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Seizures caused by abdominal pain?

Has anybody else every experienced a seizure caused by intense abdominal cramping? Every seizure I have ever had, I experienced this prior to the seizure. No doctor has found a reason for this. My first neurologist made the issue very serious and put me on Lamictal. I had no seizures while on Lamictal. My new neurologist (b/c i moved to a different state) thinks i'm just passing out and took me off of seizure medication. I've had three seizures since he took me off(all within a year and a half). My husband has witnessed almost all my seizures and everyone of them has begun with stiffing of my arms and legs followed by convolusion of my entire body. Most of my seizures last 4-5 minutes. Has anybody experienced their seizures being triggered by intense pain?? Does this sound like a seizure disorder or just syncope as my current nuerologist says. Thanks in advance for the feedback!


Re: Seizures caused by abdominal pain?

Hi there,


I have experienced exactly what you describe, mine started when I was 22 and I've had 3 since. They start off almots like menstrual cramps but the pain in the abdomin is so painful and constant that I have blacked out before too. My entire body tingles but only this last most recent time at the age of 28 did I have a seizure which started in my hands and feet and then convulsions in whole body. I was taken to hospital once and they did x-rays as they thouhgt it might be gall stones or similar but were as baffled as I was so still no diagnosis. It's frustrating as just comes on. The pain is relentless though. This last time I had to tell myself to stay calm and concentrate on breathing (though I wasn't short of breath or anything but I thought it might help) seemed to anyway as I calmed down and came to again. It was frightening and dreading the next time it could happen again - 3 times in 6 years is so random, hopefully this was the last!

Re: Seizures caused by abdominal pain?

hi there-

I have exactly what you are describing, you are not nuts! Its actually called abdominal epilepsy! Mine is a "third type of seizure" I call it. i am fully conscious when I have them, it feels like someone has "punched me from inside"...or I think of "that sinking feeling in your stomach" and I triple it. They used to be triggers I think prior to a petit mal, but I seem to have gotten them under control. The stomach ones are still around, but not as much. I used to have up to 5 a day, now I might have 5 a week on a bad week. They only last up to 3 minutes, I need to sit and "catch my breath" and try to think of something else since my seizures are stress related. Do not listen to anyone who dismisses these as not seizures - tell them to go back to med school (and I had one doc who did dismiss them - told me I was crazy and my seizures had gone, despite me still having the stomach aches - I then had a seizure in front of the doctor ..nice timing!! I could have sued the bastard and he knew it!

Good luck to you and feel free to contact me -


Re: Seizures caused by abdominal pain?

there are many triggers to different seizures. I have heard of the one you are talking about.

I also I have some triggers which most people do not think of. Yors is your abdominal area pain. Pain can trigger seizures especially sharp pain. I have had some seizures shortly after a sharp pain. Others triggers I have are heat getting too hot too fast can precipate seizures, another is stress not neccessarily the stress at work but something like a loved one dying or worrying about if someone close to you is in the hospital worry puts added stress on people. I know it isn't easy to not worry.

You might have your medical files sent from your old neuro to your new one. The more information he has the better he can see your issues and help you become seizure free. You might also check out the diary at the top of this page since fillingit out and using it you have more information for him to see. Instead if talkingto him and answeringhis questions he can see the number of seizures possiable triggers if you forgot meds even took extra meds. The diary can be sent to him or downloaded an dcopied so you can take it when you see him

I have had adominal seizures

I have had adominal seizures all my life. I always thought it was just my aura, I had bad stomach ache similar to stomach virus but different. I'm sure you understand exactly what I'm talking about.  I have painful bouts of diarrhea. Just miserable. As soon as the seizure is over the symptoms stop! Then the yawning begins and I'm so sleepy I can't keep from going to sleep. I had my first neurologist for 19 yrs I was diagnosed with Epilepsy - tonic clonic- my Dr retired and has referred me to a Wonderful neurologist. She is amazed at my abdomenal seizures, she says she's only had a few patients over the yrs that has it. She told me exactly what my symptoms are and she was dead on. I felt so good knowing there were others that seizures act like mine. I have never heard of anyone til she understood so well and told me about another patient she had years ago . She wanted to hear every symptom etc. and asked a lot of questions . She was so interested in it. I'm so blessed to finally know exactly what it is. She said never let anyone tell you it's not real, it's very real. She's actually been to a seminar for this exact kind ! Look up abdomenal seizures and relax! I know it helped me!  Be blessed all my AS friends! So good to know your out there and I'm not crazy!

I think we have some in

I think we have some in common with this symptom 

My husband has this,

My husband has this, everything you explained is what he has happen. I think it's abdominal epilepsy, he goes to the neurologist soon.

Ok, it isn't necessarily

Ok, it isn't necessarily abdominal epilepsy, which is a regular epilepsy episode (long term diagnosed) precedeed and followed by intense abdominal pain.After my mom presented the exact sort of seizure you and Will Bush discribed, I started research on specifically accute intestinal (not abdominal) pain, urge to defecate and loss of consciousness. I found your comments and thanks to your remark on how you drink water constantly, I added to my research the question "can you drink too much water?", And so, I found out that this is totally possible (to be overhydrated causing essesive urination followed by dehydration), also that there is something called "water intoxication" due to drinking too much water and the main consequences are fatigue, seizures and even death ( My mom has been drinking 20 big glasses of water daily during 35 years (she's 52), even when she's not thristy, her urine is completely clear and she is constantly tired, plus she already had 3 seizure episodes in her life. I don't know if you all drink more water than you should, but if so, I encourage you to read this article, so you can understand about this rare and serious condition. This is the formula to calculate your ideal daily water intake:  Weight in lbs. (÷) 2.2 (×) age (×) 35 (÷) 28.3 (÷) 8 = cups of water a day. 

Hello friend, I to have the

Hello friend, I to have the same thing and am seeking help but amongst me doing research I came upon this website from WebMD. I hope this helps and God bless

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All of my seizures follow

All of my seizures follow from severe abdominal cramps, really really bad cramps.  I have convulsive seizures, I often come to almost screaming, very odd, and lose control of my bladder.  But on 200mg Lamictin each Day, I don't seize at all.  Tummy bugs make me nervous though and I try not to drive if I'm sick with that.  Was so glad to learn about Abdominal Epilepsy because Doctors have always been so dismissive of me telling them about the stomach cramp trigger

Yes I have really bad  pain

Yes I have really bad  pain in my tummy this Sunday and I had a seizure  and was not breathing so the ambulance  came and I keep getting sometime 

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