying to discourage you from doing all you can, and believe me no matter what you do it never seems enough. I would however, collect any and all doctors files on your child. Each time you go for a visit, rather it be at the Doctor's office or a hospital, immediatly tell them you want a copy of everything written, performed, said, done whatever. After getting this stuff, call a lawyer. Yes I know no amount of money could bring back what the seizures have taken away, but maybe if enough parents do something about it, then these shots won't be forced on us. It would be our choice. Also, check with the doctor who gave the shots and find out if they ever called the 2 numbers that they are supposed to report seizures from shots to. Doctors don't tell you about those numbers, and so alot of time they are off the hook with calling them. Believe me, doctors stick together on these things. I know I have rambled on and on, so I will leave you with this: God chooses who he wants to raise his children. He gave us children with epilepsy because he knew we were the right ones to raise them. You will get discouraged and want to just give up. But remember no matter how bad it gets, they aren't gone yet. So just enjoy the time you do have.

RE: RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I am so sorry to hear about your tragedy.  I feel for you truly I do.  My husband and I are on the opposite sides of the fence when it came to immunizing the kids (I have 3).  My husband against them and I believed in them.  For some reason I really didn't want to have my baby shots on that particular day and even talked to the doctor about my concerns but talked me into having them anyway and he has had seizures ever since...I feel sick to my stomach ever time I see him seize.  I have had and MRI & EEG and they both came back "good" but he continues to have seizures.  I am looking for any information on different meds that you think are "good" or "bad".  Thanks for listening and good luck to you and your family.Kim

Re: RE: RE: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I'm sorry for the both of you, I have a soon to be three year old girl, she's everything to me.

When the doctors gave her the hep B shot, I was nervous, I expressed my concerns with the nurse as did my husband, they reassured us that nothing would happen...but after they gave my newborn daughter that shot, like not even five minutes after the medical staff left the room my daughter started to seize. Her little body went into convulsions, her pretty blue eyes rolled to the back of her head and her eye lids shuttered. I yelled to my husband to run and get a nurse, and lo and behold, we couldn't find one at the nurses station. So as my husband went on a hunt I tried to stabilize my daughter. I held her in my arms and began crying, cause I felt so helpless. The seizure lasted a couple of minutes. My husband came back, defeated, so we decided to wait until the nurses did their calls...I told the nurse my daughter had a seizure shortly after the vaccine was given to her. She shrugged me off and said it was impossible. My husband had to leave before the nurse came around so he wasn't there to defend me.

After every vaccine, my daughter has had a mini-seizure. After her 12 months vaccines, I stopped bringing her in. It was the same thing over and over again, and each time it would get a little bit worse. I would call the CDC and they said it was fine, keep bringing her in for her shots...

Before I stopped, she was slow, she was behind on all her milestones, took her over a year and a half to finally start walking, she spoke her couple of words around that time. But today, I don't regret my decision for not going back.

She's smart, she can say three-four sentences now and 95% of the words you can understand. She rarely talks gibberish anymore. She can dress herself (all except the shoes she still manages to get those backwards). These past few months she's blossomed. All because my husband's mom Diane has been giving her the right nutrition and stimulus to reverse any damage caused by the vaccines, since Diane also has an autistic son who's been damaged by the vaccines he was given as a child. He's come a long ways since starting the regimen, only about a week after starting he was completely potty trained, when before he was in pull-ups at the age of 6!

If my daughter was still getting vaccinations, I can guarantee she'd be autistic by now. After those doctors LIED to me saying "Oh no she'll be fine, lots of kids get vaccines and turn out okay..." Bull crap! Why has autism got up so drastically? Our kids aren't being born with it people, the vaccines are turning them autistic, because the number of vaccines has gone up year by year since the mid 90s. When I was a child I never gotten the pertussis vaccine or the hep B the day after I was born or mandatory flu shots every year. I got chicken pox the old fashion way, not the vaccine they have out now.

