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Seizures at college


So I start college in two weeks. Naturally I'm nervous, but especially because my seizure activitiy has picked up. My seizures are tonic clonic and come in clusters of three or four. At home when I seize my family just times them, props me up on my side and keep me safe. Unless they last longer than two min or I have a cluster of more than four we don't really do anything for them. 

In high school it wasn't a big deal. I rearley seized at school and if I did they'd just call my mum to come and get me. But I'm scared of having a seizure at college. I'm scared people will freak out and call an ambulance or that they will do the exact opposit and let a seizure run too long. Plus I'm not exactly sure how to tell my new roommate about my seizures without freaking her out. I don't know who to tell about how to handle my seizures and I don't want to seem like a burden to everyone. 


I'm a third year

I'm a third year undergraduate student at UC Davis. I told my roommate in the beginning that I had epilepsy and that if anything happens, she should just call 911( that's just easy to remember and something everyone knows how to do). I've told all of my professors and signed up with the school's disability office. I told them the same thing, they might see a seizure and if they do, call 911. I've also used epilepsy to my advantage in college. The disability office offered accommodations so now(even though I don't need them), I have extra time on tests and have access to the schools disability golf cart. I've signed up with the state Department of Rehab( disability employment) and get some cash every year. I wouldn't worry about it. Chances are, the people around you will be understanding but, don't expect them to be experts. :)

Your roommate will see all

Your roommate will see all the meds. Probably better let them know what to do.....  You'll be alright have fun.  

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