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What steps did those of you with adult onset of simple partial seizures take to be diagnosed?

Hi there everyone. :D

I am a 38 yr old female. On Nov. 17th 2015 @7:pm I had an episode that consisted of a numb tingly sensation on the right side of my face and brief expressive dysphasia. I was awake and aware but felt a strange sensation. It only lasted about 30 seconds maybe a little less. I brushed it off. However, I had another episode at around 1:am. The trouble i had with speech was a bit more profound, but same numbness, tingle and sensation. I couldn't say any words at all came out as gibberish. I had switched train of thought and tried to say I need to go to the hospital, but the words would not come out at all coherently, until the episode was over.

I went to the ER, they did blood test, they didn't test my lipids though. They did a CT scan with and without dye and an MRI, they came back clear. I didn't have another episode in the ER until the very end and no doctor was there to witness it.They discharged me diagnosed as having anxiety. They prescribed Hydroxyzine 50mg every 6 hours.

Well, the medication didn't work and I felt like these episodes were coming more frequently, so I went back to an ER on the 19th, different hospital. I told them that I had already been to an ER once, and they retrieved those records. They did do a regular CT scan without dye and also sent me home with the anxiety diagnoses;funny they also prescribed 81mg of aspirin.

I did call to schedule an appointment with my primary care doctor, that appointment is tomorrow. I tried to be seen by my doctors office today, as an urgent care patient. They made the appointment, however, when I got there they decided it would be best if I saw their behavioral health specialist instead; Since Anxiety is listed as the diagnoses from the ER. Was very frustrating. I know anxiety is not causing this. I was not experiencing stress at the onset of my symptoms. Well the nurse convinced me that it would be the proper step to take, get evaluated by the BHS first so my doctor could focus on other causes during my appointment tomorrow. I agreed.

My symptoms started on the 17th and still persist today, periodically. I originally thought that I might be having TIAs, but now I am leaning more towards simple partial seizures. Oh and about that anxiety, I wasn't experiencing anxiety prior to symptoms, but I am definitely experiencing health anxiety now and I let the BHS know that.

There is my story, so far. So, what steps did you guys take to get a diagnoses and how long did it take. If anyone has had a similar experience, I'd like to hear about it too and how it went. Thanks in advance.

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