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Question about college


Hey guys, this is my first year in college and people are telling me that I shouldn't be in college for something that I really want to do which is work with children because I have epilepsy. I just don't know what to do about people saying that I shouldn't take class for working for children's? Also I have a question because I have already had some seizures in my college class and scared to tell everyone about having seizures what should I do?


I'm going to college next

I'm going to college next year, and my parents have told me similar that I should try to pick an easy major because of late nights of studying and lots of stress but I'm still going to try a major in biology so I would stay in your classes if that is what you really want to do (don't let it limit you). Also, I don't think you have to wear a "I have epilepsy" sign around campus but if others ask maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to tell them about your episodes so that they know and maybe can help you the next time one comes around and also so you don't have to feel awkward or weird around the students.

colleges have counselors that

colleges have counselors that work with people with disabilities and try to help them in many ways. Each college has one so discuss this with that counselor. They can help you get in certain classes and help you choose your courses

Hi there, epilepsy should not

Hi there, epilepsy should not stop you from working with kids. Go for the degree you love. You don't need to announce to everyone that you have seizures, but it may be helpful if a few friends or professors know, in case you need help in middle of class. (That will depend on the severity and frequency of your szs) best of luck! 

There people at my college

There people at my college who wants someone to follow me to class because of my epilepsy, can they do they? Isn't that wrong? 

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