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University and Being Diagnosed


I'm just starting to go through the process of seeing if my seizures are caused by epilepsy or something else. I'm about to hit 3rd year of my university as well. My seizures are very often and vary from hand and arms to whole body shaking with blackouts. Its annoying that some people don't understand how tired it all makes you and how much harder it can be to deal with everyday things. My hands and fingers go in to crazy mode most days. I cant hold a pen or answer a phone, pour a drink or use a knife and fork. This can be a real pain in public. I was  with my family for a meal just the other week when both my arm went into seizure mode. My mum had to cut my food up for me and feed me like a baby. I'm 21 for goodness sake. needless to say I got a few funny looks for the wait staff.On the bus some people whisper and give me funny looks because i'm either shaking or my hand are all stiff and form like claws. By doctor said that a person can have more than one type of epilepsy and that my hand and arms might e a different type to whole body seizures where I got unconscious.This is all relatively new for me, I've only been dealing with for bout 2months. 


As far as foods go, I can't really afford to buy the amount of food I would need.. I'm also dairy free and gluten free which is expensive enough. Its also that time of the year for me when no body is around and i'm still here, working and preparing my dissertation and trying to apply for Masters and internships for next year.My family are really trying to understand but they live far away. My mother also is currently going through cancer which was hard enough on my family anyway. 


Sometimes its just all alot you know. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone about going through this at University and through the whole process and just dealing with everything really. If you want someone to talk to I can promise I'll always be here for a chat. 


Beccie xx

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