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Not sure if I'm actually epileptic


I'm a 21 year old male, currently enrolled in college. Had my first seizure when I was 18, had a long day at work (7am-4) and didn't eat that day. Went home to sleep and soon after my parents found me having a small seizure. Don't have any memory of it, was puking afterwards for about half an hour and very tired the following days, but overall fine. My memory from the days before this incident is a little hazy because it was so long ago, and I don't remember whether I had done any drugs leading up to it, but I don't believe I had anything in my system. Had a non-contrast MRI soon after that came back clear. Next seizure was appx. a year after the first incident, when I was 19 and at a concert. There was a bunch of flashing lights during it, I was lightly drinking and dehydrated, and was taking MDMA/ecstasy (yes I know, this is bad, I haven't done it since). I went to the hospital in an ambulance from the event and was discharged 4-5 hours after. Then about a month ago (about 18 months after the second seizure), I had another one. Had done cocaine the night before, and during the day of I had about 6 beers and not much to eat, and was under a lot of stress. Again, took an ambulance to the hospital, was discharged later the same day. Afterwards I had a EEG and MRI. EEG came back clear and the MRI said my left hippocampus was slightly smaller, but the results weren't significant enough that my doctor didn't call me (I called and asked, and the secretary read me the notes but said if it was a big deal then I would've been called by the neurologist already). Follow up appointment in about a month.

I have been an alcoholic for about 3 years and drink a minimum of 6 beers a day on 6 of 7 days of the week, and generally a lot more than that. Since this last seizure, my Doc put me on Lamictal. She said the last 2 seizures were drug induced, but my first one seemed to be "clean" so she said the medication was worth me being on.

I know I need to change my ways, and I have been sober for about a month now besides the occasional 2 beers a day. From what I understand, most people don't drink on the drug because they are scared it will induce another seizure. But I've slipped up a few times while taking lamictal (5+ beers) but granted i'm only on 50mg and working my way up on the increased dosage still. But I'm not even sure if I'm actually epileptic or not, given the drug/alcohol use, and i've only had 3 seizures total, 2 of which were definitely from serious drug use.

Sorry for the lengthy post, but I'm not sure about my specific situation and wanted to give the details about my lifestyle during the events and my current situation.
Any advice on the drinking limitations, similar stories, non-epileptic seizures, or really any advice/insight at all is much appreciated. Thanks guys.


The evidence is clear. The

The evidence is clear. The truth is people can go to concerned, not eat, work long hours and don't have seizures. But people with epilepsy can't. Epilepsy is a low threshold for seizures. No one can convince you of the opposite. You obviously don't want to believe your diagnosis and are on denial. My only advice is not to wait until the worse haooens to seek treatment. Sometimes it is too late.

Thanks for the response!I

Thanks for the response!I have been on treatment for about a month now.  Started on 25mg of Lamictal and just started taking 100mg, working my dosage up each week or 2.  My neurologist told me that hopefully my seizures have been mostly drug induced (so as not to having epilepsy or another seizure condition), and that she plans on having me on Lamictal for 2 years, and if I'm seizure free for that period then I can probably wean off of it and hopefully never have another seizure and not be on meds in the future.  She said she can't conclusively say what the cause of my seizures are given the few number of incidences and the use of drugs in the past and during them. She didn't diagnose me with having any condition as of now, so she made me get an MRI and EEG, and the results came back to be pretty okay (MRI showed slightly smaller left hippocampus: did some research and it can be related to seizures and some conditions).  I have a follow up with her in about a month for reevaluation and any updates.  Made the post to try and see if anybody has had a similar situation/story and their outcomes, or any advice or anything to say.  Appreciate the response.

I think the first step to

I think the first step to take here is to continue being sober, especially of hard drugs. A few drinks sometimes is fine, but don't binge/drink heavily. A friend of mine also has some sort of epilepsy, and 2 of his 4 seizures were alcohol-related. The definition of seizure disorder/epilepsy is having 2 or more seizures on your lifetime, so you fit the criteria for that. 

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