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Topic: Corner Booth

Created By: jennamay | 10/2004 | 10 Comments

If you are living with migraines and epilepsy, would like to hear your story.

Created By: monalisa | 09/2004 | 0 Comments

Hi.I left these links in the hope they will be of some use.I hope that these are useful, and are helpful.Please feel free to tell me if they are not.Thank you. ...

Created By: rocking4epilepsy | 08/2004 | 6 Comments

Hi All,Just want to let people know that Rocking for Epilepsy has available purple ribbon pins for Epilepsy awareness month. If interest email me for details. You may get my email addy from the...

Created By: jennamay | 08/2004 | 0 Comments

If you have a personal story about living with migraines and epilepsy please feel free to share with the team.

Created By: karencps | 07/2004 | 2 Comments

Does anyone know of a group in my area I can attend? I'm in central California near the coast. I'm looking for a group that meets once a month or so with people who have partial seizures.Karen

Created By: djdoolittle | 07/2004 | 6 Comments

IM a dj who lives in essex and have been holding my own events for four years or so, I have found out that a few of my friends/family have had epilepsy for years and i never knew of this fact. I...

Created By: dprocter56 | 03/2004 | 0 Comments

hi my name is dale i am 19 years old and have epilepsy(petit-mal) i am just wonderin wot ur name is and hoe u deal with epilepsy

Created By: chatzs | 03/2004 | 2 Comments

Hi, I have a history of Epilespy. Starting when I was 6. I am now 26. However up until a week ago I had had no seizures or medicatoin since I was 20. Therefore I had presumed I had "Outgrown" it....

Created By: thechroniclesofnadia | 01/2004 | 5 Comments

I know that this is kind of a weird discussion/question topic, but I was wondering if there anyone knows of any christian neurologists. i am a christian dealing with epilepsy, and i have been...

Created By: dianna_1962 | 01/2004 | 1 Comment

I was dxed with epilepsy when i was about a year old. I had seizures up until i entered school, i have had a few seizures in my teen years, but where very scatter. I was dx this summer with...

Created By: gawyn | 01/2004 | 4 Comments

I wrote this about 5 Months ago. Dealing with epilepsy for almost 4 years. We all have to keep strong and keep living the best we can. Any info I can give I will give it.This Poem I think How I...

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