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Assistance from school for students with epilepsy??


Hi there
I had several seizures when I was 17. I then found the right medication and was seizure-free for 9 years. Then I got a seizure last year after switching to Keppra, and my dosage was upped. A year went by and now I just had another seizure. My dosage was upped again. I have grand mal seizures but I also have juvenile myoclonic twitches. The grand mal seizures are somewhat under control but I have twitches every day. The twitches get a lot worse when I'm stressed out, and if there is a lot it can be a prelude to a grand mal seizure. I just started school, and of course deadlines and exams bring a lot of stress. The semester just started but I'm already nervous for mid-terms and project deadlines and the twitches/seizures that might come with it. My question is, has anyone gotten any help from their college regarding this? Has anyone gotten a little extra time for projects or exams?


Colleges have people that

Colleges have people that work with people with disabilities. A special counsoler. You might also call the 24/7 help line to see th other things they have or the EFA has 1-800-332-1000

At my school, the assistance

At my school, the assistance program is called the Access Center. i have an advisor who acts as a mediator between me and professors. It has really helped my stress level knowing that I have a go-to person if I'm having a rough week health-wise. You should be able to get the information from your academic advisor if you can't find any information on your university website. Best of luck to you. I had to leave school my junior year of college because of my epilepsy. I don't know what I and my parents would have done without the resources provided at my university. 

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