The ones I got were the MMR, Diptheria, Tetnus, Pneumococcal (Hence why I've never had pneumonia) and most of my hep shots (excluding the one you get the day after your born)

That leaves quite a few unaccounted for that you have to get today, doesn't it. Like I said, my daughters got vaccines for chicken pox, MMR, DTaP, Pneumococcal, hepatitis A and B, Hib, Rotavirus, and IPV (inactivated pollovirus which I didn't have to have because they quit doing vaccinations for a while then brought it back in the mid 90s...why? I don't know).

You know my daughter at only 12 months has already received more vaccines that I had when I was all said and done with vaccines? Each year they find another way to use our children as guinea pigs to see how they react to this cocktail or to that cocktail...then when something goes wrong..."Oops, I'm sorry that happened, but in that handy little flyer we gave you, it said this might happen..." therefore they're covered and now our children are permanently damaged, and my never experience a full healthy childhood because why? Oh that's right, the doctors who are supposed to help us, right and the FDA who are supposed to not use our kids for their test trails.

I'm sorry I am no longer putting that poison in my child's body. It's my duty to protect her, and I feel that by giving her more vaccinations I put my child's life at risk.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Hello, my son is now 6 months old.  He began having seizures exactly 2 weeks after his first immunization (about 3 months old) in the exact same description.  He generally has them in either right or left fist/arm and will last anywhere from 10-15 minutes.  When he has a febrile seizure, it begins in his arm and they have graduated into a full body "generalized" seizure lasting 30 minutes.  I've called 911 on 6 occasions for seizures that would not stop on their own.  He was given adivan by the paramedics and we are now equipped at home with adivan and have had to use it on several occasions.  He has a normal EEG, CT, lumbar puncture, chest x-ray and we are waiting a few more months before he does the MRI.  He started on Phenobarb immediately upon meeting with our Neuro, but it did not control the seizures.  They've added clobazam which is in the same family as adivan and it's changed the seizures altogether.  They are shorter (30 sec-2 mins)and they stop on their own.  They are getting shorter every day.  We hope that this is all a good sign and we are on our way to controlling them.  He is meeting all his milestones (rolling over well, stands while holding onto something, answers to his name, almost crawling, makes sounds to get your attention etc.), he nurses well and has been eating solids happily - he's a big 6 month old at just over 20 pounds.  The meds make him drowsy, but I administer them just before he sleeps at night (he sleeps 8 hours straight without nursing) and before naps.  I ensure that he takes several naps throughout the day and I stimulate his development when he is awake.  I did, however, have to stop using the exersaucer because he would go into seizures when he'd use it. I'll wait until he's a bit older to reintro it.  Anyway, I hope that sheds some light on the effects of these meds and I hope it helps make your decision on whether to go with the meds.  For us, we feel that stopping the seizures is the most important thing and the best way, in our opinion, for our child, is to go with the medicine.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I was intrigued when I read your post.  I wondered how your son was doing now and if they have determined if he has epilepsy, or what may be the trigger of his seizures.  Let me fill you in, I have a son who is now 18 months old, who had his first seizure about two weeks after his 6-month shots.  His first one happened when he was jumping around alot in his exersaucer - he stopped and seemed dazed, and we realized his legs and feet were twitching.  I immediately picked him up and we called 911 - by the time they arrived, he was back to himself (it only lasted a couple of minutes).  We took him in to the hospital and they did a CT scan, which came back clear and normal.  We went ahead and met with a neurologist and did an eeg, which also came up clear and normal.  Then, about a month later, he had a more severe seizure shortly after he woke up from a late afternoon nap.  It lasted about 15 minutes (they gave him adivan at the hospital and it stopped shortly after).  The neurologist started him on phenobarb.  We did an MRI and second EEG, both of which came back clear and normal.  We went 9 weeks without any problems, but the doc decided to up his phenobarb level b/c he wasn't in the therapeutic range - he explained that since Noah was a big boy and was growing quickly that we should up the dose.  Well, we saw more short, focal seizures after the med was upped.  Then, the doc upped it again and a third time, and each time we saw more side effects and focal seizures.  We switched to a diff. neurologist at a Children's hospital and added in Keppra in Dec.   We did a 24 hour video eeg about a month ago and it showed epileptic discharges in diff. areas of his brain.  We are currently in the process of weaning him off the phenobarb and sticking with keppra to see how he does.  At this point, the seizures are still not controlled.  We were seeing focal seizures probably two or three times a week, and about every 4 or 5 weeks, we would see one that would start in his arm and work into his leg (on the same side of the body) and face and would last up to 15 or 20 minutes.   We do feel like the med change is helping him and we hope it gets everything controlled.  I am still not convinced that we have figured out - I still feel like we're missing something - could there be a deficiency we haven't caught, etc...  So, I was interested to see if you had figured anything out with your son - I thought maybe your docs have mentioned something to you that ours haven't and I'm always looking for other things or "triggers" we should be looking into.   Thanks!

