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Coconut Oil

Who would have thought that yummy coconut oil could help and supplement the Ketogenic Diet?

Interestingly enough, I just read in Dr. Julian Whitaker's Health & Healing newsletter that MEDIUM CHAIN TRIGLYCERIDES (MCTs) are not only abundant in coconut oil, they create KETONES! He says in effect that if you mix this MCT oil with coconut oil, it is as effective as a ketogenic diet!

The ratio is 4 teaspoons of MCT oil to 3 teaspoons of coconut oil, 3 times a day. Mix them together in a jar (do not refrigerate or else they'll turn hard) and measure out the desired dose for each meal.

He suggests cooking with the combined oils, puting it in oatmeal, using it as salad dressings and using it as a spread.

To store it in a bottle, combine 16 ozs. of MCT oil plus 12 ozs. coconut oil.

NOTE: Because coconut oil contains no omega-3's, a minimum of 2 grams of fish oil should be also be taken daily. And start slowly, or else you're sure to get the trots!

The coconut oil should be easy to find in a health food store. But for the MCT oil, you'll probably have to Google to find a source.





Hello, would you share your

Hello, would you share your experience with the coconut oil in more detail?... also, how can you explain the fact that you outgrew your seizures???... my son is 16 and has been suffering with sporadic seizures for the last 10 months... Any light you can share will be highly appreciated!!!!.... Thank you.

I definitely want to try this

I definitely want to try this.  I have had seizures for years and been on most of the meds.  How much coconut oil do I take?  Recommend liquid or pills - one easier.

The ratio is 4 teaspoons of

The ratio is 4 teaspoons of MCT oil to 3 teaspoons of coconut oil, 3 times a day. Is this the whole day dose or every dose 7 teaspoons of oil must go in my epileptic son s stomach ? He's 14. Should I use cold pressed coconut oil ?? Please reply.

What is an MCT oil ??

What is an MCT oil ??

That’s a lot of coconut oil.

That’s a lot of coconut oil. Be very careful to avoid stomach cramping and diarrhea. Start low and slow to see what you can tolerate. Look into RE turmerones. The best source of this is in oil form. Young living or Do Terra are the safest to take internally. There is very strong scientific evidence that this part of the turmeric root creates new neurons and heals brain tissue tremendously. Turmeric oil is very high in RE Turmerones. I use carefully warmed raw, unrefined coconut oil as a carrier and fill capsules with it plus two drops of the turmeric oil. Keep refrigerated at all times. What an amazing difference this has made. Good luck everyone. 

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