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Son Newly Diagnosed


I am the father of a 22 year old college student who had his very first seizure four days ago. Since, his CT scan was clear, but the EEG found abnormalities in the left temporal lobe. He is now on Keppra and we are all trying to wrap our heads around this. He has always been healthy. But as a college student, he has not taken his health seriously. The days leading up to the seizure he was partying and not sleeping much. Maybe I am grasping for straws, but is is feasible to think this may be a single episode brought on by sleep deprivation/alcohol etc? We have an MRI scheduled for tuesday and praying for good news on the MRI. Just wondering if others may fall into the same category as my son. Young, healthy, living the college life, no previous seizures? Just hoping that this may be an isolated event.


In my experience (as a

In my experience (as a college student and epileptic), general health becomes more important with epilepsy. I.e., going to bed on time, exercise etc. It's the best place to start. However, it is also hard to convince someone how necessary it is to prioritize these things. Losing sleep, consuming large quantities of alcohol etc. are generally unhealthy for someone who doesn't suffer from epilepsy. Most neurologists and doctors would probably advise 1) sticking to the medication and 2)being very cautious when consuming alcohol with those medications. Although I'm on relatively low dosages of various medications, I decided consuming alcohol is not worth the extra risk. If these seizures keep recurring, it is safe to assume those external factors won't help anything. 

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