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Epilepsy at University


Hi my name is Sina.
I'm 18 years old and had my first seizure when I was 17.
I've only ever had 3 seizures, my seizures are well controlled.
However if I drink or am deprived of sleep, then that is likely to trigger a seizure. I will be going to university in September and I was hoping to meet someone who is/was in the same position as me to tell me how they coped/will cope with this situation. I think that I will find freshers week, going out etc. Very hard, as I used to be that person was always going out and staying up all night drinking with my friends.


Hi sina, I had the same

Hi sina, I had the same problem as you (and occasionally struggle with it). When I first got diagnosed and my medicine was being adjusted I really pushed my limits with staying up late and drinking and that triggered some seizures and also the feeling of having one all day long. Although drinking and staying up late is fun I find that having a seizure or not being able to do anything the next day isn't worth it. I was able to find a good limit for myself which was about 3 drinks. At first I always found myself upset that I couldn't drink/ stay up late but the next morning I would even be more upset if I were to trigger a seizure because I chose to drinks bunch  for the night. 

Yeah definitely limit your

Yeah definitely limit your alcohol intake and take care of yourself. I have a friend who also has epilepsy, and 2 out of his 4 seizures were alcohol-related.

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