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I'm 21 years old and currently living on my college campus.

I would have seizures once in a while, however, most of my friends are not familiar of seizure first aid. I wrote notes on the back of my medicine (Tegretol) bottle to guide them through what they should or should not do during my seizures. What else can I do to guide them through first aid? Please give me some suggestions. Thank you.


go to the get help section..

go to the get help section.. First aid is the top right side.. You can also call the 24/7 help line which is there to answer anybody's questions. That number is 1-800-332-1000You can call them and discuss your issue with them too.

I just lower the

I just lower the complications and say: If you see something big, call 911. 

What I did was put a a white

What I did was put a a white board up and write out the first aid steps for me. I've made sure that my roommates have a general idea of what to look for and what I need during or after a seizure. I would also make sure that your professors are aware that if I blank out ( absence seizures) that its because of my epilepsy not because I am being rude. If its possible, depending on your dorm set up, I would try to give the RA a more in depth talk about how to deal with seizures.I hope this helps a bit and wishing you the best of luck! 

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