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Can't afford college


I'm 18, going to a community college, coming from a single parent household, and because my mom makes "too much money" I barely qualify for financial aid. They obviously don't take into consideration bills and trying to feed us both. I started college this year obviously and I might have to drop out literally just because I can't afford it. I would get a job now but with the amount of doctors appointments I have coming up especially because I might be getting the VNS surgery, I see no point right now because I would have to take off so much. I have so many panic attacks because of this and have cried so much over this because I don't want to drop out and seem like a disappointment. I honestly am typing this maybe for advice but to get these feelings off my chest. If you have any advice or words of encouragement that would be great.


My mom is a lawyer but couldn

My mom is a lawyer but couldn't afford 3 kids going to college and an ongiong divorce. The FAFSA alone gave us no financial aid and the school thought we were ineligible until an "appeal letter" was filed every year. That said "The FAFSA does not represent my financial situation. This is why. Here's the evidence." And after all of that, about $7,000 of grants were given every year. 

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