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Temporal Lobe Epilepsy 20 year old


Hey guys,
I was 9 when I first started having fainting spells (about once or twice a year) and never saw a doctor about it because my parents always attributed it to me being too hot, not eating, not drinking enough water or anything along those lines. I had a psychologist a few years ago say that my fainting spells sounded like seizures but I never really thought about that and neither did my parents so we dismissed it. I am now a junior in college and a few months ago had a psychiatrist say to me that me fainting spells sounded like seizures and that I should go to my schools health center to check it out. The doctor at the health center thought it sounded like seizures also so I was referred to a neurologist in the area. Basically, he thought I was having seizures too and thought I had temporal lobe epilepsy. They did a routine EEG and it showed 'epileptiform discharges' in my left temporal lobe. I was put on oxcarbazepine and since then I haven't been passing out but my seizures have changed and they happen a lot more often. It may be because of lifestyle choices like drinking or not getting enough sleep but I have never had this many seizures so often. Is this normal? And why could this be happening? My doctor doesn't seem to have any answers for me and I'm really frustrated and scared that they won't get under control.

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