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Stressed with a new Diagnosis


Hey guys, 

I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy in August, roughly a week before I was leaving for my freshman year of college. I was having upwards of 8 petite mal seizures a day, with no clear reason. My doctor put my on Keppra, and for the most part I was doing really well with it. I was seizure free for almost two weeks until one day I had five seizures in a day. I went to the ER and they took my levels. My keppra level was less than two, and for someone taking 3000 mg of it a day. That's alarmingly low. 

I am also a collegiate athlete and haven't been able to play since that day about  two weeks ago. I know it's a new diagnosis and something that may take a while to figure out, but does anyone have any tips for how to deal with all of this while being a new college student?





I am a third-year college

I am a third-year college student. All I can do is talk to my teachers and roommates, take my medication every day and (even on finals week) get enough sleep.  You'll be fine though. College students are much more understanding than high school students. 

I have the same kind ... don

I have the same kind ... don't be so embarrassed your peeps got ur back. I got diagnosed my freshmen year of high school and now I'm still a car rider in college ... it sucks but I have my friends to tug me around (: just stay positive  !!!! My community even raised money to send me to Miami to get brain surgery every one should b understanding its nothing we can control.. no knows what's triggers it either... there should b an epilepsy society close by to attend ... they will help with expenses of all kinds from meds to traveling for surgery your not alone

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