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

hi, I'm going through the same thing with my 5 month old daughter.  After her first shots at 2 months old she started flapping her arms when crying.  I found it disturbing but no one thought anything was wrong.  Later, I learned that that is one of the signs of autism.  Luckily her flapping lasted a few weeks, almost a month.  I didnt give her the 4 month vaccination until she was 5 1/2 months.  I think these vaccinations are given to babies too close together.  I told her pediatrician of her flapping arms after the last round of shots and he brushed it off.  I also wanted to space the shots apart instead of giving them to her all at once.  She was supposed to get 3 shots and one oral vaccination.  With the combos in each shot her total vaccinations would be 7.  I think that is waaay too much at once.  But the dr. basically thought i was just being paranoid and convinced me to give all the shots at once.  A few hours after her shots I noticed my daughters right hand jerk and then her left leg.  I mentioned it to people but they think that it's because she had her shots in the leg and her muscles are sore.  I didnt buy that excuse at all.  The jerking has been going on a few times a day and it's been a week since the shots.  Last night I noticed her body jerk while i was holding her.  She spit up a lot and kept grunting.  (She's been grunting for months now and they said she has acid reflux and doesnt empy her stomach in a normal amount of time. )  Because she has been on meds for months now due to acid reflux I told her pediatrician that maybe we should wait til she sees the gastroenterologist before giving her the vaccinations.  He insisted that she get them now.

I feel lost because no one seems to take me seriously and think that Im just an overreactive first time parent.  I'm hoping that this will go away in a few weeks just like the flapping did.  She's been hitting her milestones but I'm sooo worried about the jerking.   Are all of these vaccinations mandatory?  Any help would be  greatly appreciated.  I just know that I'm not crazy.  I really think the jerking has to do with the vaccinations.  I've read that seizures is one of the side effects from the DTaP vaccine.  Has anyone had a baby who jerked after vaccinations but then they went away (without meds)? 

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Hello, your stories sound similiar to mine.  My daughter's seizures began a couple of days after her six month immunizations. Her first seizure was right sided lasted aproximately five minutes. She was admitted that night and she had her second seizure during the night. She was initially diagnosed with febrile seizures, then epilepsy then severe seizure disorder with unknown etiology. She was eventually tested for a mutation in her SCN1A gene and found to be positive for Dravet syndrome formerly known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI).

Currently there are over 150 different mutations of the SCN1A genes documented that result in febrile, sodium channel epilepsies, however most of them do not result in the severe form known as Dravet Syndrome or SMEI.  There is a broad spectrum of severity, including benign Generalized Epilepsy with Febrile Seizures (GEFS), GEFS+, Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy, Borderline (SMEB) and Dravet Syndrome/SMEI.

At one time I felt it was possible that the immunizations somehow contributed to my daughter's epilepsy but after her positive genetic test I now realize that the immunizations are what triggered the fever which resulted in seizure.


Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I gave my 4 year old his shots 2 months ago. Dont know if there can be any relation but he has never had any problems before. Last monday around 8:00 am he was awakened by a seizure. I believe a Grand Mal. It was so scary. I never saw anything like that. I thought I was losing him. They did alot of tests at the hospital and found nothing wrong. I have an appointment to see a neuroligist but its 3 weeks away. He hasnt had another seizure so far but every night, as soon as he goes to sleep, he starts twitching. I cant sleep, Constantly just staring at his every move and afraid to leave the room at all. They did not put him on medication since he's only had one so far. But I believe it was the immunizations. I was mostly searching around to find how long after shots the children were getting seizures and if the twitching was a sign of an oncoming seizure.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Hi, I have a son with epilepsy also, he started having seizures a day after her turned six months old. He had just went to the children doctor 2 wks before this happen to get shots. Now he is 5 and he has a speech and development delay. He has been able to get potting train by the grace of God.  We have seen two neurologist. He take Keppra, Depokate, and Clonzapam. He has been on other meds. but this seem to put the seizures at a more controllable stage. He still has them about twice a month. Emory Children in Atlanta has been a big help but I would like to find out more about could make a difference in his life. The seizures are still scary no matter how many he has. Stop I do just want to give up but I would letting him down if I did. He is been set up to see a genticist. Which really makes me feel better about learning more on whats going. I am still worried about his development. As I have read some of you alls stories I feel that I am not alone. I am a single parent and this is a hard thing to go through at such a young age. I he doesnt talk much so I dont know what hurting him or when a seizure may be coming on. I just still have a strong feeling that the shots are what made my baby this way. We take one day at a time and thank the Lord for each day, because we never know when it could be last.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I also have a daughter who is epileptic, develpmentally delayed and autisc. Make sure that he gets some intensive therapy for his speech. My daughter is getting intensive ABA for her autism and she is getting Feeding and Speech therapy. I know it must be hard for you, but you are not alone. There are many people out there who can help. I could understand because I see what my wife has to deal with, and it kills me. But image the children, they have no fault. We can only do our best and let God do his miracle. Don't give up and stay strong with prayer. We have been praying for her seizures to stop, she has not had one for almost 1 month and a half. That is a record. Just make sure his seizures are in control. Once his seizures are in control you will be able to see more progress with the therapy. God Bless you and your son.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I am coming into this discussion as a parent whose child has just been dx'd with seizures, however, my son has a severe form of regressive autism, and I have done A LOT of research about vaccines. I feel that my son was vaccine-injured. He was 14.5 months old at the time, and developing normally. He had 10 words, played interactively with us, had excellent eye contact, lots of smiles, etc. Within 24 hours of his shot, he was no longer himself. He stopped speaking, started spinning, lining his toys up, stopped looking at us, and basically disappeared into "his own little world".

It's heartbreaking to see so many similar stories from parents. Many of you had reservations about the vaccines, or the combination of vaccines, etc, and yet your doctor essentially strongarmed you into doing what was convenient for them. I, too, listened to my doctor because I trusted him. The problem is, most doctors are not listening to the parents- only to the American Academy of Pediatrics. And their pockets are padded by the drug companies.

I don't mean to come on so strong, but this is something that I feel very passionately about, and I have heard hundreds of stories just like this. Before I run my mouth too much, let me make a few suggestions:

 First off, make sure to keep as thorough records as you possibly can- every doctor visit, immunization, birth records, milestones met, etc. Document, document, document! If you truly feel that your child was injured (or developed seizures) because of a vaccination, you should report it to the National Vaccine Information Center. Their website is:  Should you plan on taking legal action, note that there is a 3 year window from the onset of symptoms, after which you can no longer file suit.

A couple of good books regarding vaccines and either autism, seizures, or both: "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby, and "Louder Than Words" by Jenny McCarthy. "Louder Than Words" actually opens up with Jenny talking about her son's seizures, and doesn't even get into autism until after the first few chapters. "Evidence of Harm" is a really tough read, but it explains vaccines, their history, their ingredients (which will probably make you sick to your stomach), and the lengths our government has gone to in order to cover some things up.

