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Help in paying for college/university


I'm planning to go back to school to learn a fairly new therapeutic form called Drama Theatre (RDT). I have an undergraduate degree in Film/Theatre, but recently learned how to use my epilepsy in a very creative way and plan to work with the "disabled" (I really do NOT like this term) through RDT. I had part of my front-left temporal lobe removed, plus a VNS "installed." I'm doing much better and would love to return to school. In order to be a Registered Drama Therapist, one must have a Master's degree - and I only have a BA. Are there any scholarships recommended for people with disabilities/epilepsy? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!




I realized that epilepsy can

I realized that epilepsy can get you a lot of scholarships. I applied to a lot of scholarships with a nice epilepsy essay and I got like 5 different private scholarships. 

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