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Topic: Corner Booth

Created By: Rev.Shawn | 11/2006 | 4 Comments
TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1930's 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's !! First, we survived being born to mothers who smoked and/or drank while they were pregnant. They took...
Created By: wldhrt13 | 10/2006 | 3 Comments
I just bought my son the School House Rock DVD. It it such a trip. Conjunction Junction, It's a Planet Janet, I'm just a Bill, Mother Necessity, Rufus Xavier Sasparilla, Unpacked my adjectives....
Created By: wldhrt13 | 10/2006 | 4 Comments
You'll have to scroll down a bit and really poke around here. But make sure to click on the YELLOW proper names, for example in the DRINKS section if you click on NEHI, an image of the beverage will...
Created By: andy m | 10/2006 | 6 Comments
Which books does everyone never tire of reading time and time again, always finding something new every time, just that feeling of satisfaction when a book really speaks to you or is something you...
Created By: wldhrt13 | 10/2006 | 27 Comments
don't have to be a kid to answer this one! mine is: Hong Kong Phooey
Created By: fzMousie | 10/2006 | 6 Comments
andym's entry over here: "What do you think?" got me thinking. What do you do to take control of your epilepsy? How do you reduce the...
Created By: kimmarief | 10/2006 | 2 Comments
I ran into a situation that pertained to our DMV of NJ because of my seizure. I had a grand mal seizure on Oct 9th '06 after being free of seizer's for over 20 years. I found out that the Dr has to...
Created By: Bedge | 10/2006 | 4 Comments
Wanted to show you all this photo. It with me and my dogs (I am a dog walker). Aren't they all beautiful?
Created By: Bedge | 10/2006 | 3 Comments
Does anyone have a Myspace they would like to share? Mine is if you would like to have a look or add me. Be careful to those who have not used myspace before. It is...
Created By: Colina | 10/2006 | 5 Comments
Through my own experience and reading and chatting with others here I have learned this among lots of other things. Sometimes we question ourselvs about how serious our seizures are "I only have...
Created By: SteveB | 10/2006 | 1 Comment
Hi, I'm Steve from the UK. I was diagnosised with Epilepsy 2 years ago. I've set up a epilepsy website and I'm after some feedback. Thanks Steve
Created By: rootbeergirl16 | 09/2006 | 12 Comments
Thought this might be fun. What is your ringtone on your cell phone. I have decided to set mine to fit my mood so right now its the Big & Rich song (kick my A$$) so tell us what yours is.
Created By: fzMousie | 09/2006 | 0 Comments
When you go for your blood tests whenever you need to, do you ever sit there and cynically think that you are being healed through the ancient practice of bleeding? Maybe I'm just cynical. ;) I...
Created By: | 09/2006 | 11 Comments
Take 6 triscuits of any type and put a square of your favorite cheese in the middle. Put on microwave safe plate and melt the cheese just so that it gets to the edge of the cracker. Thats my 4:00PM...
Created By: fzMousie | 09/2006 | 6 Comments
what do you do when you need to scream and there is no where to go?
Created By: fzMousie | 09/2006 | 2 Comments
My friend found out that I have epilepsy. He made me a homemade blend of catnip and peppermint tea leaves (complete in little homemade teabags). He told me it was a tension and stress reliever and...
Created By: aquila316 | 09/2006 | 15 Comments
I belong to the Eplilepsy surgery group that is on Yahoo, AOL, and MSN, another support group like ours with helpful members and weekly chats. The woman who runs the group is petitioning the Oprah...
Created By: dayna | 09/2006 | 3 Comments
First, I would like to say that I absolutly LOVE the people in the UK. Everyone I met was so friendly and helpful! What can I say, Fabulous people, beautiful country, from what little I saw...I...
Created By: aquila316 | 09/2006 | 2 Comments
Here are some of the photos I took of "Ground Zero" in 2003. I didn't remember if I posted them, and are small files, so I figured I would keep saluting all of our lost civilians, officers, firemen...
Created By: aquila316 | 08/2006 | 0 Comments
I just had to show my pride, and run my mouth (so what else is new)?? I had to say...LET'S GO METS!!!!!!

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