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Any ideas on how to do research without getting paid( Geology major)



Hello Friends,

I have been on my journey through collage for sometime now and with much heartache have had to watch many of my peers go on to do biggar and better things because of oppertunities that i was unable to reach, i will tell you my story and would appreciate any ideas on how i might be able to get anything (advise, grant, ect.) 

I am 27 yrs old and have stuggled with grand mal seizures since i was nine plus simple partial siezure after seeing two doctors i was told i was not a surgical candidate and would have to take medication. I have since then been on five different meds lamictal,depikote,dilantin,topamax,and another. I also have a vagual nerve implant in my chest... Taking all the meds i was able to get through high school doing alright.. and then i went into my local collage here in columbus Ga ( columbus state university) My father passed in early 2000 and i was able through routine to keep my seizures to a minum. I have not been able to really get any kind of useful assistance because the system is really set up to help people with physical disabilities( ive seen). Extra test time doesnt really help in fact in my chosen field of geology its almost impossible because so much is hands on. The problem i have run into is that there are a ton of chances to do research in my department under several of my professors but if you cant be employed by the collage (get paid) then your not elligable one of my friends got an internship playing with moon rocks in huntsville, Al. .. another went up to the bad lands and helped dig up dinosaurs for a semester all of this is experience that is priceless on a CV or in your skill set just to be in the field and get hands on experience. I recieve disability so i cannot apply (or so im told) Has anyone come up on this issue or heard of it? my family thinks im insane for wanting to be a geo scientist.. they have given me every excuse under the sun why i should change my major and do something else but if it were easy it wouldnt be worth it. I have also climbed up mount st. helens with a geology class and looked out thinking i could do this for a career. I go to a little school if any of you know anything please feel free to e-mail me directly any feed back would be wonderful 

Thank you all, i know we all deal with our own struggles and must over come them privately but never ever never give up on what drives you even if you find yourself staring at walls at night or the ceiling chances are someone else has it worse as long as you can laugh every day is a journey make it your own and make it memorable.






Look into vocational

Look into vocational rehabilitation. 

Doesn't your university offer

Doesn't your university offer a practicum class? A practicum class is a good way of getting involved in internship. I would discuss this with your advisor.  Volunteering won't effect your social security. It's the best kind of experience. It tells employers you have experience and training. Time is difficult to manage in college. Do what you can. An hour a week, two hours a week. Anything you can schedule.  

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