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I am scared to transfer to a university.


My seizures are changing again and I had a scare at the dentest. I was getting a filling done when my seizure alert dog alerted me and then i got my aroua soon after and i told the dentest and then i was out. And mine usually dont happen that fast but lately they have been and getting more violent. So what i need  is someone to talk to, to find out some ways to feel more confertable to transfer and moving away from family that has always been there to help me and drive me places. How to deal with my seizures changing. I am not totally new to this as i am 28 and have had them most my life and just have gotten really scared of the new type of seizures. If anyone have advice or stories that may help me please help and reasure me that college will not be a total desaster.


You'll be alright.  Live your

You'll be alright.  Live your life, people who friend you will get used to the seizures good way find out who your friends are.  

I am a student at UC Davis.

I am a student at UC Davis. Everyone I have been around is very understanding.I have registered with the school's disability office and I talk to my professors and T.A.'s each quarter. For everyone that knows, they all say they will call 911 when they see something happen and in the past when they have occurred, they did call 911. UC Davis has a GREAT  bus system so, I don't have a problem getting around.  And as a "disabled" student, I have taken many accommodation that I do not need like, extra time on tests. Everyone around me has been nice but, I don't make things complicated. My family knows that if they see something, they should roll me on my side and put a pill in my mouth. Everyone else, I just tell them to call 911 because that is easy for them to remember. DO NOT worry about it! It will be fun!   :D

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