A good website is:  It explains your rights as a parent, and has a lot of info re: vaccine injury.

Another website:  this site contains the package inserts for all the different vaccines. Makes for interesting reading.

Let me go on to say that I am not anti-vaccine. I, along with a lot of other "crazy" moms out there, believe that it is too much, too soon on little teeny tiny babies. And, I also think that more extensive testing needs to happen before the doctors should be allowed to inject ANYTHING into a baby (emergencies being an exception, of course). There are kids coming in with allergies to some of the vaccine ingredients and/or mitochondrial disorders who have MAJOR reactions to these vaccines.

I'm so sorry for what each of you have gone through. Hopefully I was able to point you in the right direction so that you are able to read through some of this stuff and form your own opinion as to what's best for your child. Do not be suprised if your doctor disagrees. My kids' pediatrician told me if I chose not to give my kids their booster shot (which 95% of people don't need), he would dismiss me from his practice. My thought was "go ahead- make my day"! Needless to say, my kids did not get their boosters.

I'm at a point now where I wonder if my son may have suffered from a seizure that night, and we just didn't know. It's been a long journey, and we've gone through a lot of diagnoses (unfortunately all of which have been accurate), but I'm hoping with the dx of epilepsy, perhaps we can get him on a good medicine that will help him.

Good luck to all of you, and if you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to contact me.

Take care,


Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

  same as with my daughter,  But it was when my daughter received the DPT Shot when she was 18 months old, ended up having high fevers along with seizures.     We also found out but was to late that in that year  1998   they received bad batches of the DPT shuts  but had no prof execept we were watching a show that a parent had the same thing, received the shut and had seizures after that.  she has not been the same and has been on more medications then i have ever been.   and when she was  9 she had the VNS installed.  and lessoned the amount of seizures.  she is also mentally delayed.  

I hope this helped.


Take care


Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations



Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

My daughter had the same issues, she got her 4 months immunization shots and the day after she had a 2 hour seizure. She had to be admited to Childrens Hospital. She was on phenobarb, but we were not happy with the side effects of it. She did not out grow her seizures, we tried everything possible. We tried herbal and after 2 and half year, she is taking topamax and keppra. Those seem to control her seizures. I am sorry you had to deal with this ordeal. Now she has developmental delay and we found out she has severe autism. Make sure to talk with your Neurologist about a medication that will go with her, just make sure that her seizures are in control. As a parents my wife and I had to make a crucial decision to give her the meds, so far it just makes her tired and laturgic. God bless you and your family. We are not experts but we had to deal with epilepsy for almost 3 years now. Take care.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

It’s really sad to hear such events occurring with you. I am myself an epilepsy patient, but the signs were visible only when I was 3 years old. It is too early for your baby to go through this.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

I know this is very scary. my daughter is almost 6 now and has been having seizures a few times a week for 5 yrs now. She has been on lots of different medications and i am all for drugs. Ur child may have epilepsy and need the drugs to control them. In the meantime its a good idea to ask for genetic testing whether they think it is necessary or not and whether it runs in the families or not. My daughter finally just got a diagnosis after 5 years and lots of medications not working. She has duvet syndrome. She is missing one copy of one chromosome and it doesnt run on either sides of the family. My daughter started out just like your child but her first couple were over and hour long. If your child has many, be an advocate, take the meds and ask for all the testing they can give. Give your child the best chance at living a normal life as possible. It is the only thing you can do while feeling helpless when your child is seizing.

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Seizures are a very common side effect from vaccination.  Unfortunately it is only one of many side effects.  Many mainstream doctors have come out against vaccination in the way it is done today as there are far too many "coincidences" right after a vaccine has been given and doctors often don't recognize vaccine injury nor do they know how to report it.

