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so i am 22 years old and in my fourth year of college. Even though it's been four years I still find it hard connecting with people my age especially since I don't drink alcohol. I am too nervous to try drinking because I don't know how it will affect my medication. Same goes for staying up late since a lot of my friends want to pull all nighters which I can't do bc sleep deprivation is a trigger for me. I just have a hard time telling people about why I can't do these things because they don't understand the risks and what it's like to have a seizure. Anyone else have this problem?


I have problems because I can

I have problems because I can't drive. Davis public transport ends at 10pm.  

Hi, bnfreeze.  I'm a junior

Hi, bnfreeze.  I'm a junior in college and was diagnosed midway through my freshman year after discovering alcohol and staying up late were triggers.  I've been having a hard time ever since because I'm unable to do the same things as my friends and was just curious if things changed and had gotten better?

i have this exact problem

i have this exact problem except I'm in high school. every website i go on says that alcohol and sleep deprivation are the two main triggers and those are the two things that all of my friends do and i get so frustrated sometimes because i can't do what i want sometimes and they don't understand because i am the only one with epilepsy...what type of epilepsy do you have 

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