I have spent a great deal of time researching vaccines and have learned that they are not as effective as we have been lead to believe.  I have also learned they are a lot more dangerous than we ever knew and there are many reasons to keep this information hidden.  I would encourage you to look into this issue further before every giving another vaccine.  Spend as much time researching this as you would finding the right house for your family.  Don't rely on what anyone else tells you - doctors, media, etc.  Read and use your own mind.  It took me years to figure it out and become comfortable.  Below is the latest injury report from the government, which they say represents less than 10% of the actual numbers.  This is for vaccines with Diptheria in them... DTaP, etc.  Also, visit our webpage


Life Threatening

Permanent Disability


Hospitalized, Prolonged

Emergency Room

Not Serious


Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Its not the case that reader must be completely agreed with author's views about article. So this is what happened with me, anyways its a good effort, I appreciate it. Thanks

Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Febrile seizures can be frightening for a child's caregivers and parents, but nearly all children who have a febrile seizure recover quickly and are healthy afterwards. Most children (greater than 90%) who have a febrile seizure will not go on to develop epilepsy. Genetic factors.
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Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Hello, i am glad to read the whole content of this blog and am very excited and happy to say that the webmaster has done a very good job here to put all the information content and information at one place.
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Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Thank you all for your advice and support. I was very hopeful after the Pediatrician appointment but now that is waning. Before the appointment Grady only had 6 episodes and then they had stopped for the week prior to the appointment so the Dr was certain they weren't seizures but was still sending us for an EEG.
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Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

Its not the case that reader must be completely agreed with author's views about article. So this is what happened with me, anyways its a good effort, I appreciate it. Thanks
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Re: 5 Month old having Seizures after immunizations

The mother’s odyssey through the medical system that refuses to acknowledge the reality and consequences of a vaccine adverse reaction betrays the total ignorance and brainwashing of so-called medical professionals. For medical morons, it’s never the vaccine that caused a vaccine adverse reaction.
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My son was born at 37 weeks

My son was born at 37 weeks and 5lbs 2oz. He got a shot after birth and was kept from me in the nicu for 'observation' for the entire first day from around 9am to about 6pm. No one told me anything as to why he was there and he couldn't be with me. Then he was vaccinated at 2  months with the full round of vaccines. (14 days later) He had an extremely high fever that tylenol would not even take down followed by seizures and hospitalized for a week. The doctors ran a slue of tests and couldn't give me a real answer but refused to let me think it could have been the vaccines. He was again vaccinated at 4 months and began losing color, feeling cold, blue lips and nails and it seemed like he was going to have seizures again. He was never the same after this. After the second round of shots I stopped vaccinating him. It no longer made sense that vaccinating him was for his benefit.  He was moderately delayed developmentally, his limbs would shake one at a time and then suddenly stop for no reason. He had left sided weakness. He didn't speak. He was always sick for the first 2 years of life with only a few days to a week in between illnesses. He was later diagnosed with Autism at age 4. He is now 5 years happy and healthy, blows me away with his intelligence. He has never had another seizure. I don't think vaccines are for everyone and i'm glad that I stopped his. I do think that parents need to make an informed decision when it comes to vaccines not from doctor visit handouts but from the vaccine manufacturing companies' info itself and vaccine product inserts. I also have a daughter (2 1/2 yrs) never been vaccinated, happy and healthy and autism free.

This girl had some vaccines

This girl had some vaccines last year and look at how she is now. Clearly was caused by the vaccines.She was in high school and needed some immunization shots otherwise she would be suspended then she took the shots, had fever and after that she has 3/4 grand mal seizures per day but she said sometimes she spends 1 or two weeks seizures free,all seizures started after her vaccines. You can follow her in the youtube and I am so sad to see such beautiful young girls going through this. My sister has epilepsy as well,but not seizures like this young girl.

When my baby was 4 months, we

When my baby was 4 months, we went in for her 4 moth shots and a week later she started having small seizures that have gotten worse. We do have her on medication and she does pretty well on. She is not like a zombie. Very alert to everything. She is now 14 months. 

Greeting My name is sarah

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